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Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game.
Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game.
16,531 backers pledged CA$ 598,384 to help bring this project to life.

Production update, time to lock addresses, revised Print and Play and Strategy Guide preview.

Posted by Artem Safarov (Creator)

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah! Another update to keep you informed about our progress as we wrap up 2018.

Production Update

The production hit a snag early on as a misaligned printer error resulted in a large batch of game boxes being printed in a slightly faulty way. This issue required correction (re-printing of all the boxes) as both me and the Golden Bell team want to deliver only the best product possible. This correction led to significant delay of the process as new materials had to be sourced, ordered and delivered for the re-printing and any packaging had to be put on hold – it is difficult to pack a game without a box as you can imagine.  

This means that we lost a whole bunch of time on the production front and the timeline for the project delivery shifts back for approximately 1.5 months

As frustrated as I am about this delay – there is little that could be done to affect it. We were not going to compromise the quality of the game and required a full fault-free re-print of all affected components. We will continue to share the most up to date information we have on this with backers in a transparent way and push for delivery as early as possible. 

I understand that this delay is likely frustrating for you – I apologize for it and assure you that I share your feelings. As of now the new materials have been delivered (check out the mountains of cardboard pictured below) and the process has commenced in an error-free way.

Right now, the printing is nearing completion. The packaging is what takes the most time, the factory estimates that 5,000 of the units will be completed by the end of January and will be shipped immediately in the first batch. Following that, the rest of the units will be delivered to the various distribution centers around the world starting at the end of February to the beginning on March.

Here are the adjusted delivery estimates:  

North America – production completed late January, freight shipment arrives by mid-February, delivered to backers late-Feb to early March

Asia, South America, AUS-NZ – production completed end of February, delivered to backers mid-late March.  

Europe – the production will be completed by mid-February freight delivered by mid-March, delivered to backers by late March.  

Once again – I regret and apologize for the shift in the timelines. Rest assured I do not take this change lightly. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we get the games to you.

Time to lock addresses!

As we are getting closer to the shipment / fulfillment portion of the project – we are going to be locking all addresses in BackerKit on February 1, 2019. Please make sure you have the right address on file. I can’t stress this enough – if we don’t have the right address for you – we will not be able to deliver your rewards (for reasons that I hope are obvious). This only affects you if you have moved since providing your address or still haven’t filled out your survey. You can check your current address we have on file by logging in to your backer survey on BackerKit – if you need any help with that please message me and I’ll assist.

Following February 1, we will be printing and applying the finalized address labels to packages, so changes will be difficult / impossible to apply afterwards.

Any incorrect addresses will have to pay a re-processing fee for the shipping, handling, and unit cost so please be sure we have the up to date information on file. If your address will change following Feb 1 – please get in touch with me as figure out what to do with your package.

Production Copy Unboxing and Additional Shipping Options

At PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia we had a chance to film the unboxing of the production copy of Unbroken we have received from the factory – check it out:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

As you can see on the video – we absolutely tried to do it horizontally, but Facebook live (where we live-stream these) only allows for vertical videos :).

The video shows the padded envelope in which the games will be shipped. Golden Bell had found a secondary supplier for the bubble mailers that have increased padding on the inner linings. This was always the intended packaging for Unbroken (as we worked to provide affordable shipping for the project), however some backers have raised concerns about the potential damage to the games. I wanted to address these comments.  

This packaging was used by Golden Bell in their previous project for delivering thousands of games. It resulted in a minuscule percentage of reported damage. The same packaging is frequently used by other high-profile Kickstarter campaigns (for example the Tiny Epic series). In the unlikely event that damage does occur – we won’t leave you hanging with a damaged game, so I want you to be comfortable in knowing there will be support for these cases following the fulfillment.  

We are also pleased to provide the option to upgrade your packaging for those that want to be extra safe. This is purely optional for those who want that extra peace of mind.

If you’d like your package to be shipped in a box instead of an envelope – please PayPal $3 US to by January 25, 2019. Please include “Unbroken shipping upgrade” in the note on the payment and include your full name and Kickstarter/Backerkit e-mail for us to connect the payment to your order. You will receive a confirmation once your record has been updated.  

We have also received some requests to provide options for expedited shipping. We worked to make these possible as well to meet the needs of the backers and give you more options.

