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GLASS is a documentary studying artist Jason Gamrath as he strives towards a successful career as a glass sculpture artist.


GLASS, a documentary produced, directed, and edited by Denny Chapin, follows the professional career of artist Jason Brandon Gamrath as he conceptualizes, creates, and publicizes his gigantic glass sculptures. 

Jason Gamrath @ Black Hat Studios
Jason Gamrath @ Black Hat Studios

GLASS began in May 2012 as a small project, growing continuously as both Jason's career has expanded and as Denny's subject of inquiry has broadened.

Moving beyond the simple "how to" production of glass art, Denny has elaborated his inquiry, asking questions about how success is achieved in all creative endeavors, how failure impacts a creator, what differentiates passion from obsession, motivation from perseverance, and inspiration from bullheaded determination.  GLASS is an examination of these themes, and more.

Denny's aim is to discover, through the evolution of Jason's career, the essence of our creative drive as humans; why some of us are so inspired to create while others stand by and watch.  

And hopefully, once completed, the message brought to your eyes through this documentary will inspire you to dream, to take action, and to reach for your own creative goals.  

The Funds We Generate

A brief story about the challenges we've faced and hope to overcome..

On January 1st of 2013, Denny's car, with all his film equipment, was broken into and stolen.  As a result, this film, which is 80% shot (with all footage saved), has come to a halt.

Denny created this KickStarter to earn enough money to buy back the necessary camera equipment to complete this film.  

Perfectly in line with all the themes and questions Jason and Denny have discussed throughout shooting, Denny hopes that this KickStarter is the stepping stone he needs to walk forward and complete shooting his documentary.

By donating to this project, you can directly help Denny complete this documentary, inspire both artists to strive for the best art they can produce, and get memorabilia, signed DVDs and posters, and even your own glass orchid created by Jason.

**NOTE: Intro and outro, as well as video footage of Denny documenting the night his camera was stolen have all been shot with the iPhone -- the difference in video quality should be apparent!  All footage of the film has been rigorously backed up throughout production and none of the footage was lost. **

Watch this "Music Video" from footage we shot recording music in Black Hat Studios!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Denny's goal is to submit this film to the Seattle International Film Festival in January 2014.

Having amassed over 50 hours of footage thus far, the editing process to draft this film is already enormous (with more to shoot as well). Denny hopes to have a draft of this film finished by June 2013 but, having a full time job and enjoying some semblance of a social life, the completion of this goal could be a challenge.

Beyond this risk there is the chance that Jason's work doesn't enter into a gallery (at this point this is highly improbable as major developments have been made towards this goal but they're only real until the glass is shipped, so to speak). As a result, our film could, in a major way, lack a 'true' climax. But, we hope, in line with all the themes of perseverance, determination, and drive, Jason will continue towards his goal, be it achieved in one year or ten. This film needs to have an end date for shooting which is April 2013. Hopefully by then the beginning of Jason's career as a glass artist has been substantiated.

From a technical and funding perspective, we hope to tackle any future setbacks with the support of glass artists in Seattle, creative non-profits willing to donate resources, and hard nosed grit.

Please donate and many thanks!


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