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Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game.
Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game.
16,531 backers pledged CA$ 598,384 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Icehawk101 on

      @Artem out of curiosity, why are the Canadian games not being sent up here to be shipped in tandem with the US? That is what pretty much every other campaign I have backed has done. It seems odd to have to wait for the US fulfillment to be finished before our games are even sent up here to start the fulfillment process.

    2. Swampfox01

      I will gladly help to offset your additional shipping costs. I would very much like you to stay in business to create more content!

    3. Michael Matzat on

      That’s awesome!

    4. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Michel we'll have a mini-update shortly and I'll share my impressions (from the live feed I watched) about the launch party. I thought it was great!

      @Michael Thank you so much for brainstorming these suggestions. I am not comfortable with collecting money for a physical product that might or might not happen at this time (it will really depend on how the finances of the base campaign shake out once all the games are fulfilled). What we will do (which is very similar to your suggestion in the second message) is look for ways to immediately reward backer who help with the extra shipping via the Advanced Access to Expansion Content reward. The people who will support the extra shipping cost will be added to the Advanced Access list and we will be releasing two new characters to the list very shortly (mechanics are done, just working on the art) so that people with Advanced Access (including those who helped pay shipping difference) can immediately print them out and enjoy. Hopefully this will help motivate people and make their help feel appreciated.

    5. Michael Matzat on

      Or, since i don't know how your expansion will look (is it another big box or just cheap to ship cards?) you could also just offer a special mini expansion that is just cards. Maybe a new hero and a new monster and that's it (i can't say to much about that, your the game designer). Might even just be a gamebreaking fun card Ala "i helped out extra so i get to cheat" thank you print that people rather put on the wall than play with. (or just send that printable via e-mail if no one is going to play with it)

      I love coming up with solutions. I get that non of them neccecerly is the right one, Sorry for spamming. ;D

    6. Michael Matzat on

      @Artem - i was thinking more in terms of the "unbroken expansion". Like a pre sale.
      Think, if you pay extra for shipping now you get a voucher to get the physical add one ad reduced price. This is cool for you now because more people will have incentive to help out with the shipping cost, it is cool for you later because you can have more copies of the add one ordered in a presale (i assume higher print run means lower cost per unit) and its cool for the backers because they get to "late buy in" into the "first unbroken expansion" for cheap after actually trying the hardcopy of Unbroken.
      Am i making sense? :D

    7. Michel Godbout on

      So how did the party in Columbus OH go?

    8. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Andreas Rest assured that your dismay is entirely shared over here. Frustrating as it is we are focused on following through all the steps to get the games to all backers - grateful for your patience.

    9. Andreas Micheel on

      I´m a bit dismayed that the campaign that seemed to have such a good run (many things seemed to be perfectly fine in terms of timeline) is now looking at such a delay. I´m a european backer and whilst it obviously doesnt matter at all if I get a game in april or in august, we´re all hyped up to play it.

    10. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Jason Thanks so much for your support and willingness to help

      @Samira your pledge is specifically for a PnP - of course you have access to it :). I will send you a direct message with how to grab it.

    11. Samira Peri on

      Am I just not seeing the download links or are the Print and Play versions not available yet for us cheapskates?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason Padgett on

      You’ll have extra money for shipping from me. Supporting talented game designers is a great cause. I’m looking forward to the release.

    13. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Tyler we have tons of solid ideas for future content and are super eager to roll it out once this campaign is done. Thanks for your (future) support :)

      @Michael That is a very original thought, thanks for coming up with solutions! However, it would not work very well because the first game (Cauldron) is about twice the weight of Unbroken and including it in a package would make shipping (especially shipping within Europe) prohibitively expensive (which is exactly the issue we're trying to solve).

    14. Michael Matzat on

      Hey, a suggestion on the unfortunate shipping cost situation. Why not include the option of getting the first game addon for its original backer price (i think there was a tier that included this right?) So it’s a win win for both party’s, you get a little more money, and if they like the game they get a little cheaper extra contend. (Judging by the thought that most games sold here are the basegame only.)

    15. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      After I receive my game shoot me a message on kickstarter and I'll happily pay for the extra shipping costs. I need those expansions dammit.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      First of all, thanks for your concern of assuming exactly how all my "ordeal" was, like 20 bucks (which are not, I payed for a higher pledge, the one with updates on future works which, for what I've heard, are going to be cut off due to the fact that, if Artem doesn't get enough donation, he prefer that instead of downgrading the game (which is fair for most backers, so I'm not even that mad)), or the fact that that I had to change my address 3 TIMES due to the fact that I move a lot, and every time the final date of shipping changed and changed. As said, I'm feeling (not accusing, unlike you) scammed from that since, due to the fact that, for someone who already worked into the board game industry (both me and Artem), choosing UK as shipping point, due to the Brexit that made it risky from the start, is:
      1- Idiotic
      2- Cheaper than other option
      Since I really don't think Artem is the first option, that leaves, for my judgment, only the second one, as I already wrote in my comment (I didn't talk ONCE about the donation thing, lemme repeat it for ya: not-even-once, so what are you accusing me of? I don't even have a problem with asking for such a thing. Cool your ego, pal).
      So yes, I'm going out of there (this time definitely, it was a mistake to respond), but sure as hell because I feel like it; this comments section is for backers, and since I'm not insulting anyone, I'm free to state my opinion and my feelings about this project (it's called democracy, welcome to EU; here white-knights fanbois don't have that much power).

