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Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game.
Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game.
16,531 backers pledged CA$ 598,384 to help bring this project to life.

Production complete, shipping update with photos and more awards news

Posted by Artem Safarov (Creator)

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!

Another update to keep you informed of the work on delivering the rewards for the Unbroken Kickstarter campaign. Lots of progress to show you but because of the huge unit volumes involved – everything is happening slightly slower than we anticipated. Having said that – the wheels are in motion and it’s only a matter of time before you receive the game boxes chock full of dark fantasy survival goodness! Let’s dive in.

Packing Update

The production of all Unbroken units is complete, and the factory is busy packaging these up and preparing the shipments that will then be directed to our distribution centers around the world. The factory has overestimated the speed with which they can do this work and it’s not moving as fast as we were told initially, but there is lots of progress to show. Check out an Unbroken box with its contents as it’s packaged up in a shipping box and loaded up to a pallet that will head to North America. 

We are aiming for perfection with the packing and want to ensure not only a timely delivery to the best of our ability but to make sure that no one is missing anything from their packages. One of the Golden Bell representatives flew off to China to oversee the final stages of packing for Unbroken and ensure a timely completion of this work.

This mountain of boxes full of games is a reassuring and satisfying sight! It’s a great indication that everything is moving along as it should. I acknowledge that the somewhat slower pace is frustrating, but our top priority is avoiding errors. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as this process runs its course.

You probably also noticed that all the packages are being shipped in boxes after all. Thanks to the excellent negotiations from Marc Goldner of Golden Bell Studios, we were able to expand the box upgrade to all the units shipped. We’ve heard this was a priority for backers and we made it happen. I hope this gives you the extra peace of mind that your game will arrive in great shape. Here is an unboxing video of a final production sample game:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Shipping/Delivery Estimates 

Because of the time pressures going into the Chinese New Year the factory had to ship the Expedited Shipping copies to the US to be sent out from there by ocean freight. The shipment has arrived in US port on Feb 20 and the container was promptly held for customs inspection (just our luck). That’s where it’s sitting right now – it should be released by end of next week. As soon as it gets to the distribution center, the expedited shipping copies will go out and should reach backers no later than Mar 18. Unfortunate that the customs hold-up took place – something that’s impossible to predict, but expedited shipping folks only have a few weeks left until getting the game.

North America: Again, because of the factory’s over-estimation of their packing speed – we were not able to get the preliminary 5,000 units shipped as described in the February update. The full North American shipment preparation is being finalized and it will leave the factory next week at the latest. We will be following its ocean journey with great excitement as it should get to the US port in late March. The backers should start receiving their copies in April.

Europe: The European shipment will be prepared next and should leave China in mid-March, arriving in early April, with delivery of games to backers towards late April.

Games in Asia, South America and AUS/NZ should also be delivered towards mid-late April – we’ll provide more specific estimates in our March update as shipments are prepared and arrangements solidify.

The Chinese New Year and the associated closures certainly slowed down the progress over the past month (which we accounted for, but the impact was even more than we were told). Now that it’s done – we fully expect the pace to quicken as games get on their way to you. Thank you again for your patience as we go through the necessary steps to deliver the games. Only a short bit left. 

The timelines have been a topic of conversation in the comments recently and I want to offer my sincere thanks for the show of understanding and support we have received from backers. You continue to be an amazing community.

Address Lock Deferred

Based on the timelines described above we will keep the addresses open for updates until the North American shipment arrives in port (should be late March). At that point we’ll lock things down and focus on fulfillment. If you need help updating your delivery address – please get in touch via KS message and I’ll be happy to help.

A final reminder will be issued in the March update before the addresses are locked. 

More awards for Unbroken

Unbroken continues to make the “most anticipated” lists for 2019 – recently it was listed as one of the Top 19 upcoming games on the Geek & Sundry website. It’s quite an honor to be listed next to amazing games like Wingspan and Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.

Probably the most notable nomination Unbroken has received so far is being in contention for SXSW (South by Southwest) Gamer’s Voice Award in the Tabletop category. We are thrilled to be nominated and look forward to learning of the outcome in mid-March. 

Rob and Jon from Golden Bell will be showcasing Unbroken at SXSW (taking place in Austin, TX, Mar 15-17) and we invite all of you to come out and meet one of the writers and the composer for Unbroken!

Stretch Goal Updates

- The Strategy Guide for Unbroken is available here. Text-only format for now – it will eventually be laid out in a more graphic style.

- Print and Play files are available through the “Digital Downloads” section of BackerKit. If you are unsure how to access your BackerKit – shoot me a message and I’ll help you.

