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Pick a magic Class a magic Race, shuffle and battle with this stand-alone game that is 100% compatible with Epic PvP: Fantasy.
Pick a magic Class a magic Race, shuffle and battle with this stand-alone game that is 100% compatible with Epic PvP: Fantasy.
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Dark Times Add-On and Special Deck Preview

Posted by Luke Peterschmidt (Creator)

Dark Times Add-On and Preview!

Save $5 and FREE SHIPPING!
Save $5 and FREE SHIPPING!

Big news day for Epic PvP: Magic. We are announcing a brand new add-on that features 4 all-new decks! We’ll be revealing these decks over the next few days. The first deck reveal is the Sporelings – a fungus/mushroom race that makes for a very unique playing experience. You can learn more about the Sporelings deck, along with their origin story, in the video below - which unsurprisingly, also features me standing in front of a brick wall.

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Thanks so much and keep on sharing the campaign! We'll be back with more of me and a brick wall soon.


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    1. Scott Thompson on

      I went to add money to my pledge for this add-on under "manage your pledge" but there was no option for this add-on. What am I doing wrong?

    2. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Just put a longish post in the general comment thread regarding pricing if you want to check it out over there (figured it was best to not cross post the same thing here). Thanks! and Jordan will be back later today to answer all the other comments.

    3. Timothy on

      Agree with the previous comments

      In Fantasy, the base game was cheaper and the add-on was also. The price hike for the base game, not the easiest to swallow but then to do the same for the add-on make the whole package questionable at best!

    4. Playing Grounded Puzzles on

      I think it would be really funny if you looked like you we're holding up the brick wall from falling when you do your next up date.. yeah, that would be really funny = )

    5. Eugene Khoo on

      @ Micheal I think the Shard counts as a brick wall? :-D

    6. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Hey folks, I don't want you to think I've disappeared. I will be back here tomorrow bright and early to get to the questions here and in the general comments section - I've got a bunch of family commitments to deal with tonight.

    7. Michael Moore

      I would like to see Brick Wall be a character race.

    8. Michael Anton on

      @Thom just double checked it myself the 36 was only limited to a certain number as early bird backers. The normal price if you weren't early enough that most paid was 41... One reason to possibly explain the price increase for the base could be the underestimating of the price of the awesome box the 1st time around or the fact they started with 8 stretch goals unlocked this time. As for the add on pice increase I can't say other than maybe to help reach future stretch goals with magic moving slowly

    9. Thom Colgan on

      @Michael, the original price for Fantasy was $36 + $16 for the add on. For Magic, the base is $52 and the add on is $20. I for one, while LOVE this game, am shocked to see such a price increase in Year+ since Fantasy.

    10. Michael Anton on

      @Scott and Mindy..... This is the same they did for Fantasy 2 each races and classes were free stretch goals. These eventually made up the 1st expansion. Then there was the additional add on to purchase again of 2 of each. The add on made up the 2nd expansion. The reason for not having them all just be stretch goals is there is a limit to how much they can be giving out for free w/o hurting themselves. Also if they were stretch goals especially with how slow Magic has been moving along compared to Fantasy then we most likely wouldn't hit the goal. As for the price it is definitely higher priced. I think Fantasy was only 40 something while the add on was 16. However you will still pay less than those buying it in the store and get it a lot sooner.

    11. Joshua Reubens

      This is the same way it was handled in Fantasy so I don't see why it is a surprise that there is an optional add on now.

    12. Scott & Mindy on

      I don't get it. Why aren't these decks being place in the stretch goals? Why is it an extra 20 bucks after we're paying over 50?

    13. Father Time on

      Is there a hand limit in epic pvp?