    17. FatPob

      @ Jan and @ Artem. I am sure what the issue with Games Quest is. I have had the last 5 KS campaigns fulfilled by these guys and it has been fantastic. Tracking emails, prompt delivery. Nothing damaged in transit.
      Thinking on other fulfilment maybe reach out to Monolith (Conan/Batman Mythic Battles KS) who ship from France.
      I recall Ship naked being reasonable priced as well from KS creator comments, though I do believe some folks had issues

    18. Missing avatar

      J on


      Really? This whole ordeal has been a back-breaking struggle for you & your $20? It's (definitely) a(n) (involuntary) scam? How on earth is asking for a shipping contribution with no actual requirement such a big deal to you? As far as being entitled to a product /already/ - Note that this is Kickstarter, and some projects never even finish. This whole system is a gamble, not some certainty that needs to be tainted with your ridicule because it's not a well-oiled machine.

      Go on now, get out of here with that attitude. Harumph at you I say!

    19. Missing avatar

      James Ho on

      @Artem: I've honestly never been because it's a little south of where I live, but I plan to go on a date there without the kids some time in the near future!

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Personally, after this update, I've decided to stay out of this topic for good. I feel like us EU backers are treated very unfairly compared to other areas (because, seriously, you shouldn't post happy faces of backers who already got the game with the delay in the same message, it feels like these people are mocking us), and the fact that you decided to risk with the UK EVEN after the Brexit was already announced made me think you decided to go anyway because of cheaper costs, even if you knew it was a Russian Roulette (I mean, I worked with Zatu and Asmodee for a period of time, and they were already aware on how the UK was such a risky place to work with): so no, I really can't feel that you are with us backers more than you are with your wallets (mind me, this is not an accusation, but just my perception on this).
      At this point, I've literally lost hope for this project and felt like I wasted money in a scam (involuntarily it might be), so I've decided to stay, DEFINITELY, out of this. I just want to receive my package (because I've paid for it), but when (if) comes... I honestly don't care anymore at this point. This project should have provided me with a game I can have fun with, not such a huge pain in my back by hearing, every update, some delay\mistakes\apologizes\etc.; seriously, do what the hell you want at this point, I don't care anymore.
      @ Golden Bell Studios On one thing you are wrong, and it sounds more like a self-justification: most (if not all) of us are not complaining about the price of the shipment (which, I agree, it was incredibly cheap) per-se, we are complaining about the real price of the shipment NOT shown immediately; mistakes happen, and I get that, but you are not even in slightest justified to say something like this, because I, as a seller, if I say "The final price will be X", that number cannot change, otherwise I will lose credibility to the customer. And if the cost is wrong, it's not "the system" fault, it's YOUR fault that you didn't consider the system in which you live. This answer sounds like someone who's saying "It's not me that I made a mistake, it's the system that it's not like I think it should be". Artem actually showed much more honesty on this topic than you; he didn't justify his mistakes with anything, he just said "Sorry guys, I screwed up, no point in making excuses, it's my fault and my fault alone", which is an incredibly mature thing to admit. Feralway said this exact thing: part of the attractiveness of the project was his very low price compared to other projects: backing off of your word because "The system works like this" is the same method Bethesda tried (quite pathetically, I should say) to convince their customers about the suddenly downgrade of the bag given in the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76: although you are not acting like them (hopefully), this is the EXACT same excuse I've heard from them, and it brought them a huge backlash (which was deserved).

    21. Golden Bell Studios Collaborator on

      Any amount is totally acceptable indeed!

    22. James M.

      I see a lot of comments already, so apologies if this was covered, but...
      I can understand shipping costs being difficult to estimate, especially when unlocked stretch goals add content (and thus weight). You estimated the difference as about $10 for the US. But since you've said contributing more money is optional for us as backers, would you be willing to leave the amount open for us to decide? I'm just thinking that if you'll only accept the full difference, you may be missing out on getting some funding from others who may not be able to afford the full amount or would be willing to help in a sort of split-the-difference way (e.g., I'll pay half the difference if you'll pick up the other half). People who are willing to pay the full amount still will, I think, but you may get additional funding that you wouldn't get if you made it an all-or-nothing contribution. Something to consider. Thanks.

