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BEACON by LumaGlo -- The world's smartest safety lights.'s video poster

Bluetooth, wearable, smart, LED belt--the ultimate safety device for runners and cyclists and includes accelerometer-based brake light. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 4, 2014.

Bluetooth, wearable, smart, LED belt--the ultimate safety device for runners and cyclists and includes accelerometer-based brake light.

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Every 2 minutes--a pedestrian or cyclist is killed. The main cause: Lack of visibility. 

Pedestrians and cyclists often use reflective clothing, headlights, or rear facing taillights. Most cannot be seen from angles, they are dull, dim and are easily overpowered by street lamps and headlights. 

We KNEW we could do more. So we created a SOLUTION. 


BEACON by LumaGlo: 

What is the LumaGlo Beacon:

Smart, wearable LED's that provide intense visibility to those that want to be seen, including pedestrians, cyclists & motorcyclists. But wait....there's more! We integrated groundbreaking technology into these lights--resulting in the world's first Bluetooth controlled wearable safety system that gives the user full freedom of expression while saving lives. The Bluetooth control connects the belt to the one thing we can't leave home without--our phones! 


Wearable 'smart' Technology

The Beacon is the first product developed that combines safety with wearable technology. Here are some of the groundbreaking smart features: 

  • Accelerometer-based brake light: for cyclists, motorcyclists and mopeds. 
  • Visual notifications: your lights will flash or change colors when a text, email, phone call, or any other notification comes in. 
  • Set timers: to notify you when time is up. Great for running on a time limit. 
  • 16 million colors:  In fact, every single LED has millions of color options. 
  • Patterns: Every single LED is individually addressable, allowing you the ability to choose dynamic patterns and color combinations. 
  • Micro USB rechargeable battery: So simple, just charge it and go. 
  • Plus whatever innovations come along in smartphones! All we have to do is update the custom app and you receive all the latest updates and it won't cost you a thing! Brilliant! 

Now, let's talk about these features in more detail: 


WEARABLE BRAKE LIGHT: using a built-in accelerometer. 

Yes. You read that right. The BEACON is the first wearable brake light ever invented for cyclists, motorcyclists and mopeds. Here's how it works: 

The built in accelerometer can sense a change in speed. As you slow down, the lights begin to flash RED to alert vehicles around you that you are coming to a STOP. This intense pattern grabs the attention from everyone around you--saving lives. As you increase speed again, the lights will revert back to the previous pattern.  

*motorcyclists check with your state traffic laws regarding use of LED's on roadways. 






True. Millions. This is the ultimate device for self expression! 

The custom Android & iOS app allows you to choose up to 16 MILLION colors for each LED node. Set the color to match your mood!


Choose a pattern that gets attention for your situation.

Every single LED node is individually controllable. Yes. Every single one. 

This allows you to choose animated and dynamic patterns and color combinations. 


Why would I use endless colors and patterns? 

Great question. While we don't think anyone will use all 16 million colors (I wonder how that long would take?). It's incredibly awesome that you have the ability to choose every color under the sun! This really is the ultimate device for self expression. 

But more importantly, you can use your full controllability and customization to increase safety. Here are some examples: 

  • Flashing red pattern in an emergency situation
  • Brighter, flashier patterns in city rush hour traffic. White and red lights are easily overpowered by street lights. Use Blue and yellow to really stand out! 
  • Maybe you're on a run in a rural area. A solid color may be all you need. 
  • Crossing a busy street? Try the orbit pattern. It's animated and will draw attention. 
  • Sending your kids to school? You probably don't want to take any chances. Try a multi-colored chase patterns. It's bright, colorful and animated.
And millions of other ways to grab attention. 

Other uses:

We've been contacted by police departments across the country that are interested in outfitting their deputies with the BEACON. They have searched, tested, and searched more for wearable LED's that could be easily slipped on-but have yet to find something that isn't cumbersome, is bright, lightweight, efficient and effective. Until NOW! They will soon be testing the BEACON on deputies! 