For $15 (shipping to US) or $25 (anywhere else) your order can be shipped via express airmail and will arrive about a month before the estimated delivery for your region. All taxes/import fees for these packages will be pre-paid. The prices include the box upgrade to packaging. Please follow the same instructions above re: PayPal to select this shipping. These expedited shipping costs are only for orders containing 1 copy of Unbroken. If your order has other items in it (like extra copies) and you'd like to consider expedited shipping – please e-mail Marc at (use title “Unbroken shipping upgrade”) and he will provide you a custom quote.

I want to stress that these are only present as options that we were asked to provide and that the regular process in place is reliable, safe and effective.

Updated Digital Rewards and Stretch Goal Progress

  • The Print and Play updated with the new illustrations and the flavor text is all but complete - it will be available through Digital Downloads on BackerKit starting Jan 5.
  • The set of Unbroken Wallpapers that we are providing as an extra perk to backers who originally pledged for the posters are now available through Digital Downloads on BackerKit
  • The Spanish rules and Print and Play are currently in the editorial stage as the main translation has been completed. We expect these to be ready to share in the January update.
  • French version (worked on by the project collaborator Razoupaf) will be translated up by late Jan-early February and will have editorial done by one of Golden Bell’s partners in France, Shakos who designed Napoleon 1806 (a real hit on BGG). We will keep you up to date on the progress there once we’re close to publishing the files
  • German version translation is over half complete, the only thing left here is the Encounter cards and the Rulebooks.
  • Italian version sits at a space similar to German version in terms of completion. Both German and Italian we expect to have completed translations by middle of January

After the translations are finalized (including an editorial pass) – these need to be laid out graphically for a Print and Play to be created and digitally distributed through BackerKit. That process takes a couple of weeks for each translation, so please be patient as we roll these out.  

We are always listening to fan suggestions, including the translated versions. If you have something you’d like changed, clarified or addressed in a translation – we will be collecting feedback and revisiting the translations regularly to keep these as high quality as possible. The process for feedback submission will be clarified once the translations are released.

  • Strategy Guide – is progressing well and is about 60% written – I am happy to offer a preview of the draft of the document to give you an idea for how it’s going to be structured. Naturally the final version will be nicely laid out using the game visuals. I expect it to be available around the same time as the physical games deliver.

PAX Unplugged Report

I had the pleasure to talk with many Unbroken backers in Philadelphia during PAX Unplugged and ran through a bunch of demo games, showing how it worked. I am so grateful for everyone who stopped by to chat and check out Unbroken. The support, enthusiasm and encouragement I felt from folks is hard to put into words. Thank you!

Rob, myself, Marc and Rachel - hanging with the Golden Bell team at their booth
Rob, myself, Marc and Rachel - hanging with the Golden Bell team at their booth

 Unbroken on Dized

We have partnered with Dized to make learning Unbroken as easy and accessible as possible. Dized is an innovative app for iOS and Android that not only has searchable, interactive rules and FAQs for all your favorite board games, but now features Tutorials - interactive guides that teach you a game so that you can start sooner and learn the game while you play.  The app already has a few examples of these as well and since it’s free to download, we recommend you give it a go. 

Unbroken will be added to Dized in the coming months after we complete our editorial on it to make sure it is a perfect reflection of the game. 

Dized has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Tutorial tools out sooner, and better. You can learn more about the Dized project here:  

Other Golden Bell Products

One of Golden Bell’s designers has put up a new game on Kickstarter called FOUR. It’s a party style card game for the family with a unique leveling mechanic that everyone will be sure to enjoy.  

You can get your very own copy of Four in it’s last hours HERE.  

Congratulations are in order as Golden Bell's award-winning Marshfellows plush toy has reached a lofty #2 spot on Amazon's Best Selling Plush Toys list of 2018. Still time to push through to #1, so if it looks like your up of tea (or cocoa as the case may be :) ) - you can check it out on Amazon (now with free shipping). People definitely seem to love this one!

 Next Steps:

We will continue monitoring the production process closely to make sure it wraps up as soon as possible (ensuring highest quality of the resulting product) and avoiding any further delays. At the same time the arrangements to get the games to you are in full swing. Upcoming updates will provide more details on these – stay tuned!  