  •  Updated English Print and Play is available since Jan 5.
  •  Spanish Print and Play / Rules are available since Feb 1.
  •  German Print and Play / Rules will be available Mar 15.
  •  Italian Print and Play / Rules will be available Mar 15.
  •  French Print and Play / Rules - the translation is complete, these are being laid out. Most likely late March or early April, the March update will have a specific date.

- Error Report Form. As we release the Print and Plays and we look forward to the future – we would appreciate it if you could share any errors / inconsistencies that sneak in. Whether it’s the physical game or the Print and Play – if you see something that needs to be corrected – please use the Error Report Form to report it. As we sit down to work on further developing Unbroken – we will be certain to go over all the feedback and address any concerns raised. This type of feedback is always appreciated and helps to improve Unbroken for future iterations that will enhance everyone's enjoyment of the game! 

- The work on the soundtrack is coming together well. Clocking in at almost 45 minutes it will be sure to add immersion to your experience with Unbroken. The latest draft came in over the weekend and the team at Golden Bell all sat down to determine what is left. They are currently working on a recurring theme that will be what you think of when you hear the words “Unbroken”, as well as an intro/outro to each of the battle steps, as well as adding roughly 5 minutes of additional music that will tie with the written story. This last part will also include a considerable amount of additional sound design and sound effects to create a true survival experience when you listen and play the game! We expect it to be available around the same time as games are delivered to most backers. The soundtrack will be available for download through BackerKit exclusively to KS backers/those who pre-ordered a copy at first and will eventually be released on a public platform like YouTube.

 - In addition the Golden Bell team will create a ~45 min video to go along with the score. This will include a narrated story (that you will also find on the cards of Unbroken) voiced by a professional voice actor, as well as implementation of awesome art to go along with the story and the score! We expect the release of this video in late Summer - we hope this will be a cool way to immerse the players in the world of Unbroken. We look forward to releasing a sample of this story video to backers as it comes together.

Calling all history buffs! Napoleon 1807 

Golden Bell Studios have been a trusted partner throughout Unbroken’s journey so far, so I am excited to tell you about another game that they are working on, live on Kickstarter now. Napoleon 1807 is a sequel to the much-loved Napoleon 1806 historical wargame (rocking a solid 8.5 BGG rating).It combines an authentic approach to history with streamlined rules, resulting in a fast-paced, satisfying gameplay. If you’re into historic French battles – check out their campaign – it’s been doing very well!

Julien from Shakos (author of the Napoleon game/campaign) is a Golden Bell partner in France. He will provide help with translation and editorial for the French version of Unbroken and has also been in discussion to arrange a release of the physical version of Unbroken in several European countries. We look forward to telling you more about these plans as they come together. Julien is currently at Cannes Game Fair showcasing both Napoleon 1807 and Unbroken!

And now for something completely different 

This is not an Unbroken-specific thing per se, but just something I want to share with as many people as possible. Jon Purkis (aka Actualol) creates amazingly fun and witty videos about our hobby – his latest “Not Just for Geeks Anymore” is just bursting with excitement for board games. Sincerely recommended for a quick watch to give you a smile. 

Next Steps

Almost there! By the next update the expedited shipping folks should already have their games in hand and the rest should be well on their way to backers. We will continue to provide regular updates on the progress and answer any questions you might have here or in the main project comments section.

Thank you all for your patience and support for Unbroken. On behalf of myself and the Golden Bell Studios team – we cannot wait to get the games to you and hear what you think of surviving in the Dark! 


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    1. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Sean I hope the something else is just as much fun as Unbroken :)

      @Courtney the Canadian copies are on a boat from China to North America at this point, an update later this week will describe our next steps once the shipment arrives.

    2. Missing avatar

      Courtney Wittmann on

      Hello! I still haven't received mine and I'm from Canada. Is there anywhere I can check the status?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Westberg on

      Dang, I got a shipping alert from a logistics business and was hoping that this was dropping. Sad to see it's something else.

    4. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Stephen it is currently on the boat from China, arriving in US in mid-April.

      @Dyne1319 responded via direct message.

    5. Stephen Hellweg on

      Have these shipped in the U.S. yet?

    6. Dyne1319

      Still nothing for my expedited copy?

    7. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Steffen In good news - your eyesight is fine :). In only slightly less good news - the German version is 98% complete and is just undergoing a final series of tweaks following proofreader check and should be available shortly. Unfortunately the proofreader/translator had some circumstances come up that reduced their availability earlier this month, but the work is nearly finished.

