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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
3,475 backers pledged $580,902 to help bring this project to life.

Das Keyboard 5Q Kickstarter December Update

Posted by Das Keyboard (Creator)

Hey Backers,

The end of December is nearing and we have another update for you. We really want to reiterate how thankful we are for everyone's patience, and truly apologize for the amount of time it has taken. We understand the frustration, we just want to get these awesome keyboards in your hands as soon as possible. Initial production on any product can be challenging and in the case of the 5Q, this has certainly been the case. In November we discovered a programming issue on one of the programmable parts which caused us to stop, root cause the problem, reprogram the parts and then restart production. As we completed the first several hundred units, we performed some final testing on the bulk pack master carton. We discovered internal package damage during this testing, identified a fix and ordered some revised packaging parts. In early December as we proceeded on the first 1000 units, we experienced some low percentage yield loss (factory failures) that turned out to be related to an out of spec component. Again we had to stop production, root cause the problem and implement a fix. Unfortunately this has resulted in a delay to shipping the product and we apologize. But our focus is and must be on shipping the highest quality product. Production will resume next week and we expect to be fulfilling orders the first week of the new year.

Merry Christmas!

The Das Keyboard Team




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    1. Michael Parker on

      Hey Das, ya'll owe us an update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Fulbright on

      Torben, you don't think they actually started shipping do you? 0% chance. We are just waiting for the next "we couldn't get it right" update. Honestly I really don't know how a company that has shipped MANY keyboards before this cannot manage to get this out. The additions are not THAT major, and if you want to argue that they are then this R&D shouldn't have been done on kickstarter, you should have developed this on your own time and when you knew you could actually do it THEN get crowd funding. As it stands all you have done is lost a metric ton of customers. MINIMUM nobody is going to back another Das KS...

      Can we get this months disappointment already?

    3. Missing avatar

      Torben Stallknecht on

      So - a month has passed. How are Shipping going?

      I seems, more and more true, that this campaign is going to feature in the "Kickstarer textbook on: How NOT to run your campaign".

    4. Missing avatar

      Rob Aronson on

      DITTO Mr. Napolitano's comments. Das Keyboard, I do believe that you will satisfy eventually your obligations. Yet all around, this has been a very disappointing experience.

    5. Sam Napolitano on

      First weeks have come and gone..... I didn't even really want this keyboard because of the mx brown type switches and only backed it because of my experience with the Das 4 Pro and their reputation for making great keyboards. Now I am just upset that I wasted $120 as one of the first backers, I am backer #596. I genuinely don't want this keyboard anymore and probably won't buy any more Das products after this. I'm sure that some intern thought this was a great idea, but Das never should have approve a kickstarter for something like this. I am shocked that a company that has so much experience with making keyboards couldn't get this right. Sorry Das, I know what its like to be on the other side of a bad situation, but you've not even come close to attempting to make it right. Good luck.

    6. Das Keyboard Creator on

      @Shivam, you'll want to update your address at

    7. Shivam Chopra on

      I just move to a different place. How can I change the address?

    8. Vegar Ottesen on

      I jumped on this because I could use the keyboard in the finishing portion of my PhD. Now I hope to get it around the time when I start my post-doctoral work. Hope to get it before I am a tenured professor or prof. emeritus…

      @Das Keyboard - given all the manufacturing issues you have had so far may I suggest that you opt for a German facility next time? There is something to be said for German precision and planning!
      I know the costs associated with production in low-cost countries appear low on initial estimates, but stuff happens. The result can be lacking, slow in achieving production quality and have quite a few issues showing up down the line. Getting quality off the bat, and a producer who keeps to the time schedule, is important for your image as a brand. What you gain in reduced production costs you often lose around the next corner. I cannot speak for others, but while I am typing this on a dasKeyboard device which I truly love, my impression of your company as a producer of reliable, high-quality keyboards (a significant selling point) has taken a not insignificant hit. That said I look forward to getting the keyboard in the mail and hope to be shown that the 5Q, like my S, is a great device.

    9. André Cerqueira on

      @Das Kayboard
      I updated on months ago, do I need to open a ticket anyway?
      Also, I noticed the [New ticket - Question about my order]( form doesn't have 5Q as an option.

    10. Kevin Coughlan on

      @Das Kayboard how about an update on how the first thousand keyboards shipped. We were promised they were going the first week of January, it is now late in the second week, can you confirm that the company met it's self imposed deadline. Or give us the honest truth on if we can ever expect to receive this. The keys are sticking on my current keyboard, and I need to replace it. So do I throw in the towel on this project and buy a WASD V2, or can I get a realistic timeline on when I can expect orders to ship.

