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NEEO is a smart home automation system. It’s the simplest way to connect and control all the devices in your home.
NEEO is a smart home automation system. It’s the simplest way to connect and control all the devices in your home.
NEEO is a smart home automation system. It’s the simplest way to connect and control all the devices in your home.
6,081 backers pledged $1,558,280 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Niels de Klerk 3 days ago

      @Dwayne maybe you could have better asked for support first before destroying your stuff. I had looked but didn’t find any comments from you on planet NEEO. And the issue you’re descending isn’t one I’m familiar with.

      I hope you have recorded your destructive actions. My son wasn’t able to so I’m assuming you used quite some force to do destroy and I believe it’s a lot of fun to watch.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Mckoy 5 days ago

      A Black Cat Dies. And it felt oh so goooooood!!!!!!

      After months of mediocre performance and trying to convince myself that switching through cellphone apps wasn't faster than using the remote. I finally caved in and smashed this beautiful remote into a million pieces. I can't believe how good it felt to do that.

      For the people that have super complicated set-ups, maybe this device works better for you or will work in the future. After backing this project I actually downsized my gadgets and actually went to a more low tech approach. A lot can happen in two years you know. I literally only needed this remote to turn on my TV and operate my Roku. It couldn't do that without having to restart the Neeo every other day.

      The hardware is beautiful and it may be capable of wonderful things in the future via software. But I can control my lights and my TV faster and easier than with cellphone apps. Plain and simple. Waking up in the morning and not being able to turn on a TV with a REMOTE pushed me over the edge.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Long 6 days ago

      Planet NEEO is currently down for those of you needing to contact NEEO - suggest emailing them instead

    4. Raphael on January 3

      Once again...
      Please contact or planet.neeo if you have any problems.
      The commentssection on Kickstarter is not the right place.

    5. Adrian Joss on January 3

      Is anyone getting any replies from NEEO Inc team?

    6. Andrei Tintu on January 2

      Still nothing....this is why i stoped backing kickstarter.....hate these charlatans...

      @kickstarter #kickstarter ... same on you that you allow these low-lifes ... do this.

    7. Tom Powell on December 27

      Still waiting for mine

    8. Marc Strassner on December 25

      Oder habt ihr bereits aufgegeben der klasse Hardware ein vernünftiges Leben einzuhauchen?

    9. Marc Strassner on December 25

      @ Thomas: Haargenau so denke ich auch. Wie könnt ihr monatelang eine solch schlechte Software draußen lassen ohne Updates im Tagesrhythmus?

    10. Missing avatar

      ThomasHediger on December 25

      Habe meine Fernbedienung vor 6 Wochen bekommen und habe versucht sie in Betrieb zu nehmen. Nach 5 Stunden frustriet in die Ecke gestellt. Heute nach 6 Wochen nochmals probiert. Gleiches Resultat.
      Total bedienerunfreundlich und nur zu gebrauchen wenn man Technikfreak ist und bereit ist Stunden zu investieren.
      Design ist der Hammber aber was nützt das....
      Lege es jetzt wieder weg. Evt. kriegen sie die Software irgendwann in den Griff.

    11. Kirpa Singh Gulati
      on December 23

      Hello there, I got a mail with a tracking link and following the link shows me the Deutsche post site which says my item was delivered on Dec. 7th, but I have not received anything. Can you please quickly and urgently look into this?? Most of the stuff from KS at even a $100 level requires payment of Customs duty to get the shipment processed and delivered to me, but in this case there was no one that contacted me/anyone at my residence for any customs duty payment either, so there definitely seems to be something way off on that status update. Kindly check asap, thanks & regds

    12. Owen Xie
      on December 22

      Where is the IR learning function? isn’t this the basic function that a universal remoter shall have? Without this, yr product feels totally useless to me. I know the SDK has been released, but I have no time and mood to play with it. If the device is only for geeks, u shall make it clear in the project description. Now I can only control my Sony TV with the remoter, as the rests are not supported in yr database, and who knows when they will be supported eventually (to the end of the world maybe?) All these make me think that I have the right to return the product and ask for a refund!

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Mallette on December 18

      Still waiting, Ontario Canada.

    14. Xavier Montalvo on December 17

      Still waiting. Haven’t received my black cat version. :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Arnaud on December 14

      still havent received mine in Paris, France

    16. Altan on December 9

      Finally found time to set it up last night and even though things can still be improved on the software side, I am certainly glad that I did not take the refund option when it was on offer. I’m sufficiently happy with it so far and confident that with the amount of commitment from the NEEO team, it will get even better. Top of my wish list would be Nest integration by the way. Time has come for me to head to Planet Neeo I think.

    17. Missing avatar

      Takumi Okatsu on December 6


    18. Abdul Qabiz on December 5

      As soon as I posted the message, I had postman at my door :-)

      What's HSN code for this product? I think, I am being charged too much custom duty and taxes, and I need exact HSN code to calculate before I take the delivery.

      Thank you

    19. Abdul Qabiz on December 5

      I am still waiting for mine.

    20. Frederic Detienne on December 5

      I got my black cat. As others have pointed out, packaging is gorgeous, hardware looks very very nice.

      Just two nits on the hardware:
      - the power cable (USB) are too long and too rigid though. Since they are not micro USB, I’ll have to hunt for shorter cables.
      - the white LED is too bright

      This is truly minor.

      From a software standpoint, I feel disappointed:
      - The logic is rigid
      - lots of stuff over infrared (I hate infrared)
      - Hue stuff (colors, scenes,...) is lagging

      I understand things are on their way but 2.5 years was a long time to work out all this.