    8. Missing avatar

      Steffen Seidel on

      Hi, I was looking for the german PnP Files, but I cant find them. They are still "under construction", or my eyes blind?

    9. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Bartosz Yep, the expedited copies are going out either tomorrow or Monday - you should have received a tracking code via e-mail and should get your copy soon!

      @Adrien That was Marc from Golden Bell Studios on the video - I don't even have the game yet myself :). But I appreciate your excitement! Good news for your joint adventures with your girlfriend - a co-op mode for a future Unbroken extension is definitely in the cards :)

    10. Adrien M on

      @Artem The video cuts before you finish a sentence, but I'm so hyped for the final product ! Congratulations, I'm so impatient to go through this adventure with my girlfriend ! Cheers !

    11. Bartosz Dotryw on

      Hey, any news on expedited packages? :)

    12. Pablo Alaiz Sanz on

      I'm pretty disappointed. After all the mistakes pointed out during the proofreading of the spanish translation, I downloaded the files and not only the mistakes are still there, there're even more. It still looks like a translation made with the first thing that popped up in Google Translate. I'm sad, because I was eager to help proofreading and even after pointing out the mistakes, even after voicing my concerns (and with me, others) nothing was done. It's pretty sad that a game which offers a copy (or a print and play in this case) in your language, and it's so bad that you prefer the one in english. I can only hope the french, german and italian translations aren't this bad.

    13. Missing avatar


      The components look fantastic Artem! I really can't wait to try it. Nice work.

    14. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Dyne1319 The expedited copies shipment has cleared customs and is being transported to the distribution center - should arrive there towards end of this week and copies should be delivered to expedited shipping backers next week.

    15. Dyne1319

      Any update on the expedited packages? I have yet to hear anything and we are approaching the 18th

    16. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      Hi Jennifer. Not at all, happy to answer backer question. When presented with a choice between the extra die and the velvet bag as an addition to the game, over 80% of backers voted for the velvet bag, so that's what we went with. The addition of the extra die required us to reach $100,000 funding on BackerKit - we did not reach it, so no extra die, just the velvet bag. Hope this info is helpful - thanks for your support!

    17. .j.e.n.n.i.f.e.r. on

      Not complain or anything, since you gave us so much, just an observation...

      I thought we were getting an extra dice.

    18. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Jason. If you`re looking for a PnP version that`s easier on printer - I suggest you check out the early prototype that was distributed through BGG (can access it here : ) - it`s certainly not as refined as the final product, but 95% of the content and mechanics are in place. Between that version and the two official Print and Play versions available through BackerKit - there is plenty of choice.

    19. Jason Walsh on

      In the wake of delay till April, is it possible to get a print and play version that’s a little easier on our printers? Something that looks great but maybe has more of the colors stripped out? Thanks!

    20. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Joseph We'll be concentrating on work for future content once the base games are in backers' hands! The Golden Bell team will be present at GenCon showcasing Unbroken but sadly I myself won't be able to make it.

      @Edward The upgrade was optional because of the cost. Because of the number of orders that we were able to put in the cost of the upgrade for the rest of the backers was so low that it made more sense for us to cover everyone than to only cover a portion of the backers. It was not budgeted for because we had a different packaging in mind, but the backers made it clear they wanted an alternative packaging so we provided a solution that I hope everyone is happy with in the end.

    21. Edward Petersen

      Thank you for boxing up all the games. I'm just a little confused - are all of us receiving this benefit on the backs of a select few that paid for it? That seems a bit wrong. Yes, I wanted it, but I wanted it because it was budgeted for it before the campaign even started or as part of shipping costs in a pledge manager.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph Webb on

      Haven't played the game and already excited for an expansion. Will you be at GenCon?

    23. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Jason Glad we could offer something good on a less than stellar day :). Tell your PnP to hang on - support is on the way!

      @Redkai Absolutely. I definitely share the excitement :)

      @Jared Yes, I would say that's an accurate estimate.

    24. Jared Fraser on

      For Australians who paid expedited shipping does this mean we can expect it mid-late March?

    25. Redkai on

      Thanks for the update! Exciting news!

    26. Jason Martin on

      What a crappy day this has been. Sooo much drama.. and then I missed the announcement!

      Oh wait.. This is no where near crappy news! Thanks @Artem Safarov! My day has not been a complete loss! Really looking forward to getting my game in as the PnP is wearing out now!

    27. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @C.M. Good point, though maybe feral hyena yapping will be just as distracting :). Thanks for your patience!

