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15mm /1:100th British and VDV Winter uniform Cold war Forces in metal and resin
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Phillips on

      I think ur on the right track with the Spetsnaz. I can't see them greatly changing from the normal gear with just a few minor modifications for the cold. Like the more sinister look better though. Thanks!!

    2. Keith Armstrong 2-time creator on

      and Thanks Lee

      got lots of SAS ones from that search to :)

    3. Keith Armstrong 2-time creator on

      Thanks Henning...I like that third one in the snow trousers

    4. Henning Lundvall Lundheim on

      Sinister spetnaz all the way!

    5. James Clark on

      As to preferences for the Spetnaz - deffo 'SCARY'. Then they can double as awesome post-apoc guys too...

    6. Keith Armstrong 2-time creator on

      I think I have a good image now :)

    7. Lee Sweeney on

      Spetsnaz 1/35 model

      On images got a host of the covers on the 1/35th models by Dragon an so on, they might help.
      Straight up pics are a bit hard to find.

      Jane's may have some as well.


    8. Missing avatar

      Phil Venables on

      Hi, the only photo I have is a black and white one. But it shows them wearing an all in one white snow suit. Will try to scan it tomorrow if you want