In the meantime – from myself and the Golden Bell Studios team – happy holidays to you and your families! Bring in the New Year with lots of good wishes! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support. Wishing you all the very best in 2019!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @Michael - I've backed a fair number of campaigns and I've never had a single one talk about what their shipping packages were going to be ahead of time. I just get a shipping notification when it's time and see what kind of package was used once it arrives at my house. Also, it's not shipping from China in a padded envelope. There's a freight shipment from China to a US distribution hub and from there it goes to your location.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I must say I agree with the others on the topic about the protection during shipping.
      I can accept the fact that something went wrong with the chinese company that had the task to print the items (altough there are so many creators on Kickstarter that are having similar problems, meaning I'm starting to think they aren't exactly the best one to deal with for business (even if they cost less), or it's just another excuse to cover something else... but I can't possibily know what it is, so I'll get along with that).
      The fact that only a simple protection like that will be used to prepare an Intercontinenal shipping from China (which is NOT famous for handling packages well, since they are forced to do the job quickly to cut off the costs), ALSO considered the fact that 1- It wasn't advertised into the campaign, which is a very serious lack of attention 2- The shipment took a considerable delay (because it isn't, tecnically, 1.5 months, the estimated date on the campaign tells me FAR different story (and the fact that this is "How kickstarters campaigns works" doesn't justify this in the slightest)... well, it's not disappointing, it's almost like a "Out of season april fool's joke", like Internet loved to say.
      I seriously respected you for allowing us to test the campaign beforehand on TTS (which is something very unusual), but after this, no.
      The only thing I can hope now is to receive my item in timee, but this is sure helps me thinking again about backing campaigns on Kickstarters instead of just wait and buy my stuff on second-hand shops (like I did with Gloomhaven).

    3. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Qumad no, the large and medium sheets will not have rounded corners.

    4. Michel Godbout on

      I'll take my game in a poorly printed box please. Mail it now! LOL :-)

    5. Qumad

      No rounded corners on the big cards? :/

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I just recently received a game from Kickstarter that’s almost twice the size of Unbroken. It came in a padded envelope and came in perfect condition. I think people should calm down unless they actually receive a damaged product.

    7. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Jesús - I sent you instructions on how to access your survey to check the address via KS message.

      @Benoît - In my experience the padded envelope is sufficient packaging for a game of Unbroken's size/weight, so I disagree with your "just for show" assessment. We do intend to provide the packaging choice more clearly in the future. Your disappointment has been noted and we will miss your support on future campaigns.

    8. Missing avatar

      Benoît V on

      If I clearly understand what is said here, Altema Games intends to deliver the games with basically just a stamp on it ? At this point, padded enveloppe are just for show. After the "additional copy for +$25CAD" not available during the backerkit and the 1 $CAD / 1 $US conversion, there is almost no chance I will support another Altema campaign...

      I will not pay any additional fees as a proper protection is obviously to take into account when asking for shipping cost. Would you have asked $7 at the time or even $10, I would have gladly paid it. Now, I just perceive all this at best as a bad joke.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesús Javier Botella Moreno on

      Hello, how much we want the game to arrive!
      There is something that worries us; we do not remember if we entered the correct shipping address; where can we find it?
      Thank you!

    10. Kev-La on

      Thank you for your honesty. I'll repay you with my patience :)

    11. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Kirkstarter Thanks for your understanding.

      The Dized feature is entirely optional and definitely should not raise concerns. It's an extra platform where you will be able to access the rules in a searchable, categorized, linked-up way for free (regardless of performance of their KS). My understanding is that it's the interactive tutorials that will require subscription and even that is just another option for folks to learn the game that is presented in addition to other ways of learning (like the how to play video).

      Happy New Year!

    12. Kirkstarter

      Thanks for the update and sorry to hear it will be longer to receive our games. But I am sure it will be well worth the wait!

      I will add my concern about Dized as well. The app and web site both suffer from lack of content and the fact that there is no telling if the game you want to learn will be free or require "credits" is unknown meaning one could get stuck with having to pay every time a new game pops up. I don't own any of the games currently available so it holds no value for me. If Unbroken does show up there I hope it is free and not an additional cost. And I agree that with the freedom of BGG, having a pay site for rules and tutorials is a kiss of death. I certainly won't be throwing money at their kickstarter.

