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Set in a future, cyberpunk New Jersey, KSW is an action-comedy full of bad jokes, dumb fight scenes, and complex social criticisms
105 backers pledged $12,724 to help bring this project to life.

$300 and 4.5 days to go, let's hit the $8,000 bonus goal!!

Posted by Peter Schmidt (Creator)

Hey guys!
Four and a half more days to go and we only need $300 to hit the $8,000 bonus goal!

In case you forgot, the $8,000 bonus means that everyone who has pledged $25 or more will get their choice of two 14x10, full color prints for FREE.  That means if you pledge $25 or more you'll get a t-shirt, a print, a copy of the original 40 page minicomic, and a signed copy of KSW when it's finished...

That's a lot of swag for 25 bucks.
And if you pledge more you'll get more!

But remember you only get the free print if this kickstarter hits the $8,000 bonus goal before 5pm on July 1st!  Now just to clarify, if you've selected the $65, $75, or any of the rewards over $200 then not only are you guaranteed a print whether or not we hit the $8,000 bonus goal but - if we do hit the goal - you'll receive BOTH prints!

Attached are JPEG images of both 14x10 prints.  The first displays the rustic charm of Neo Jersey's power plants and giant cockroaches and the second is a parody of Street Fighter - a perfect gift for that gamer kid you know!

Oh boy!

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