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Make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together. Then battle in this fast-paced card game.
Make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together. Then battle in this fast-paced card game.
2,899 backers pledged $163,118 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Ant Armory on

      As a selfish backer of the first kickstarter, I would prefer to be able to buy just the expansion without an additional expensive box. But whatever works best for you guys is what you should do. If you could still profit from the new fancy box and the boxless expansions, do both! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Hey there unfortunately my box became worse for wear after only a couple of months and it was never damaged or dropped. The middle section has come completely apart from the box and the box doesn't close properly anymore. Did I just get a bad box or is this happening to other people?

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Zecher on

      Good idea. I guess this may also drop shipping costs, especially for us international buyers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Braun on

      As someone who has his copy of Epic PVP: Fantasy sleeved, I'm cool with the no-box option but I'll back Magic with the box regardless, as I will sleeve Magic as well.

    5. Ub3rt1mmy on

      i say box-less, but this is because i already have one from the first kick starter. I can see the appeal for a box version. maybe make it box-less by default and have a Box add-on that people could buy into if they want a box.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Schnekser

      Great idea

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Rose Simpson on

      Good idea... I would much prefer a box-less version.

    8. Adam Hanson on

      I would back an expansion to get more cards but I don't need another box. I hope you do the box-less version.

    9. Colin Toke on

      Good idea! My son and I can't wait for the new cards (expansion)

    10. Andrew Cotton

      sounds like a great idea. I dont need another box

    11. Trevor Hollingsworth

      Fantastic idea! I hope there is a box less option!!!

    12. Colin Clark on

      Good idea.

      Definitely don't have room for yet another box lol

    13. Josh Beauvais

      Great idea!

    14. Eugene Khoo on

      I need boxed version. Unlesss a grand box to fit both games sleeved.

    15. Titus on

      Good idea! Enough waste in the world as is!...

    16. Scott Bender

      I'd *prefer* a boxless option. I've got a great box and would prefer for fewer trees to give their lives for something I wont even need.

    17. AliceXVI on

      @luke I just wonder bececause im not sure if ill have the funds to back this in time but really dont wanna miss it

    18. Joe Fourhman on

      I would definitely prefer a boxless option, since I do not sleeve the cards.

      Of course, if you do a third wave on the future, then I'll want another box!

    19. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Alice XVI - We almost always open up a late pledge option. It's going to be tricky no the non-boxed product as we'll want to produce that in quantities that are very close to the actual Kickstarter demand (no overages) as the product will be pretty much unsellable except through the Kickstarter. We'll probably make a guess as to the number of late pledges, commit to printing that number and then closing down the late pledges if/once we get to that number.

      I hate making decisions based on logistics, but sometimes there is no way around it.

    20. Mike H

      I agree boxless please,

    21. Krzysztof Dąbrowski on

      good idea...

      I wouldn't know what to do with another box ._.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Biffin on

      How about a bigger box that fits both sleeved? I'd pay good money for fhat!

    23. Sam Cook

      Boxless Please! Saves space and money!

    24. Travis Blair on

      Great idea! My kid and I grab the box off the shelf to play, where it is displayed with some of my graphic novels and comic figures (that my wife lets me display). One box is good.

    25. Joshua Reubens

      Seems like a good idea to me.

    26. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Jorge - We'll offer it both ways - with a box and without. If you sleeve, you probably have very little space left in your current box, so I'd go with the boxed version and use one box for Races and one for Classes.

      Tucker- we should be launching in about a week. Still need to edit some of the support videos.

    27. David Walker on

      I would vote for both options, as long as it is economically viable.

      If not, I would say only produce the awesome box option. With sleeved cards, I would rather have a place for all my cards.

    28. Daniel Cruickshank

      Good idea :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Tucker Harbour on

      Great idea! I want to purchase the nonbox option so please direct me to where I can sign up

    30. Jorge Peña on

      It's a good idea if all cards (sleeved or not) fit the original box. However, people voting "good idea" seemed to have missed the point that with sleeved cards and the stretch goals, it won't fit in the original box!!!

      So, not a good idea for me... unless this gets resolved.

    31. Francis Guilbeault

      the new epic box shoul be ablke to fit EVERYTHING WITH SLEEVES!

    32. Teamski

      AWESOME IDEA! This really helps us original pledgers!


    33. Ernie Sawyer

      Yes please! There is plenty of room in the box I've got so I would love that as an option.

    34. Mario Curro on

      Good idea? GREAT IDEA!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Nicolai Schwarz

      Good idea.
      Of course it is a good idea. What's the point of having two big boxes with both of them being only half full? I only need one box - with all of the cards.

    37. I'm Out

      No box = good idea!

    38. AliceXVI on

      I want no box option at the very least. the whole point of the first box is that its big enough to handle future expansions like this. Also will there be a late pledge option?

    39. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Matthew - I like the Broken Token Idea! Our thought was for sleeving folks, they would use one Awesome Box for Races and one for Classes, but always better to have just one. I'll ping them on Tuesday. I doubt we'll have it up and running at launch, but I'll at least start the ball rolling.

    40. Missing avatar

      Frederic Methot on

      Damn autocorrect. Of course I meant "I'd" not "I'don't".

    41. Matthew Brubaker

      Good Idea*

      I would like to see a version of the box able to hold all of the sleeved cards. Perhaps a Broken Token collaboration.

    42. Missing avatar

      Frederic Methot on

      Good idea! I'don't probably just throw the box out otherwise.

    43. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Well this seems like a no brainer then! Thanks for your feedback everyone - really helpful. ( to edit the campaign...)