    13. Apocalypse Nerd on

      Yes it does, thanks Artem.

    14. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      Yes, it means that your package bypasses the ocean freight and gets shipped directly to you from China. The $15 is in US and in addition to the amount you have already paid. Hope this helps.

    15. Apocalypse Nerd on

      Some clarification questions about the express airmail option. So does it mean that when production is done it will be packaged up and and mailed from China right to my address? Avoiding the long boat journey and sorting and mailing from your warehouse? Is the $15 in USD or CAD? And this is on top of the shipping already paid?

      Just wanted to be absolutely clear in my understanding.

    16. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @David thanks for your vote of confidence, David - always great to hear from you. I would love to hear some ideas you have for the "RPG in a box" format for Unbroken - please share these via direct message and we can figure something out. Even if work in earnest on something like that won't start in the immediate future - I'm interested in hearing your ideas.

      @Larson - agreed, it will be interesting to find out whether particular regions are more prone to damage - something we'll be monitoring. this will allow for more informed packaging planning for future projects.

      @Feliberto - thank you for your patience.

    17. Missing avatar

      Feliberto Alvarez on

      I will continue to wait.

    18. Larson McCade

      Cool to hear the various experiences with these mailers. I’m part of a group order on Tiny Epic Mechs, so that will likely come in a box anyway due to the large numbers.

      Creators are obviously going to have far more experience and data than any individual backer so you have to trust the numbers... I am curious whether particular regions are more prone to damage than others though.

    19. David Martin on

      Sounds fantastic! I very much look forward to having this excellent game in my collection. March isn't that far away and even if the unexpected happens delaying the game further, well, that's the nature of crowdfunding a project in general. It certainly means the world to me that both Golden Bell, Artem and his wonderful team/company would rather delay the product to ensure quality control and making the game the absolute gem we backers know it is!

      I sincerely trust it will be worth the wait. I'm super proud that I helped bring it to life and mighty curious about what the future expansion will bring to the table and what "advanced access" exactly is. Sounds awesome either way!

      @Artem and Golden Bell- You guys are doing a fantastic job with everything thus far! I wanted to offer something to you guys if you are interested. I'm not a "master 'GM or DM' as far as RPGs go, but I do have around four years experience with running role-playing games on a few systems. While this wonderful game, Unbroken, is "technically" a board game, the atmosphere and tension that this produces, in my humble opinion makes it worthy of being considered an "RPG in a box for 1 player". There certainly aren't many games in this day and age that have that kind of status. In fact in my collection (hundreds) in tabletop games, only two more come to mind. Those are Barbarian Prince and Too Many Bones (playing solo).

      What I'd like to offer you guys are simply ideas that you may not be pursuing yet for your expansion. This would be free of charge also. I would just sincerely like to bounce some ideas I have for this game off you guys and perhaps you could use none, some or all of them if you would like. I truly love Unbroken this much and would be honored just at the opportunity to share a few ideas with you guys. What do you guys think? I won't be heartbroken if you guys aren't interested in this, but I've learned in my short 35 years of life that it never hurts to ask questions. :) Either way, I'm a huge fan of Artem's work to date and Unbroken is one fantastic solo experience! It does what it aims to do in spades and never lets go! Thanks for your time guys!

    20. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Majik we will resolve the damage reports on an individual basis when the fulfillment starts. Our goal will be to ensure everyone is happy with the product they have received. I don’t think your points are unfair, thanks for raising them. Respecting opinions such as yours is precisely why we offered the box upgrade option.

      @Luigi In-store distribution or online sales will not start until the KS fulfillment is finished, so your neighbor is out of luck with his eBay purchase ahead of you getting your copy. The replacement of damaged copies will not incur additional costs to backers.

      @JKP Thank you! Orders of two games or more will come in boxes.

      @Charlie I am glad you find the update helpful. A lot of energy and time goes into making these informative and helpful. It is encouraging that my attitude towards this campaign comes through the way you describe. We will be monitoring the Brexit situation as it develops and will adjust our fulfillment planning as necessary based on where things stand.

      @Gavin same experience with Tiny Epic games. I had even larger boxes (Herbaceous/Sunset over Water from Pencil First) come in these with no damage whatsoever.

      @Russonc thank you! It’s important for us to keep backers informed and I’m glad to hear the updates are helpful.