    11. Das Keyboard Creator on

      @Bret You'll want to submit your latest address to as soon as possible so we can get it updated for you.

    12. Bret on

      Hi, I'm moving soon, how can I change my shipping address?

    13. Missing avatar

      Peravel on

      @Robert Pearson You're right. That was just my last bit of hope building up, but I shouldn't have believed this update. Should we go for a class action suit? I'd be in for it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Trevlar on

      I am glad that you are testing your work before sending out a bunch of broken or damaged keyboards. I would rather wait this long and get a functional keyboard than receive a lemon or damaged keyboard early. Keep up the good work and get us all a fantastic keyboard. I have waited so long using generic keyboards and am excited to get my hands on this modern marvel of a keyboard the 5Q. So excited to have a keyboard light my world. I hope that you are able to figure out the macro editor for the Q software as well. That would couple very nicely with keyboard profiles and signals from the cloud.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ali Graham on

      They've been lying to us ever since the campaign started, why would they start telling the truth in Update #44?

    16. Tim on

      Shipping soon?

    17. Stanislav on

      The first week of the new year is practically over. Have you started fulfilling orders?

    18. Brian Kedersha on

      How do I change my Shipping address

    19. Trizzy on

      This was my first Das Keyboard purchase... I’ve been patient for too long and apologies only go so far. Sorry Das, this is really BS.

    20. Det Ansinn on

      I am now looking forward to reading December 2018's update when we will be, again, promised delivery in January.

      Last year, we got an 11 second production video.…

      This year? Pictures.
      ...tray of sixty knobs
      ...a single assembly
      ...and what has to be the quietest manufacturing floor in Shenzhen.

      Seriously, what are they even doing in that last picture? It looks like they are inspecting the plastic top cases. There's nothing in that picture indicating that anything serious is going on, let alone credible mechatronic work.

    21. Det Ansinn on

      It's like that joke in Tropic Thunder about the film being one month behind schedule after five days of shooting.

      I'm surprised that they just didn't reuse last December's backer update.

      --------December 2016----------

      Reward Shipping & Delivery Schedule
      Many of you have wondered when the rewards will be ready. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact date since many things are still in the works. Our target goal was to have the 5Q keyboards ready in January and that is still, more or less, our goal. Let’s dive into what’s happening.

      When will the 5Q keyboard be shipped & when will it be delivered?

      In order to produce and ship all the rewards to 3000+ backers, we will need to ship rewards in batches from the production facility in Hong Kong. So we’re still starting shipping in January as promised but, because we’re doing it in batches, not every backer’s reward package will be shipped at the same time. Some rewards will have to start shipping after the Chinese New Year holiday, which will be in February.

      Delivery dates will also vary depending on location and the shipping method chosen in your survey. The estimated delivery times are either 5-15 days or up to 35 days based on your location and shipping method. (Ex: It will take longer to ship your reward from Hong Kong to US than from Hong Kong to Japan.)

    22. Missing avatar

      Valentin Ruskevych on

      I blame myself for backing this product, i dare, i will never buy das again.
      DAS is in big trouble feeding us with excuses, and how much they apologize... we don't see any action that would show how DAS apologize, except of words... i don't believe to words. "Show me the numbers"(c).
      Just to remind others, production of DAS 5Q began year ago, you can find many videos by DAS that states it. We still fed by excuses till now.
      Good Luck.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Pearson on

      To add onto Rogers message, this part update has me concerned...

      “In early December as we proceeded on the first 1000 units, we experienced some low percentage yield loss (factory failures) that turned out to be related to an out of spec component. “

      I read this as low quality component usage by the factory. What other out of spec components were being used, which didn’t trigger a failure during a burn in test? How long will the keyboards hold up, before they succumb to the heat buildup. I’m not feeling the love...

    24. Missing avatar

      Roger Murpher on

      @Andreas Tschirpke, the problem is that there has been no meaningful or honest communication about production timelines, we just get, and have been getting, for the past nearly 2 years of this saga "updates" that say there is a delay, from a company that makes keyboards and should not be having so many of these issues. Keep in mind this should not be this companies first foray into keyboard manufacturing, nor is it the Chinese manufacturers first in making keyboards or other parts and assembling them. The kickstarter campaign when launched and as it progressed gave the impression that the product was a lot further along. At this point, despite the details in the update which is appreciated, its too late, we have all seen this before.