    23. Missing avatar

      David on

      @Artem thanks for those answers, they turned out to be what I would have assumed which I think is a sign of good design. With your video I feel that if the game arrived today I could comfortably set it right up and play (and probably lose), which I assume was the goal of the video.

    24. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      Artem / Golden Bell - your openness and transparency are the be applauded. Shipping is a dangerous beast on these projects, sorry that you've ended up on the wrong end of it. You'll have my extra when the time comes. Keep that enthusiasm and passion, a time will come when you look back on this and think about how happy you are you kept going despite the setback!

    25. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Stefano thanks very much for your understanding. We will be communicating this once we have the exact figures.

      @David solid questions.
      1. At the beginning of Battle Step the Time is reset to the starting value of the next Level. So if a Monster's effect causes you to lose Time - you lose it from the next Level's supply. During the final fight (when there is no next Level) - every time you're instructed to lose Time - you lose a Small Effort instead.

      2. Actions cannot be used this way. The only windows to use actions are during the Preparation Step in Travel Phase and during the player's turn in Combat Step of the Battle Phase. However, there are many Response effects that make it possible to activate these, based on specific triggers. Not having the opportunity to exchange the resources on the fly after revealing the Encounter cards is very much intentional - it forces you to think ahead and plan which resources you want to have.

    26. Missing avatar

      David on

      @Artem. happy to share my questions after watching the video. I apologize in advance if this was mentioned and I just missed it as I may have been distracted by my wife or perhaps a shiny object.
      1. If in a fight with a monster you are forced to lose time from attacks but don't have any what happens?
      2. can your actions be used to sort of interrupt other things? what came to mind was while picking an explore card, could You use your action that exchanges 1 type of effort for another to choose a card you might not have otherwise been able to?

    27. Stefano K. on

      Hmmm a few spelling mistakes in my previous post ... Damn autocorrect

    28. Stefano K. on

      @Artem: EU baker here. Please, let me know the shipping difference to be played as I don't like receiving a reward without paying the actual shipping costs, especially when I get an advantage by damaging a promising game designer. About the pricing mistake: don't blame to much yourself, there's a first time for everyone.

    29. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @James thanks for helping out! How is the mid-town S&L by the way? Haven't been there yet.

      @Jan! GamesQuest was supposed to be our distribution partner in Europe but not anymore (in part because of the issues you mention). We are exploring several alternatives while the shipment preparation process is taking place.

      @Martin it was not an easy update to write, indeed. I share your priorities and appreciate your support.

      @David thanks! Could you maybe share the questions you had - I'd be happy to include answers in the video description.

      @Gary - my suggestion would be the same that Johann helpfully provides regarding receiving notifications. Even without those - you can be certain that we post a monthly update towards the end of each and every month. The updates do provide a step by step information of project progress and explain the delays.

    30. Missing avatar

      Johann Georg Strobl on

      @Gary Barnett: There is the possibility that the update notification is unchecked in your settings within KS. May go to settings -> Notifications -> Project updates and see if the checkbox is unchecked for Unbroken.

      @Jan!: As it is maybe burried deeply in the comment section, Artem confirmed that they monitor the Brexit situation in order to ensure EU-friendly shipment. GBS also stated that they are evaluating the best possible way for EU fulfillment and considering a Hub within EU (not UK) - you know, UK is not the only possible fulfillment hub in EU, there are several ones on the EU mainland as well. Therefore, whatever happens with Brexit EU-friendly should be still easy to achieve.

    31. Gary Barnett on

      Not sure why but the last update I was emailed on this game was Number 19 from November 2018! I've checked my spam etc and nothing! I get Kickstarter updates on other games I'm backing so no idea what is happening! I came by to look at the current state of the Kickstarter as I noticed it was well behind schedule. Not sure if others are having the same issue?

    32. Missing avatar

      David on

      Great video. I thought of a couple questions but ill read the rule book when my copy comes in and probably find the answers there. Thanks Artem and GB.

    33. Missing avatar

      Martin Flavall on

      Well done writing and actually sending this update. It's so much tougher to share bad news, but you managed to do so in a way that clarified the actual state and manage others' perceptions as best you could. It's really unfortunate that people have been threatened, and people should already know that backing a Kick Starter project comes with it's risks.

      Personally, my priorities are a) a quality product; b) my perceptions on how the company(ies) have handled themselves - which includes transparency, admitting mistakes, and commitment to deliver. Somewhere much further down the list is 'timeliness' - because half of the kick-starters I back, end up delayed for a number of genuine reasons - but if the product is great, then I am not worried.

