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An epic story driven tragedy. Join Claire Lockridge as she struggles against the corruption eating away at the heart of her country.
An epic story driven tragedy. Join Claire Lockridge as she struggles against the corruption eating away at the heart of her country.
416 backers pledged £8,772 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Kerscher on

      Hurray, my copy arrived over the weeked and it's AWOOOOO fantastic. I'll try to make a slipcase for the game before the end of the month and I'll post the results here later.

      Thanks Cloud Runner Studios, you guys are awesome!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Kerscher on

      Still haven't got my physical copy but since I live abroad this might take a little while =/

    3. Missing avatar

      Kai Sterker on

      Received my physical copy today (or maybe yesterday, didn't check the mailbox) and I must say it feels really special! Hope I'll soon find time to spend a while with the game :-)

    4. Jamie on

      Received physical rewards this morning, however, no art book? Is this coming separately?

    5. Jamie on

      Key and survey, we're rolling!

    6. Missing avatar

      socoolman on

      No survey(on shipping address and etc.) for physical rewards ?

    7. Chris Pengilly on

      I heard this coming out next week, true?

    8. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bledsoe on

      No comments from the developer since May, no updates since's situations like this that are going to shutdown Kickstarter, because no one wants to have faith in these creators when so many of them let their backers down

    9. Jamie on

      Now a March release.

    10. Jamie on

      Delayed a couple more weeks, now a February release... no mention of physical rewards

    11. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      Any news regarding the game and the physical rewards would be greatly welcome.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nik Lipor on

      I see on steam this is not releasing this month, any updates?

    13. Jamie on

      Any news on physical rewards?

    14. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bledsoe on

      Are we still looking at a release date of no later than Jan 26? Because that's only about 3 weeks away...

    15. Jamie on

      Was an update on facebook 1st Oct, stating November steam release

    16. Jamie on

      Any further developments news? Been out the loop and unsure if I'm missing news from other sources.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bledsoe on

      Any news? The update in March made it seem like we should have gotten our keys by now....

    18. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      The lack of updates makes me melancholy.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephan Matiasch

      Is this project dead? No update since August...and no answer for Tyler in January...

    20. Missing avatar

      Tyler Bledsoe on

      Any news?? No updates since August....

    21. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Kerscher on

      Hey any updates on the game's development? I haven't heard anything since the beginning of the year.

    22. Missing avatar

      DragonForce on

      Hi! Is there any update about the game's development?

    23. smudboy on

      Love the new artwork. Glad to hear all the staff changes worked out.

      How is the classical music/orchestral work going to work? Is that part of the budget?

    24. Cloud Runner Studios 2-time creator on

      @DJ Smith Just replied to it now! ;D

    25. DJ "Shadow Lynx" Smith

      @Cloud Runner Studios, I sent you all an email but still havent heard anything back. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

    26. Leewelo Lorekeeper


    27. Cloud Runner Studios 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone! :D You were all awesome in helping! Glad we got funded, time for some victory music for sure haha! Really appreciate the kind words and motivation given here. Really is great!

    28. Missing avatar

      LastGunman on

      Great News!

      Yes, I think those hundreds and thousands of dollar high tiers are not the right way for small indie games. If there is someone really rich he could just adjust his pledge and come to speak with the developers, so they can invite him or something.

    29. The RPGenius on

      In these final couple hours, I'd like to reassure Dawn and anyone else who's worried about the prospect of trolls ruining this project's funding as they did a couple of other projects recently. It won't happen here. Why? Because those trolls made false pledges that were significantly sized. If you look at Melancholy Republic's pledges, though, you'll see that the largest one has been for the 225 pound mark. This is a project funded entirely by us, the little guys, the ones who don't have thousands of pounds to throw around but still want to do our part to make art happen. Even if the highest pledge for Melancholy Republic turned out to be false, that takes only 225 pounds away from an over 1000 pound excess. Melancholy Republic has made it: don't fret, celebrate.

    30. Gundqr on

      With 2 hours left, I'm happy we did it. Congrats to the team.

    31. Tracey Craig

      I'm going to sleep, soon early start tomorrow so sending you my congratulations on a successful campaign. XD

    32. Mihai Enachescu on

      does kickstarter actually check if the backers has the money on card?

    33. Dawn_

      There was this Jonathan troll that cost the funding of one project, i saw today a 10k troll on Hero-U and another on little devil inside 8k back i'd better see us reach those 9k lol.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mike Tapia on

      Just curious but will a Surface Pro be able to run this?

    35. Dawn_

      I know Roberto, normally i wouldn't be worried but..these days..seems there is a lot of trolls..

    36. Daniel Miller

      Good to see the target's been reached! Have posted some links over on Eurogamer and BrashGames to hopefully spread the word further.

    37. Roberto Guedes on

      Dawn_, you don't have to worry about this, since once a project is funded, Kickstarter doesn't allow people to drop pledges below the amount needed for funding (except for that case yesterday, but that was fraudulent and it's been a while since this campaign got funded, so there's no risk)!

    38. Mihai Enachescu on

      The 400 and over tiers have not bitten at all.
      Good thing it made it as it is.

    39. Dawn_

      I hope we can reach 9k. Atm if the highest tier guys cancel we're in the red. Not that i wish for it..but i don't like this kind of double-edge sword.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mark Pearce on

      Well done guys. :D

    41. Cloud Runner Studios 2-time creator on

      Thanks so much everyone! :D We are so happy that we will be able to start full development! You are all so awesome, gonna keep pushing in last day to get as much as we can, it all helps! Check out our stretch goal too, will put it into the update today as well.

    42. Tracey Craig

      Oh! Funded! Congratulations!

    43. Dawn_

      The further it gets from the 7.5k the less i'd be worried. You never know..

    44. Missing avatar

      Caleb Kinkaid on

      I was a bit worried there for a while! I'm so happy this project finally got funded!

    45. Saadman

      It's great that the project reached 100% funding! The snail's pace really got me worried for a while there.

    46. Missing avatar

      KainoftheWired on

      Also we just need a few more people to sign up for the Thunderclap (detailed in the updates section) so we can get some last-minute social media promotion!

    47. Missing avatar

      KainoftheWired on

      I'm so happy to see this project get over 100%! I hope we can also get the devs a nice funding buffer in the last 47 hours. If anyone is sitting on the fence then please jump in and help them make this game great! :)

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