WHY the Beacon?

More than half of all road deaths are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. These statistics are alarming. Even more alarming is that most of these accidents occur due to lack of visibility. In fact, the most dangerous time to be on the road is between 4:00-8:00 pm--dusk and dark. 

We designed the BEACON to save lives. It provides intense visibility from every angle. We've designed it to illuminate the person and not the bike, this sets the lights up higher making them more visible. The ability to choose colors and change patters allows the user to choose a pattern or color that will stand out in a crowd and not be overpowered by street lamps or vehicle headlights. 

How is BEACON different than other LED belts? 

We've spent 1.5 years perfecting the design to create a device that saves lives while offering useful and meaningful features. See for yourself! 



Every belt contains a compact  micro USB rechargeable battery. 

How long will the battery last before it needs charged? The short answer to this is between 2-10 hours. Different colors and patterns consume different amounts of power. For example, solid colors require more power and flashing patterns require less. Also, full white consumes the most power, whereas colors consume less. 

Maybe you need it to be more intense so it can be seen broad during daylight, but in the dark you can reduce the brightness down to as low as 10% to conserve power yet still be seen. Want to be more visible? Crank it up to 100% and you'll stop traffic! 

Charging is simple and fast! Just plug in the micro USB and let it do its magic! 


Every belt is adjustable. In the photo above, the adjustable section is pure black and does not contain LED's. It is tucked behind the belt for photo purposes only. **note: on average, 2/3 of each belt is lit, the remaining 1/3 allows for adjustability so that every person gets the perfect fit!

Currently we are offering the following sizing options. No need to make your selection now though. After the campaign is funded you will receive a survey in which you will choose your size: 

  • Dog collar: Choose from 2 sizes: fits necks 20-28" (approx 1/2 lit)
  • Child sizes: Choose from 2 sizes: fits waists 20-28" (approx 1/2 lit)
  • Adult sizes: Choose from 3 sizes: fits waists 28-40" (approx 2/3 lit)
  • Sash style: Adjustable from 50-60" (approx 2/3 lit)

Why not a 'One size fits all?'

To uphold the robust durability of the belt, the 'adjustable section' does not contain LED's (the frequent bends would cause it to wear out prematurely). If we did a one-size-fits-all it would greatly increase the the size of adjustability section--consequently reducing the lit section.  We want our backers to have the most visibility possible and the only way to do this is to offer multiple sizes.


About us:

One of the greatest quotes we've heard was by Tony Gaskin: "If you don't build your own dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs." 

We began building our dreams by developing smart LED products with integrated Bluetooth controls. Our first product was called 'Freedom Lighting' and was in more of an accent lighting form factor. Although we were passionate about that product, individually we all became more aware of the market need for safety. News broadcasts were filled with stories of tragic accidents and the local paper repeatedly reported horrific accidents. We live in the cycling capital of the world, Portland, and began noticing that there wasn't anything available for cyclists or pedestrians that offered a true solution to becoming visible. As our kids began walking to and from school, it became clear that we needed to do something. We began exploring ways of using our LED system to save lives. 

Here is the team that made it happen: 


We're a passionate team of engineers, developers and inventors that have come together to make a dream become a reality. The 4 of us have worn all the hats at different times throughout our journey of making LumaGlo become a reality. Collectively, we all bring different skills to the table and all bring different ideas. 

Russ Lathrop, Co-Founder, Video & Media. Russ is a Sports Television Broadcast Director and Editor. A regular on NBA, MLS and College Basketball crews, his career has taken him to almost every major North American city as well as countless small towns and back roads. Working multiple World Cups and Olympics has given him the opportunity to travel the globe. Running, soccer, photography, music and reading are just a few of his passions. Russ enjoys the busy adventure of travel just as much as a relaxing with a cup of coffee on the front porch with his dog. At LumaGlo, Russ is responsible for conceptualizing, capturing and editing the videos and media to share with the world. He brings ideas, visions and passion to all things LumaGlo.

