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The ULTIMATE Protective iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case with built-in kickstand and Secret Stashes! Simplify Your Wallet—Simplify Your Life!
The ULTIMATE Protective iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case with built-in kickstand and Secret Stashes! Simplify Your Wallet—Simplify Your Life!
802 backers pledged $51,535 to help bring this project to life.

SAFE Wallet 6 Plus funding goal reached in 4 hours and 11 minutes!!!

Posted by BulletTrain (Creator)

Well, the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus has made a SERIOUS accomplishment! We have met 100% of our goal in just over 4 hours after launch!

We are SO THANKFUL to our backers who have helped to make this a reality! But we are FAR from done! We have plenty more Kickstarter campaign to complete!

Some of you might be asking, what now? Well, we are committed to making the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus the absolute best it can be, and the more we raise, the more we can do with the SAFE Wallet!

As we press on towards production, we look forward to issuing regular updates to keep our community fully involved in the development cycle!

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to our backers! Be sure to share our campaign with family and friends so THEY can experience the benefits of the SAFE Wallet!

-Alex (BulletTrain)

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    1. BulletTrain 6-time creator on

      @David Thanks so much for your continued support! We are stoked to have you back!

      We've put a LOT of thought and work into making the improvements that are integral to the latest generation of SAFE Wallet. While we ran into some troubling and unexpected challenges in first productions, we are VERY confident we are out of the woods :)

      We are glad to have you with us again, and are excited to help you and everyone else #SimplifyYourLife with the SAFE Wallet 6 Plus!

      The SAFE Wallet 6 Plus DOES ship with a 1-year warranty good for any manufacturing-related failure, just like the SAFE Wallets that shipped before it :)

      Thanks again for the support! Let us know of any questions or concerns!

      -Alex (BulletTrain)

    2. David Weissman on

      Congratulations on reaching the goal! I can't wait to get the new Safe Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus! I was one of the original backers of the case for the iPhone 5, and while the concept was great, it lacked a little in terms of execution (rollout delayed by about 6 months, cheap plastic material which quickly and easily broke and fell apart, etc.). But I have faith in the iterative method of product improvement, and somehow, I don't think you guys are conmen just trying to make a fast buck. If so, I think you'd find a better way than this. Instead, I believe this will really be the product I WANTED in the first place, but this time for a much more advanced iPhone with a lot more storage space for keys, cash, etc. Also, now that many of my credit cards can be DIGITIZED into the iPhone with ApplePay, I'm hoping to utilize the space for other cards and more cash, etc. Keep on moving forward, gentlemen, and please try to get the product out by March as promised this time (and not in August like last time).

    3. BulletTrain 6-time creator on

      We can't wait either, Roger! Thanks for your support!

      -Alex (BulletTrain)

    4. Roger Johns on

      Congrats on reach your goal so quickly!!. Can't wait to get 6 plus and wallet in hand!