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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
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January Update: Tomorrow

Posted by Das Keyboard (Creator)

Hey Backers, 

We just wanted to confirm that there will be a full January update tomorrow. 

Thanks for your patience

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    1. Missing avatar

      LM on

      Das Keyboard store pegs the release as "late Q1 2018"

    2. Simon Hepworth on

      As with everyone else, updating to tell us there's an update isn't a good sign........

      Lets play DAS bingo

      Delay - 10 points

      Closing Down - 20 points

      We've kept your money and flushed it down the lav - 30 points

      We're shipping in a week - 1 billion points

    3. Serg on

      Guys... come on, seriously! I've kept quiet all this time because "poop happens", but this is bordering on unacceptable now. The idea was great at the time, but nowadays I can just pick up a decent RGB keyboard for £100 - delivered next day or maybe even the same day. Unless you're literally about to ship a decent, finished product, I would strongly suggest allowing people to opt for refunds.

    4. Missing avatar

      Steven Boyce on

      Expecting a good update today with the hype you provided, Das. You either know what you're doing and this is going to be a good update, or you hyped some bad vibes. We will know shortly eh

    5. Det Ansinn on

      As Bill pointed out, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. If they're not shipping now, it is going to be March at the earliest. What year? Don't know.

    6. Missing avatar

      Shawn on

      What’s the point of this useless update?
      Das is just trolling us now. What a truly shitty company

    7. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      When we complained about the lack of updates, this wasn't quite what we meant...

    8. Marcus Comstedt on

      What's that? You're shipping the keyboards tomorrow? Sweet. It's a year late but still good to finally get it...

    9. Missing avatar

      Colby on

      The heck... why???

    10. Kyle Magocs

      Is this a joke?

    11. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      I fear a Chinese New Year excuse is on the way.

    12. Det Ansinn on

      I hope that tomorrow's update is "WE HAVE SHIPPED OUR FIRST SET BATCH OF 5Qs", because otherwise, you're just stalling. End of January is here.

      We were promised keyboards in January 2017. It feels like you're going to miss January 2018.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Amatulli on

      yea... good news you tell everyone right away... bad news you delay for as long as possible due to the negative effects it will have to your company

    14. Missing avatar

      David Amatulli on



      why not just give the jan update now?

    15. Matt McGill on

      Was that a joke?

    16. Missing avatar

      Carlos on

      An update of an update, it's like movie trailers nowadays, an announcement of an announcement.

    17. Christopher on

      @LowSky I'm as disappointed as anyone with how this kickstarter has been ran in general, but it feels like there has been a lot more movement on their part this month, so I'm guessing they will be shipping VERY soon.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Pearson on

      Will the announcedate be that they are flying all of their employees to Hong Kong to celebrate CNY? I hear they like to party...

    19. Missing avatar

      LowSky on

      How about a shipping notification? I don't need a update saying there will be an update tomorrow.