Jill Saucedo, Co-Founder, Business Development. Jill is a Business Development Leader with extensive experience in all organizational levels creating, promoting, and delivering solutions designed to support the organization’s business plan, both in the private and not-for-profit sectors. Volunteering in schools and other organizations with a mission to support children is her passion, along with sitting on the sidelines with her husband, watching their kids play sports. At LumaGlo, Jill is responsible for strategic planning and implementation, establishing business relationships and partnerships, and managing day-to-day activities. 

Randy Lathrop, Co-Founder, Software Engineer. Randy has been a firmware developer for over 20 years, creating the “hidden” software that powers the world of devices that contain small microprocessors. He has worked on products ranging from traffic signal control, projectors, digital video processors, DSL modems, audio amplifiers and large touch screen displays. At LumaGlo, his passion is bringing the vibrancy of moving colors via Bluetooth control to the compelling experience that is the wearable LED strip. He also is responsible for developing our custom smart phone iOS and Android apps. 

Ward Ramsdell, Cofounder,Electrical Engineer.  Ward is an electrical engineer with 15 years' experience and a number of successful consumer product designs under his belt. Ward brings to the team his experience from consulting on product development with technology companies throughout the country, both large and small, on projects ranging from GPS receivers to wireless speakers and industrial payment systems. At LumaGlo, Ward is responsible for the electrical design.

Our Development Process:

In November 2013, we launched our first kickstarter campaign--Freedom Lighting--which was a modular, wall or battery powered, Bluetooth controlled, LED strip. We gained valuable insight into which traits of the product concept were popular--a "wearable" LED strip.  

Next we consulted with a wide variety of people: runners, cyclist, business mentors, designers and anyone else interested, for their feedback on what would make for a compelling product. The consensus was to use "Dual Mode" Bluetooth for control and a relatively large battery to provide a long duration of visibility. Dual mode Bluetooth support offers compatibility will virtually ALL smart phones and a battery capacity of over 1000 mAh would power the LED strip for over 2 hours. Having these two primary design goals clarified, we began designing form factor and the LED strip controller.  



As for the project aesthetic, we determined a belt form factor would provide the best means to house the LED strip and we determined that a strong fabric belt with a large buckle would provide robust protection, but would remain light enough to not burden the user. We experimented with various colors and form factors, ultimately settling on black with a white sleeve for the LED strip so as not to reduce the light output.  

Finally, we needed to design the controller. We opted to place the battery inside the controller enclosure to tightly integrate the microprocessor and power supply and reduce the form factor. This also means the only exposed connector is a micro USB for charging the battery. The final result is a sleek, lightweight design.


'under the hood' final prototype design. The compact battery is housed in the same small casing as the Bluetooth controller board, resulting in a sexy, sleek design.
'under the hood' final prototype design. The compact battery is housed in the same small casing as the Bluetooth controller board, resulting in a sexy, sleek design.

Production Timeline: 

Current Functionality of app control: 


Risks and challenges

We spent 18 months designing and developing this product and have strategically planned each manufacturing phase of the LumaGlo BEACON. We are confident we have the infrastructure in place and can fully execute. However, as with all new product inventions of this scale, there are inherent risks and challenges involved. This is primarily because we rely heavily on outside sources to execute their plans as efficiently as we expect. We have 20+ years developing hi-tech consumer products for our employers--this brings us confidence in our abilities to solve problems, move beyond setbacks and build alternate plans in our infrastructure to keep things moving forward with integrity.

With that being said, we are excited to share this journey with you and look forward to SAVING LIVES!

-Jill, Randy, Russ & Ward

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  • Great question. It was important for us to set the smallest funding goal possible. However, to ship internationally there are additional safety test requirements needed before shipments can be made--thus driving up our funding goal. As you know, the higher the funding goal, the higher the risk that the campaign won't be funded. We just couldn't take this risk right out of the gate. However, due to the overwhelming interest we've received from other countries, we are considering announcing a stretch goal of $30k and opening up international shipping! Stay tuned!!

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