      @Michael you are most welcome. Thanks for your positivity and I am confident we’ll come in significantly ahead of your generous timeline :)

      @Edward I am sorry to hear about your experience with bubblewrap envelopes. If your game arrives with significant damage it will be replaced. Thank you for the kind words about the game itself – if you want the extra peace of mind – the box upgrade option is described in the update and may be the right fit for you.

    21. NoBeard the Pirate on

      @edward, relax bro, let it come damaged before you hit the panic button

    22. Edward Petersen

      In response to the video, I really hope that mailer is *not* how backers will receive their packages. That thin layer of bubble wrap inside a manila envelope isn't good enough. Every game I've ever received in something like that had to be replaced. They come dirty and ripped and the game inside comes dented, scarred, and sometimes with water damage. Pack it in a box and show it the respect a game that took a years to design, play test, and produce deserves.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Soup on

      As long as I get the game less than 2 years after backing it will be my shortest wait time yet! Thanks for taking the time to do it right, @Artem and @Golden Bell!

    24. Russonc

      Great update. (And I've also had TE games shipped this way without issue)

    25. Gavin Robinson

      Maybe I'm special, but I've had 4 Tiny Epic game boxes shipped to me so far in 'padded envelopes' and none of them were damaged. Should I complain?

    26. Charlie

      Thank you so much for the detailed update. I personally have no issue with the've said that anything that arrives damaged will be replaced and that's more than good enough for me. Anyone who has followed this campaign and read all the updates should see how committed you all are to the project and I have every confidence that you'll do everything in your power to make sure every backer is happy.

      As a UK backer, I don't mind that we're being shipped last, but our leaving the EU so close to fulfillment does concern me. Is there no chance that UK fulfillment could be brought forwards by a couple of weeks please?

    27. JKP

      Looks amazing! Can't wait. I agree that many box corners will not survive shipping in a crisp fashion. We'll see I guess. If someone ordered two copies will those also go in envelope?

    28. Missing avatar


      This way my neighbor will be able to buy a brand new copy from ebay before i can get mine. Not really happy with that. Also you said that damaged copies will be replaced but in how many days? And what about the damaged copy? Do we have to send it back at our cost? Please clarify, thank you,

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      @ArtemSavarof yes I saw that reply. I’m just saying it’s not a fair policy regardless of how many backers are from a certain region.

      There’s an opportunity to fulfil at the same time but that’s no happening.

    30. Majik

      *quality service

    31. Majik

      "any games that arrive significantly damaged will be replaced"

      I wonder what is classed as "significant damaged". because a crushed corner is enough for me to say, not good enough, fix your shipping. I'm paying for a brand new item, not crushed second-hand version. I think the choice of a "postal bag" is poorly thought through. I will upgrade my shipping but I expect my game to be immaculate.

      I'm not meaning to sound like a dick here but paying for a product has quality serves standards worldwide. I'm really excited for the game and hope the best for everyone receiving their copy without issues or damage.

    32. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Apocalypse Nerd Thank you for your input. As you rightly note - it's all about the risk assessment. We know from the past experience that vast majority of the packages arrive in great shape. Accidental damage is possible even when shipped in boxes, so some replacements are always necessary. We will not leave people hanging with a significantly damaged game / box.

    33. Apocalypse Nerd on

      I also need to chime in on the envelope shipping situation. I’ve had other KS games shipped in padded envelopes before and to no ones surprise the game boxes where damaged to the level of needing replacement. So the creators incurred the additional costs of new boxes and their shipping. Which I can’t image was cheaper then if they would have just shipped in a box in the first place.

      So my cautionary tale is to make sure you do a detailed risk assessment on the amount of potential replacements from sparse packaging. It may cost you more then if you used a boxes in the first place.

    34. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Blayne thanks very much for your support!

      @Daniel, @David Curie, @Onyx and @Larson any games that arrive significantly damaged will be replaced.

      @ExcalibursZone - we will outline the process for reporting damaged games in an update once fulfillment starts. I agree that it would have been better to integrate the shipping upgrade into the BackerKit when it first went out, but we did what we could to accommodate the backers at this point.

      @Steven - I believe the app is out already for Dized - I suggest you give it a shot if you'd like to make up your own mind.

