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tremulus is a storytelling RPG where you and your friends get together and create a haunting story in the vein of HP Lovecraft's works.
1,555 backers pledged $62,723 to help bring this project to life.

Something Wearable This Way Comes...

Posted by Sean Preston (Creator)

Okay. You've convinced us. We're offering up our first add on! We hope you like it.

Spread the Madness!

When the stars align, make certain everyone knows where you stand with this terrific tremulus t-shirt. Available in your choice of colors (as long as your choice is black)!
You can add multiple t-shirts to any pledge level. We’ll send out a survey to confirm what you're getting and to inquire about your shirt size(s) at the conclusion of the KS.

Continental US: Each shirt costs $25.

Outside of the Continental US: A single t-shirt runs $25 plus $15 for shipping. Two t-shirts run $50 plus $15 for shipping.

Note: You save a bit on the shipping when you order in pairs.   This shipping fee is in addition to any others required by your reward level.

Sizes:  Small to 3XL.

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    1. Michael Mock on

      Ah-ha! Okay, thanks.

    2. John Post on

      I want to get the core book (in PDF) format for the cheap bastards in my game group. Will I have the option to add that on when the KS concludes and the survey goes out?

    3. Sean Preston Creator on

      @Michael: You just need to up your pledge amount by the amount of shirts you want ($25 for 1, $50 for 2, and so on), and we'll be sending out surveys when the KS concludes to confirm add ons, shirt sizes, and so on.

    4. Michael Mock on

      Maybe I just need more coffee, but I'm a little confused. How would I add T-shirts to my pledge? (I'm not seeing it as an option in the "manage my pledge" page; what am I missing?)

    5. Andrew G. Smith on

      Nice. I like tshirts. im in.

    6. John Drinkwater on

      Good to see something different being offered, T-shirts don't grab me, but hanging out on what else might be in the cupboard.

    7. Steve Dulson on

      Agreed with previous posters. It is already hard enough for me a a UK gamer to afford the shipping on print copies of kickstarter games. I would probably have bought a shirt as I'm currently refreshing my wardrobe, but $40 extra is more than I can justify. Sorry. . .

    8. Peter Harper

      I love the design too, but it would have to be a great shirt for $40 ($25 + shipping), and I can't afford that.

    9. Rune Belsvik Reinås on

      I agree with deadlytoque. 30$ for shipping a softcover and shirt overseas, that's just too much. I've backed quite a few kickstarters now, and have never payed more than 20$ for shipping (and that included hardcovers, shirts and more).

      Have to say that the design is great though :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Drew

      $15 shipping on top of the $15 shipping for the book is way too rich for my blood. That brings the total contribution required for the softcover and a shirt to $85. Ouch.

      Awesome design, though.

    11. Sean Preston Creator on

      @John: Thanks.

      @Rob: Good question. I'll add this data to the update above, for those not wishing to scroll through the comments, but the sizes will range from Small to 3XL.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rob_K on

      As a fat man, I am curious what your max size of shirts will be. Will they be large enough to cover the most barrelshaped of us?