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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
3,475 backers pledged $580,902 to help bring this project to life.

Das Keyboard 5Q Kickstarter January Update

Posted by Das Keyboard (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We just want to take this moment to state how much we appreciate everyone’s patience throughout this campaign. It has been a long and tough journey, and we can’t wait to ship the Das Keyboard 5Q to you.

We have produced over 2000 keyboards so far, and are currently busy producing the remaining units. We expect to ship the majority in February. The logistics of fulfillment can result in delays, but our target is to start shipping before Chinese New Year (2/16/2018).

When you receive the keyboard there will be a mandatory firmware update which we will provide a link to. We will continue to push more firmware and software updates as additional features and improvements are added.


Here is a list of Q App features that have been completed:

## Keyboard RGB profiles:

  • Ability to set a multi-color profile 
  • Ability to auto-set a profile based on front-most running app (i.e. use Photoshop profile when Photoshop is used)

## Signals / Q API  - Ability to receive and manage signals:

  • via Q cloud API
  • via local API via IFTTT

## OS support:

  • Support for MS Windows

## Mobile: 

  • Android app to display incoming signals


Please note that not all Q App features will be available at launch, but we are very excited to get these keyboards in your hands now, and working on these features that will be in a future update:

## RGB Profile marketplace
## Macros
## Support for macOS
## Support for Linux


Thank you, 
Das Keyboard Team


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    1. Paul M. on

      @Mark rock on london. rock on chicago. your post is brilliant. it's a pet project of some asshat in the back. i SUPREMELY hope we don't get this before tax refund, as I'm going to make a full video about this debacle, since no media outlet has the balls to do it.

    2. Eric Yuen on

      “future update for linux and macos” what's the timeline for these updates? just mentioning "future" sounds like your team has not done proper feature prioritization and planning.
      Indeed, after I have switched to a 87 key Razor, I am very doubt about using a 10x key keyboard, occupying too much of desk space and making my arm reaches farther for the mouse.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Downey on

      I blame myself for this , I just saw the words 'Das Keyboard' and assumed it was a German company that had made keyboards before and was going to make another one with variable illumination therefore a safe bet as we all know how reliable and efficient German companies are , 2 years on I realize it's not a German company and it's about as far from reliable and efficient as its possible to be and it's hard to believe they have ever made a keyboard before and are clearly clueless on software. If mine ever arrives I am looking forward to smashing it with a sledgehammer to ease my frustration over the whole sorry process. Anyway the lesson is never take a name at face value!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Manny on

      @R SV - very well said. +1 on all of those points. I've also started discouraging everyone I from purchasing the Das brand. Apparently they don't care about customer loyalty, dignity, honesty, product quality, etc. But with enough of us being vocal about it, it should offer up a clear message in the one category that does matter to this company: earnings.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      E.Berti - Already called it. They’ve already given themselves an out ‘Chinese New Year’.

      Something like-
      We had hoped to get the remainder of the units completed by New Years, but the good news is we should be able to get them out right away after the holiday...

      I think this is code for, wait a bit longer so we have a bit more time to weave in another delay. Sigh!

      Also, it’s been 2 years since they pitched and cleared this campaign for production. What has the coding team been doing? I know a few programmers. Their blood is a 50/50 mix of RedBull and EDM. Unfortunately I think Das found the only 2 programmers on the planet who’s blood is more of mix of Ambien and NyQuil.

      Honestly. I would just be happy if they would just address the issue of why they can’t respond to the questions on the board.

      Once a day for an 45min a transparent update could be given so at least we are all on the same page.

      This is why in traffic jams people swerve and try to ‘peek’ around the car(s) in front of them. They want to see what’s holding up traffic. It’s not so much that people have to wait. We just want to know what in the hell we are waiting on.

