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MONSTERS! LOST WORLDS! UFOs! The strange and unknown! Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett finally finish the comic they began 17 years ago!
MONSTERS! LOST WORLDS! UFOs! The strange and unknown! Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett finally finish the comic they began 18 years ago!
MONSTERS! LOST WORLDS! UFOs! The strange and unknown! Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett finally finish the comic they began 18 years ago!
1,049 backers pledged $65,140 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. David Fleisch

      I would also like to know the eta to shipping

    2. Max Traver on

      Any chance of an actual ETA on the end result we paid for?

    3. james burke

      I haven't checked on this in a while since Karl & Tom have been doing a great job communicating and with transparency through updates.
      Anyone with any Kickstarter experience will note that being three months late with kickstarter, especially first time creator and one of this magnitude is actually a bit early. I hope you guys can get things shipped by ECCC. I look forward to meeting you there.
      I know you'll be busy but I'm hoping you guys will be taking commissions. =)

    4. Karl Kesel Creator on

      BRUCE JONES: If you (or anyone else) wants a refund, we will gladly PayPal you your money. No one wants this project out there more than Tom and I do— it's our ONLY job at this point, and if we don't get it to you, you certainly won't support us again. And we certainly, deeply want people to keep supporting us because we want to keep doing this. And by "this" I don't mean "take your money"— I mean continuing to produce comics we love making and people love reading. I believe Tom's circumstances were extraordinary and totally beyond his control, but if you feel unfairly taken advantage of for that or ANY reason, we will absolutely send you a refund. Just let us know.

    5. Steph Jones on

      OOPS guess I was just a jerk. (Be respectful and considerate... for a reason I guess) But sorry, I know things don't work out all the time. But man, I can't believe how often this happens.

    6. Steph Jones on

      Typical Kickstarter bullshit at this point. Keeps happening over and over.

      Here's my money...oh wait sir thanks for the loan but geez shit happens and we can't come through like we promised when you paid us. No wonder this is how you sell your stuff.

      If I could get a refund- you are in now way the first- I would gladly take it. I mean please

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Hammack on

      Hi, Karl, is it possible to upgrade my pledge to Sargasso level? (I'd like to receive a printed copy of the book).

    8. David Fleisch

      I didn't see my name so I sent the form out

    9. Missing avatar

      James Simpson on

      Hi. I didn't see my name in the update either. I would love to be included but may have missed the survey. Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Mulvey on

      Karl - I did not see my name in the update you sent this morning.
      Brian Mulvey


    11. Edward Murr on

      These are all great! Super cool!

    12. Karl Kesel Creator on

      Donald Bohm: Yes, you can delay the sketch for now. Tom has plenty to keep himself busy for the time being! You can always message me here (or on FB) when you make your choice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Donald Bohm on

      I'm looking to fill out my backer's survey and I'm undecided on the sketch subject. Is it possible to delay choosing the character for now?

    14. Karl Kesel Creator on

      Alex: It may well be a couple months before we have Adam's pencils. Some of the characters are new to the second half of the story and Tom needs to draw them a bit so everyone (most importantly: Adam!) understands their personalities and interactions. Luckily, Tom is beginning pencils on the second half this week! As soon as we have something from Adam, you'll see it!

    15. Alex MacPhee on

      Do you know roughly when we will get to see at least the pencils of the AH print?

    16. Stephen Price on

      Congratulations! Heard about this on John Siuntres' Word Balloon podcast. I have fond memories of Spider-Boy, Challengers of the Fantastic, and that What If? story wherein Doom became the Thing. Looking forward to Section Zero.

    17. Douglas E Rockstead II on

      Very excited to see this project funded. I have been a loyal follower since the Death of Superman Superboy days. And still tell everyone how much I loved that Superboy Series. My dream is to see you guys do an epic run on the Fantastic Four. I can't think of a creative team out there that is more suited to do that book than you too!

      Looking forward to more Kesel and Grummett!!!!!!

    18. Max Traver on

      Very psyched that this all worked out!

    19. Paul Spence

      Congratulations on the success of the campaign. I heard Karl's interview on Word Balloon and that alerted me to the Kickstarter. I would recommend that backers check the interview out if they haven't heard it yet.

    20. Mad Robot Comics

      Fantastic work - congrats.

    21. Felipe González Hernández on

      Congratulations both of you.

    22. Mike McNeely on

      Yes!!! So glad you made it!

    23. Shagg Matthews on

      Congratulations guys!! So thrilled for you! And thrilled for me too because I get to read it! :)

    24. Gregg Anderson

      This was a fantastic finish! I honestly wrote this off as not going to make it... Verrrrry glad I was wrong. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Ryan A. Brandt on

      Congrats, Karl and Tom!

      Not too many instances where I'm happy money is leaving my account, but this is one of those times! :D

    26. Bryan Marshall

      Yeah, it was a nail-biting finish but I'm psyched to see it pull through for you guys! Congratulations and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

    27. cyborg etrigan on

      Awesome !!!
      Now I've got something cool to look forward to. Yeah !!!

    28. Randall Cyrenne on

      I have to say that the end of the campaign was kind of astounding. Only 80% funded the night before, yet the total steadily climbed the past few hours, with $3000 in the final hour, once the initial goal was already impressively reached. Amazing.

    29. Alex MacPhee on

      So happy fo you, Karl & Tom

    30. Missing avatar

      Evan Friesenhan on

      Sweet! This awesome. Congratulations to you both. I am really looking forward to this this!!!

    31. Mike Cassella

      Holy. Crap. Go Karl and Tom!

    32. Missing avatar

      John Joshua on

      Excellent news!

    33. Missing avatar

      David Gibson on

      I am so happy to see this kickstarter surpass its goal!! Congrats to Karl and Tom.

    34. Greg Allen on

      This has to be some kind of record for number of backers and amount backed on the final day!
      At least for a project that, with 24 hours to go, still had yet to be funded! Congratulations gentlemen! So happy for you!!!

    35. Alan M Hill

      Onward to retina-burning ink!

    36. Randall Cyrenne on

      Congrats!!! This has been pretty exciting today. I love it! But I think we still need to shoot for a hardcover!

    37. Missing avatar

      John on

      Done and Done!! Congrats guys!

    38. Robert Wheeler on

      It's great that it's going to happen, but if we can get $1200 in the last 55 minutes we can make it a hardback. �

    39. Missing avatar

      David P. Lyons on

      Congratulations, gents!

    40. Darren Goodhart on

      Congrats on hitting the goal! Really looking forward to this!

    41. Bill Walko

      There IS SUCH A THING as Section Zero. You did it! Congrats!

    42. Scott Rowland


    43. Fred Chamberlain on

      Yayyy! It is going to happen!

    44. Missing avatar

      Larry Manekin on

      Just upped my pledge.

    45. Mikey Crotty on

      Sorry for the delay guys, was waiting on a wages cheque, Best of luck with the project!

    46. Missing avatar

      David P. Lyons on

      Was Kurt Busiek channeling the Sam Waterson version of DCI Richard Helms from Oliver Stone's Nixon?

      Either way, I'm in!

    47. Missing avatar

      John on

      Pledge upped! Good luck down the stretch!

    48. Missing avatar

      John on

      Karl Wow those pages went fast! Any chance you would do sketches of a requested character at the $150 level?

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