      All in all, it is a nice alternative to Logitech

    21. Nob Wasa on December 4

      日本郵便に問い合わせたところ、まだ通関が終わっていないので情報がないとのことでした。その上でPascalにも問い合わせてみたところ、以前PascalがDeutche Postに問い合わせたときに、税関で "何か" が起きているかもしれない、輸出上の問題なのか輸入上の問題なのかはわからない、と言われたようです。

    22. Missing avatar

      Ben Crosby on December 4

      Hi guys, thanks. This is incredible quality hardware. Looking forward to what's ahead. Well done.

    23. Aundrey Lucas on December 2

      Thank you for my neeo it’s the best and I’m look for to more connectivity to voice devices. Neeo is amazing!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Takumi Okatsu on December 1


    25. Raphael on December 1

      @mark gray
      Instead of posting here about not supported devices, it would be better for you and the community to post all the missing devices on planet neeo.
      They usually ad the codes needed in just a few days and can help with allmost every problem. Try it, the support is just amazing.

    26. Mark Gray
      on December 1

      Got mine in UK. I agree with everyone else that the packaging and hardware is of excellent quality. I also agree with most that the software isn't. The first thing I tried - my main TV - which I asked about nearly three years ago - only works for watching analogue TV (which was switched off several years ago). My HDMI switch box, which I asked about at the same time, isn't supported at all. Cable box is missing most of the important controls. Nest thermostat, not supported, bedroom TV, not supported, and so on. NEEO saw fit to refer to most of these devices as stupid. I wonder who looks the stupid one now? Karma.

    27. taku hatto on December 1

      おそらく私のも17日発でneeoからのトラッキングメールが来たのが22日でこの日にはもうすでに日本の税関に着いた内容を示す状態でした。日本のキックスターターで注文してるユーザーは108人なので同時に発送が始まったと思います。あまりにも遅いですね、PLANET neeoでラファエルに確認してみるといいと思いますよ!もしくはNEEOのサポートメールを送ってみてはどうですか。

    28. Missing avatar

      Takumi Okatsu on December 1


    29. taku hatto on December 1


    30. Missing avatar

      Takumi Okatsu on November 30


    31. Missing avatar

      Yoann G on November 30

      Any idea when you're sending to France?

    32. Missing avatar

      duncan woodhouse on November 30

      Anybody in New Zealand get there’s yet?

    33. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on November 28

      Got mine in Sydney yesterday. Haven't had a chance to test it yet - thinking I will need a bunch of time and patience.

    34. Andrew Woods on November 28

      Still waiting here in Sydney (patiently) - but I feel it's getting close.

    35. Gerardo on November 27

      Finally got mine in AU after the long (very long) waiting. First impressions:

      - looks gorgeous, nice packaging, nice cables
      - bloody buttons not all work the same (I believe these are the reason we waited so long?)
      - screen maybe was sublime 2.5 years ago, today looks quite average ie like any other old smart phone one
      - software can be highly improved, slow and buggy
      - haven’t been able to control a single thing, my hisense tv doesn’t work, couldn’t figure how to make my bose to work without having to explicitly select it (back and fw from menus), sonos crashed and little functionality here
      - overall I think this can be HIGHLY improved, I’m borderline disappointed. An additional remote is on its way and I’m not necessarily happy about it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mike Hudson on November 27

      Received my NEEO today, 2 and 1/2 years after I backed the project. It's a sublime, beautiful piece of hardware in great packaging. The heft of the remote and cradle is significant. The quality of the cables is great. Sadly, the cheap adapters for AU are a little bit of a consolation effort, and my TV (HiSense) isn't really supported. I'm hopeful of software updates to resolve this, and I remain naively optimistic. I'll finish by wishing the creators best of luck, and credit for finally shipping.

    37. Tom Powell on November 26

      Sill no sign of my remote!

    38. Sultan Saleh Al-Salem 3
      on November 23

      I haven't get my item

    39. Missing avatar

      James Long on November 23

      After a couple more days I have posted a more lengthy first impressions on NEEO on Planet NEEO:

      In hindsight I was perhaps a bit too hasty to post up my positive review below because I have since seen the frustrations my family have had with trying to use it and I've had more time to reflect on how it actually compares to all the promises we were given. I still maintain it's great hardware and the software should be fixable but the reality vs the promise is very differebt. Feel free to read my review to see why I have come to this conclusion. I remain hopeful it will be what we wanted eventually and I hope my suggestions on Planet NEEO will be taken positively.

    40. Chris Murphy on November 22

      Mine was delivered this morning (Newcastle AUS). Only got shipping email yesterday!

    41. Jamie on November 22

      Shipping notice to Australia!

    42. kent leong on November 22

      I have a dead pixel on my remote - anyone has the same problem?

    43. Andrew on November 22

      NEEO tracking received today for Aus.

      Departed on the 18th!

    44. taku hatto on November 21

      Information on the shipment to Japan came! !

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Anderson on November 21

      I have just received my tracking number, being delivered to New Zealand, exciting news!

    46. Markus M. on November 21

      @bc contact them via and provide them your details, they will contact you within 48 business hours normally.

    47. Bc Jordfald on November 21

      I got my Neeo packages today, but to parts was missing?? Looks like the remote and some other part. How is this possible? It was sealed.

    48. Brett Ellis on November 21

      Any update on when we can expect our NEEO’s in Australia?

    49. Thaco welschen on November 20

      Is there anyone with a EU pledge who likes to sell? Please contact me at

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