      ‘Wheaties, Breakfast Of Champions’
      -Wesley Willis

    6. Ahmet Cetin

      so disappointed, waiting that long and it doesn't support macos

    7. Tom Fieldhouse on

      guys, I've made a breakthrough. I programmed my DAS Model S to track the progress towards shipping of the 5Q. It'll glow green as soon as tracking info has been received

    8. Rob Lada on

      @Matthew Gaunt - Good question, I would like to know as well, but I'm not hopeful. It seems they've have trouble with the software already and they're targeting Windows probably. So, if they can't get that right it's unlikely they'll even consider Linux support. Here's hoping the software has some sort of open API that can be triggered however, or maybe at least if the software has a Web-based component to it we could interact with the damn thing SOME how. Like you said though, it's a Kickstarter, and it hasn't gone well so far even though DAS is (was?) a supposed 'reputable brand' ... They've already been beaten to market by 3 or 4 other companies so... I'm not holding out hope. I'm actually hopeing to sell this thing on eBay the very day it arrives and hopefully recouping at least some of this dumbass investment. That's what I get for getting in on a peripheral hardware Kickstarter, but I figured DAS had a leg up since they had made several mechanical keyboards in the past that all get great reviews by people who's opinion I trust. They just bungled this one all up.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gaunt on

      What is the support for Linux? Is it just a keyboard? In which case, what have I just bought? Because I have several das keyboards and don't need another. This is pretty much the end of my loyalty with this brand. I know it's kick starter but given the development choices and length on time I can't reason with this lack of support.

    10. Christopher on

      As Richard Bowden said, just give us the firmware documentation for the direct keyboard API. I don't trust macOS support will happen this year, and I would rather have the ability to just work on adding it myself.

    11. Paul M. on

      @Antony makes an excellent point about the firmware updates if not on Windows. I wonder if a virtual machine would allow the updates to take place. probably.

    12. Paul M. on

      why do people think the keyboard won't function at all if it's not windows...if you're using linux and really have familiarity with computers and hardware/software interaction you should already know it'll work fine

    13. Missing avatar

      R SV on

      Oh this is not good. There are so many things wrong here. Guys, I have not made a post yet, not passed a snide remark.. But this got to me.

      1) If you have produced "over 2000" keyboards so far, why aren't you shipping them out? Why wait for February? You do realize that majority of us have given you TWO years. Imagine that. Giving two years to a large scale keyboard maker to build a keyboard. So why push our buttons yet more? Why test our patience more? Why cant you start shipping them now? Its not like you guys save a bunch of money by pooling shipping. Y'all CHARGED us for shipping after the campaign.

      2) You guys.. gamers, programmers, sysadmins.. thats the keyboard warrior types who get mechanical keyboards. I belong to two of those groups. You guys not adding support for two of the most popular OS platforms used by programmers is pretty much cardinal sin. I dont have a Windows machine. I have Mac OS boxes and Linux stations. So I pay you guys, pay extra shipping, wait TWO years and the product arrives and its DoA for me? How is justifiable?

      We get it, The campaign is over, you have the money and there is nought we can do. But a lot of us signed on to this because we are DAS users or we know DAS. I myself am typing this post on a DAS Pro 4. You think I would spend another $ on a DAS board now? You would think I'd recommend a DAS board to anyone now?

      There is one more thing you guys are forgetting - people come to us kind for recommendations, free support, advice, opinions.. Guess how we are going to talk about DAS now?

      One last thing - Please respect your campaign supports a bit more. Almost every single update you have posted are paints a clear picture on how you guys view us. If I sent out updates like this at work, I'd be asked for explanations. Imagine 45 of them. Stop thinking that your supporters are stupid. Give us a REAL update.

      I have now resigned to having an expensive paper-weight on my desk.


    14. Missing avatar

      Xacto on

      I never complained about the delay, however...... No support for macOS? I backed (purchased) TWO keyboards for macOS - this was promised. Now my two brand new keyboards will arrive "dead to me" until some day a firmware will be released. How long of a delay will this be? If I can not use these two keyboards, then I would hope you would be respectful to your backers and do a refund for a product that is not compatible with an OS that was promised.

    15. John Lombardo on

      I've been quiet and patient so far, happy to wait until the keyboard was ready to ship and dealing with the R&D delays of hardware production. It has been said a bunch of times already, but a year and a half and not only isn't the software complete, but there still isn't MacOS support. If anything but Windows support ever ships it still won't bode well for software stability or ongoing bugfixes and updates.

    16. Missing avatar

      Joshua Praptasuganda on

      LOL I've been using Razer Blackwidow V2 since I first heard that the keyboard was going to be delayed for January last year. Good thing I didn't wait and took your word for it!