      @Jeffrey Thanks! It's been so much work to write but so rewarding - I really valued the opportunity to put all these considerations down on paper. Hope it will really help folks play the game. The approach you describe is probably best for using it too - it presumes a certain knowledge / comfort with the rules before diving in to advanced strategy.

      @Danny and Daniele - thanks for your kind words!

    28. Jeffrey Owen

      The strategy guide is insane! That's so cool that you guys took the time to do that! I'm going to play a bunch of runs blind and when I get a feel for the game and after the surprise elements wear off, I'll dive into it. Everything looks great as far as the game goes, and I am very happy you guys prioritize quality over speed and won't take shortcuts. I'd rather it be a month late then have mistakes forever in the game.

    29. Missing avatar

      C. M. on

      @Artem - One piercing shriek from that fungus, and those dogs headed for home! :) Seriously, though, no worries about timing - a great game is worth the wait!

    30. Danny C on

      I'm so super excited for this game! Not long now :D

    31. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Steven and Bob - thanks so much, so glad you like what you see!

      @Batman we'll do next unboxing video in a dogless cave :)

    32. Steven Tolhurst

      Great job guys, the game looks fantastic , so much stuff and it all looks great ! Not long now!

    33. Bob Brown on

      Looks amazing! Thank you for the update. All the best.

    34. Missing avatar


      Oh my god I hate those yapping dogs that bark all day for no reason. I couldn't get through the entire video.

    35. Francisco Dias

      "sooo i guess this requires devine intervention!" :P

      Hehehehehe! :D
      Will you think on selling a " Collectors edition box to put Unbroken and future expansions, with sleeved cards!!
      It would be nice! <3 :)

    36. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Francisco the Templar character will be a part of the expansion :)

      @Derek - it might be a tight fit but the game box should hold all the core game cards sleeved. We added some extra promotional (blank) cards since we tested the fit, but all the cards necessary to play the game should fit no problem - we even increased the box size a little bit during production to meet this goal.

    37. Francisco Dias

      "I kick ass ..... for the loooord! "
      Can't wait to get the hands on this! :P

    38. Derek Mills on

      Love the unboxing and cant wait for this!!! Im just worried its not going to hold everything once sleeved :(

    39. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Luis Alvaro Hi! You can access all digital downloads through BackerKit by logging in. Just in case - I'll send you a direct link via KS message.

    40. Missing avatar

      Luis Alvaro del Cerro Perez on

      Hello Artem,
      I dont know hot to get the "Spanish Print and Play / Rules"
      Could you help me?
      Thank you.

    41. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Karim Thanks for your excitement! I still need to check out the Long Dark, thanks for reminding me!

      @Apocalypse Nerd - the ultimate purpose of the expedited shipping was to get the package to you faster than the regular fulfillment. The current arrangement still achieves that as expedited copies will arrive ~ a month earlier than regular ones. However, certainly if you feel like you don't want to take advantage of this option any more - let me know via KS message and we will refund the extra payment.

      @Matthew I see you sent a direct message - I'll respond with instructions.

    42. Matthew Sutorius on

      Is there a way to see what address we have down? I may need to change mine

    43. Apocalypse Nerd on

      I’m now having an issue that I paid $15 for express airmail for China and the include the box upgrade. Because this didn’t happen “Yes, it means that your package bypasses the ocean freight and gets shipped directly to you from China” and the “Expedited Shipping copies” came by ocean freight and are shipping from a US distribution center. And now all orders are being shipped in boxes. So I feel like there should be some kind of partial refund for the extra I paid for express airmail shipping from China and the box that everyone now gets for no additional charge.

    44. Karim on

      @Artem you definitely good me hooked on Napoleon 1807! 😁
      Congrats on nearing a fantastic completion and thanks for keeping us all in the loop every step of the way!
      P.S. did you check out The Long Dark on YouTube re: a modern survival version based on Unbroken?

    45. Maxime Côté-Gauvin on

      Thanks for the update! Its just a few weeks now!

    46. Wim Van Moer on

      Yes, yes, yeeeeeesssss!

    47. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Serrg oh man that would be absolutely awesome. His voiceover makes the whole Darkest Dungeon come together. Did you know Unbroken was basically inspired by one particularly disastrous DD expedition? :)

      @Eric we have to prioritize the limited resources that we have - we'll get to all stretch goals but it won't be right away. The scoring tool is not yet active but we'll keep backers informed about when we start work on it.

    48. Eric Lazure on

      have not seen any mention of the online scoring and tracking tool in forever... is it being worked on?

    49. Missing avatar

      Serrrg on

      Guys, please tell us, that the voice over will be done by Darkest Dungeon's Wayne June and I will gladly wait for it until end of the year! :D