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Samuel Beckett Interview, 1987

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    I NEED A RUNNING START: My eternal gratitude for helping me make this project a reality, plus a personal thank you e-mail from me.

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    DO YOU REMEMBER THE STORY?: A thank you e-mail plus a piece of original artwork. Send me an email detailing a story about your experience with WAITING FOR GODOT or Samuel Beckett and I will create, for you, an original piece of art for you based on the story. Seriously.

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    BUT WE WERE THERE TOGETHER, I COULD SWEAR TO IT: All of the above plus a 36x48 poster print of all five paintings as a single image (the only other way to see this would be to see the actual paintings exhibited!).

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    IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ONE MAN: All of the above, plus a book, THE GODOT PROJECT, featuring documentation of the creation of the five main pieces, essays, and reproductions of all of the artwork created for people pledging above $25 along with the stories that inspired them. The whole shebang wrapped up in one volume!

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