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Aves on

      So now we know why there was never any mention of the state of the software in updates since June 2017.

    18. Antony on

      How will the firmware update be applied?
      I only have Linux computers in my house. I don't have any Windows machines.

    19. Jarred Patternott on

      You still haven't advised what's happening with the extra keycaps and such that were ordered. Are these going to be delivered at the same time, or are we going to have to wait another year for these?

      I'm concerned as the extras haven't been mentioned or seen at all.

    20. Missing avatar

      Manny on

      Coming soon:. Sorry but due to plants shutting down for Chinese New Year, well.. you get the picture

    21. Missing avatar

      Richard Bowden on

      any chance we could get firmware documentation for the direct keyboard API so that we could get some open source control software on the go ?? would be a great gesture

    22. Missing avatar

      Trevlar on

      Thank you! 🙂

    23. Ronnie Song on

      So we are wasting 18 months for an incomplete product.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I think at this rate one bloke in a shed would be closer to meeting the deadline than you guys.

    25. Blake on

      Hope the software is strong. Otherwise this is just an over priced led kb.

    26. Michael Foden

      Can we have visual proof?

    27. Michael Westergaard on

      Ordered a Unicomp last Friday. Instead of delaying for over a year, they sent a shipping notification and I will receive it tomorrow after it has finished traveling from the US to Europe. See, that’s how a serious company treats their customers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      Could we maybe see a video one of these 2000 produced keyboards working with the current software? I guess I'm having trouble understanding why these boards aren't able to ship right now and want to see what we're going to be receiving *hopefully* in February. It really can't be that difficult to get someone to throw together a quick video to boost your backer's morale about the late product.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jase on

      How do we find out where we are in line to get a keyboard?

      Also, when will we get to see the software and start writing our own notifications?

    30. Missing avatar

      Ashleigh Charlesworth on

      Can we at least get access to the software that is available so we can get an idea what it can do when our keyboards do finally arrive?

      Please give us something to have a look at while we wait.

    31. Agustin Marmolejo on

      Ok we have been like this before... I expect my keyboard for next thursday... I ordering one new Ducky from amazon right now... For real... 18 months no support for macos or linux??? plus no shipping dates yet... plus chinise new year makes us delay the shiping because bla bla bla...

      Same thing all months...

    32. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Carmona Lopez on

      Really!?? Like Adam commented, almost 2 years in development and the software is incomplete?? This is unbelievable!! All the delays were supposedly hardware problems, but there is no excuse for the software, was this outsourced to the India or somewhere where they just work 2 hours every day? There is no valid excuse for not having the MacOs and Linux versions.

    33. Kaushal Modi on

      Given Das' history, I think it's too optimistic to think that I'll get the keyboard by the end of March,or may be.. even April. I hope that their next update is not something like "Sorry guys, the ship/plane carrying the 2k units to US sank/crashed".

    34. Craig Frank on

      This is kinda like hearing forecasts for tons of snow in Oklahoma. I'll believe it when I see it.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      I'm excited about this produce release, yes, a little bit late but hopefully worth the wait. Also on MacOS here, so please hurry up with that! Thank you for the frequent updates.

    36. Ryder Donahue on

      If I get my keyboard by the end of February and it feels nice to type on, I will be happy.

    37. Missing avatar

      Rob Aronson on

      Same old/Same old. - Sounds like a half-baked product.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ema Ber on

      Incoming "Unfortunately the Chinese New Year delayed logistics"....

    39. Justin Waloshin on

      Great to hear! Cannot wait!

    40. Kyle Magocs

      You posted a week ago saying the real January update is coming, and this is it? Did it take you a week to type this up?

      You still don’t know when you’re going to begin shipping but you _hope_ to do it before Chinese New Year? You hoped to start shipping a year ago! Looking forward to maybe receiving my keyboard in April, at this rate.

    41. Adam Markon on

      so just to be clear, the keyboard is 18 months late and there was still not enough time to build in macOS/Linux support?

    42. Mahadev Kanchinadam on

      Aw was really hoping for Mac support right away. Good job guys, expecting this to be great!