      It is a good point that numerous other companies have made and produce RGB keyboards, one of which is Corsair, whose keyboard have replaced my Das. If you are in the market for just RGB key functionality, check out the Corsair product lines, they seem to have been able to produce numerous types of programmable RGB keyboards, something that Das has failed to do, all of which are made in China, and use Cherry switches.

    25. Paul M. on

      Why are some of you backers so personally devoted to explaining why delays happen and therefore everyone complaining should shut up? it seems to bother you on incomprehensible levels. go read a book or something, and let the peanut gallery have fun. do you shake your fist at the sky if the weather isn't to your liking? relax! go live your life, assuming it exists outside of opinions you see in text.

    26. Missing avatar

      Willy Braun on

      Nice update with pics that show something is happening. Keep going and deliver us quality. :-)

    27. Missing avatar

      Andreas Tschirpke on

      Can you guys please calm down, the last weeks many were crying for a more detailed updated - explaining at least the delays. And now that you finally got it, you still aren't satisfied. Of course it sucks to wait even more, but what did you expect? I think DAS will be more than happy to be able to inform us about the first shipments.
      I would hate to be attacked over and over for working hard to bring a quality product to the market.

    28. Brian Watters on

      How is it that a company that has produced so many keyboards with I am sure the very same manufacturing partners has so many newbie problems with production ??

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Pearson on

      @Pearval... that’s what they said last year, and every month since. Why do you believe it now?

    30. Missing avatar

      Peravel on

      Well, it seems like we finally get them in a month or so! :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Shawn on

      What a sad joke. Das can't get nothing right. Bah Humbug on Das

    32. Missing avatar

      Todd Michaud on

      Honestly, this is so frustrating. Seriously. You guys have experience in building and shipping products. This kind of repeated and significant delays are unacceptable. The are projects that were merely ideas and far more complicated than this that were able to get to market in far less time. The only reason I still involved is that I can't cancel my order. Ridiculous.

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Pearson on

      This time last year, you said January delivery. Thats why you quickly needed the extra shipping funds. You fracking lied to us. I have no faith that you are telling the truth about a January delivery now. According to Kickstarter TOS, this is a failed project. I demand an accounting of how you spent our money, per Kickstarter's TOS.

    34. Missing avatar

      Julius de Kempenaer on

      for what supposedly was an experienced keyboard manufacturer you run into a helluva lot design issued...... have you got your interns and junior staff working on this project.... c’mon, this is getting more ridiculous witj every update...

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul Brown on

      Finally, an informative update, albeit sad. Was hoping to get this keyboard for Christmas. Hope I get it January. Test them extensively, the vitriol will only intensify if people get non-functioning units. How is the software coming?

    36. Zeck Koa on

      thanks for the update. i guess ill just hope to receive my keyboard by January then.

    37. Missing avatar

      Alexey on

      I am just so glad that I quit on "Please send us MOAR money for shipping" stage.

    38. Matthew Miano on

      Awesome! That's exactly why I had no hesitation to Kickstart the 5Q. I knew it had an experienced company behind it that doesn't compromise on quality. Thanks for taking your time and doing this right.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brad Cook on

      How do you sleep at night?

    40. Maurício Eduardo Chicupo Szabo on

      Next week, they'll find another failure, will comunicate a month later, then resume production a month+a week later, and they'll find another failure...

      Just give back everybody's money. It's over, already. I just want my money back and never deal with DAS products again. Ever.

      And no, THERE IS NO PATIENCE. I lost count of times that I asked for a refund.

    41. Antoine Giasson on

      Das Keyboard? More Like Das Bullshit...

    42. Al Hunt on

      What patience? I keep asking for a refund from this scam, and I keep getting ignored.

    43. Missing avatar

      Burton Strauss III on


      Translated: a month later and the project is a month later.

    44. Missing avatar

      Burton Strauss III on


      Translated: a month later and the project is a month later.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Hopefully that red PCB is for testing/QA.

      From November Update - "Here is a closeup of our production board featuring our center mount RGB LED’s and showing a preview of our cool black PCB"

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Rossignol on

      Thanks for the thorough update. At least that.

    47. Missing avatar

      Vadim Tarasov on

      Hey DAS,
      I would also like to change my shipping address
      My new one is 128 Please Give Me Money Back St.,IHY