      @Bernardo - you are being entirely reasonable. If the game arrives with significant damage - it will be replaced.

      @Guillaume - yes, the estimates take into account the Chinese New Year. You cannot switch to a French version because all physical copies produced as part of this campaign are in English - additional languages will only be available for rules and Print and Play files. (We are exploring ways to make physical games available in other languages in the future).

      @Brickson I agree. Vertical videos make me bristle. You can see we started filming it horizontally and then realized it has to be vertical :/

      @Mike - We are not delaying fulfillment to a specific region, but rather expediting it where possible once the games are done. You can review responses provided by myself and Golden Bell earlier in the comments for details of this.

    35. Peter Hofland on

      Wishing you and the team all the best for 2019 and years of 'unbroken' to come.

      For EU will there be a distribution centre on EU mainland to deliver the backers? I assume you are aware of Brexit looming end March (fingers crossed it will not happen on that day) which could seriously disrupt shipping (to and) from UK for months to come.

    36. Missing avatar

      Blayne on

      Thank you for the update! I greatly appreciate the transparency and your commitment to delivering a quality product!

    37. Daniel

      If you send this game to me in an envelope and it arrives damaged I'll be expecting a replacement.


    38. ExcalibursZone

      Thanks for the update. What is the procedure or website we have to go to if our reward arrives damaged. Making the option available after the post-campaign survey was not cool.

    39. Steven Crane

      Is Dized even a thing? It's hardly anywhere near funded and personally I don't feel like paying a third party to help me learn the rules of a board game, that should come with the rules themselves. That looks to be something that dies out with a whimper if I'm honmest

    40. Bernardo A. Gonzalez on

      Just re-read your comment. :) i'm still hung up after xmass, all understood.

    41. Bernardo A. Gonzalez on

      Hi guys, all good, "this things do happen..." (voice over Phantom of the Opera).

      However, I'm a little bit concerned about the packaging. You mentioned that the game will come in a bag, instead than in a box. All fine with me. The problem might be if the game is damaged/banged in route. If it does, then were do we stand? I don't want to sound unfair, but ultimately it is you guys responsibility that the game gets to its destination safe and, i might say, unbroken :). So..., again not trying to be aggressive here, can you clarify this aspect of the shipment, specifically around our vs your responsibility. What says you?

    42. Guillaume Deligne

      Just to be sure... Did you take into account Chinese New Year celebration for your delay calculation ? It looks like that it can hit badly the delay for everyone else than North America.

      Additionnaly. Can I switch to French version ?

    43. Larson McCade

      Firstly I’m a *huge* fan of your transparency with everything that’s going on. Thanks!

      Personally I think you guys are nuts to send these via those envelopes with internal bubble wrapping. I guess you‘ve got the runs on the board here - I’ve not been a past backer of the Tiny Epic games. Based on my past experience with our postal service in Australia, this sort of packaging isn’t great for anything where I actually care about the condition of the box within. I’m convinced Australia Post must employ some genetically engineered combination of aspiring Australian Rules Football players and large Australian marsupials of the hopping variety.

      There’s a reason why you sent your copy to PAX Unplugged with extra bubble wrapping and within an external box, right? :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Brickson on

      Allowing only vertical video might the most evil thing Facebook has done yet.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      Shame about the production issues but I will never for the life of me understand why Europe gets despatched after north America when there’s an opportunity to fulfil the 2 regions at the same time instead of making one territory wait even longer.

      It’s utter sour grapes on my part but there you go.

      Happy new year everyone.

    46. Onyx

      I agree with David: I am in Australia and have leaped on the upgrade to the box option. Several weeks in a rolling ship, and a wild lap of Australia invariably leaves a dent in every box - and in my excitement...

      Thanks for the upgrade option.
      I’m really looking forward to being broken, playing Unbroken, in an unbroken box!!

    47. Missing avatar

      David Curie on

      If you are sending in an envelop please send me an extra copy for free!
      Being in Australia I can guarantee there will be damage.

    48. Majik

      I like the upgraded shipping and will do so as boxes will help keep the game safer and I'm impatient so I want the game asap hahah.
      Thank you for the update and glad to hear things are on track.

    49. Artem Safarov 2-time creator on

      @Brian we'll have a full tutorial on Dized eventually.