15mm Cold War British and VDV Infantry and Armour Forces

by Keith Armstrong

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert B on

      "people can have their items as and when they area ready"
      I like this one

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Ratcliffe on

      Ooh, a Saracen would be really nice to go with the Fox for the TA recce regiments.

    3. Missing avatar

      philip297 on

      The full CVRT family would be amazing, spartan, sampson, samaritan, sultan, and striker. More fv432 varients like the fv434 or the fv432 with fox turret. A bedford MK truck, land rover 101, and a 105mm light gun would be nice.

    4. PAUL FARROW on

      Sounds fine Keith

    5. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Keith, I'm up for more being added with a disclaimer, for me 6 weeks extra wait time is fine

    6. Missing avatar

      Guges on

      As long as my Challengers aren't delayed, the more stuff you can release, the better. Getting tempted by Chieftains too. Good matchup for my 15mm T62s.

    7. Paul Hammond on

      Spot on Keith, seems very sensible to me. Gazelle, Lynx and possibly the Harrier, You have really blown my skirt up!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Phil Venables on

      A wait of a few weeks for a Saxon, and rest of stuff, is not a problem.

    9. QURUBUTI on

      Gazelle and Harrier will be a nice and useful addition. For the rest don't overload yourself with to much stuff to do or you'll run behind schedule for the rest of year...

    10. Bruce Scott on

      Given I'm not in the UK, I favour the "if you only order from this list shipping will be straight away, but if you order anything from these extras, the whole order will be delayed 8 weeks" option. (I made it 8, so if you hit 6 weeks you've over delivered).

    11. Missing avatar

      Graham Healey on

      Go with the delayed shipping, it will be easier on the wallet.