      Thanks for your update, and I look forward to seeing the game arrive on New Zealand shores sometime in the future.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jan! on

      @Artem: we have a special situation here in EU you all know for more than two years. UK already wanted to leave EU in the last month. So it should be priority to send the items to EU before everyone else to keep the promise of EU friendly. Now we are the last and you may hope that UK will not leave before. Hope is a nice thing.

      This was already asked but I did not find an answer

      Who will fulfill the sending in EU?

      If it is GamesQuest we will be in trouble (I am waiting for packages which are in their store since January). And I think you should use a fulfillment center in a country not leaving EU to keep the most people not paying additional tax.

    35. Missing avatar

      James Ho on

      Hey, stuff happens and we all start out optimistic about costs. I'll be glad to pay the difference in shipping or pick it up myself if it'll help (the closest S&L to me is Midtown, though).

    36. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Mark, @Pharmacist, @Dario, @Martin - thank you for your understanding and patience.

      @Majik we hope to get the Australian container on its way next week - we'll keep folks posted.

      @Petr after your print pages 5-6 double-sided and cut these up you will have two sheets - the numbers 1-2-3-4 are meant to instruct the order in which they should be viewed. Use the Reference Guide to learn the flow of the game in Travel and Combat phases and the Quickstart for a more detailed rule summary. Backers have been telling us it's a great way to learn the game.

    37. Majik

      Artem Safarov@ I'm actually Australian ,but still going to take a long time

    38. Missing avatar

      Martin Bohaty

      As the others already said, I also welcome how you approach this and will definitely pay any extra shipping once I have the game. Delay for EU sucks, but that's life and at least I have time to play other games sitting on my bookshelves meanwhile.

    39. sakari lindhen on

      The timetable is worrying because of Brexit...even though the extension is to October, May still hopes to leave before the May 22nd European Elections, if she gets her WA passed. If we have to wait until April 29 before the Aussie contract is signed, and only after that will European orders be prepped, that means they probably wont be in Europe until late June at the earliest....and add me to the list of people who do NOT have a game shop nearby for pick up....

    40. Missing avatar

      Dario on

      Artem, I appreciate the transparency in your communication. As we say in Italy, "the only way never to make a mistake is to never work at all". So keep up the good work!
      I'm from Europe, and finding out I will have to wait more months to get the game I backed is, indeed, frustrating. I will wait until I have the game in my hands, then I will pay the extra shipping cost.

    41. Missing avatar

      Petr Palicka on

      I'd like to ask another sort of question. Today I look at P'n'P (Unbroken-Revised_PrintAndPlayA4_2019.pdf) and I'm not sure how to print pages 6 and 7 - Quickstart Sheets. There is a text "Double sided sheets - set printer to flip on short edge to match the backs of the cards" - but if I imagine it right it means after I'll get one double-sided sheet with pages numbered as 2 -1 / 3 - 4 - right? Or I have to print it like one side and and fold it in middle to get one double-sided "card" - if yes then it has wrong instructions to print (or my English level is too low :) ). Sorry to ask here but I cannot find such discussion on any better place.
      Thanks for reply and clarification.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark Fenrick on

      Once I have the game in hand, I will certainly pay the shipping. Mistakes happen and you have been very up front about the issue. Thank you for the constant updates!

    43. The Redheaded Pharmacist

      I’ll be happy to pay the shipping cost.

    44. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Michal and @Michal thank you for willing to help.

      @Raging Robot I'll message you instructions in case you want to help now, prior to shipment. Thanks!

    45. Raging Robot

      By the way, how do we make that extra payment? What is the paypal email address?

    46. Michael Teague

      Thanks for the transparency and explanation. I've no problem with covering the actual shipping. Looking forward to getting the game!

    47. Michal Blazejczyk on

      I'll gladly pay the full shipping cost!

      Good work, team, and appreciate the transparency!

    48. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Jorune thanks so much for covering that ahead of shipment - much appreciated.

      @LNeal I really appreciate this attitude. I hope that the way we deliver this project will only build your trust and that you will have a great time with Unbroken once it arrives. We look forward to growing Unbroken with support of passionate backers like you.

    49. Missing avatar

      LNeal on

      This being a Kickstarter, I am OK with paying the actual shipping on the project. The unique or unorthodox way in which it has been requested is a part of Kickstarter, we are also your backers after all, not simply customers.

      Nothing is free, and while accuracy in life is paramount, we are ALL human and things happen, mistakes are made, we learn we move on.

      I have not seen anything that makes me want to NOT back you, its why I'm here, no I cannot foot the entire bill, but that's why it took more than one person to fund in the first place.

      I more than just hope you get to continue working on the universe Artem and that Golden Bell continues to publish it all, I'm willing to follow through with my support to see to it.

      looking forward to the games arrival.

    50. Jorune

      Wow, I forgot we only paid $4. That’s how much it costs the boardgamegeek store to send a small pack of cards. But a full game?

      I’ve already PayPaled my correct shipping cost, $10.