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Make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together. Then battle in this fast-paced card game.
Make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together. Then battle in this fast-paced card game.
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Epic PvP Magic Poll

Posted by Luke Peterschmidt (Creator)

Epic PvP: Magic will launch in about a week. After hearing all the positive reviews on the awesome box, we've decided to do it again. This will definitely raise the cost of our Kickstarter (that box is crazy expensive to make). As a backer, you already have a box though, and if you don't sleeve, you have a good bit of room left. 

How do you all feel about us launching a "box-less" version of the product in the Kickstarter? This would be all the contents of the game, stretch-goals, exclusives, etc... shrink-wrapped to a board for safe shipping. If we hit every stretch goal in our plan, and you don't use sleeves, all of Epic PvP: Fantasy and Magic should fit in one awesome box. 

This would allow us to keep the price down to ~$41 for no-box and the awesome box version would run about $52/53. Part of me thinks this is a great idea, and part of me thinks that I'm over thinking. Good idea? Bad idea? I'm really interested in what you all think. Can you comment below with "good idea" if you want us to do it or "bad idea" if you think we should be more consistent and only offer the Awesome Box version. I should note that due to a lot of requests, we ARE looking into offering a small number of empty boxes ($~24 with different art on it) for folks who want to use the box for their MtG or other card games.

Thanks folks, should just be a week or so before the launch!


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    1. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      If you want a peek at the (not quite finished) campaign. here's the in-process link.…

    2. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      John. We should be launching THURSDAY!!! eek!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jimmy rey on

      When is the new game launching

    4. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Don - We had a few (maybe 20-25) reported issues on that middle shelf. We're talking with the printer to make sure they use stronger glue next time, but 20-25 out of 3500 seems like a pretty normal fail rate.

      mLiNY - we're going to do new art, same design. AEG is probably not going to do the product at retail this time (not sure yet, but if they don't, we certainly will!). We had a great time working with AEG, but they are getting laser focused on their internal designs - which I totally respect. You can see their improved focus lately with releases like Mystic Vale (great game, amazing marketing/support), and others. The definition of "focus" to me is saying "no" to guaranteed money (which PvP is), to focus all your efforts on a fewer releases. More companies could learn this lesson IMO.

    5. mllNY on

      as @nurbconversion asks is it a new designed box or is it going to have the same art as the first KS. If just a reprint then I don't need a new box, if new art/design, then yes box

      Also is this going to be in conjunction with AEG again

    6. Don-Anthony Galvan

      @Alex, my box center shelf fell apart too. But fortunately I was able to hot glue it back into place. Anyone else have the same problem?

    7. Michael Anton on

      Alittle late getting to this but whatever the decision is I want the box even though I have the first. Just cause of how awesome it was and I can always use it for whatever. Plus even though the 1st box was said to be big enough to hold expansions Magic is supposed to be standalone. From what I believe was said in the past that Magic could be standalone or played with Fantasy, but that Fantasy would still have it's own expansions. So if that's the case and both Fantasy and Magic will have their own separate expansions in the future then you will be needing a second box anyway. One for Fantasy and it's expansions, and one for Magic's.

    8. Amanda

      I would be super happy if I could get an empty box!! Love the idea. (And the box!)

    9. Missing avatar

      Star Anise on

      If the box is going to be the same as the one from the first Kickstarter, I think it should definitely be an option. However, I think it would be nice to also have a "box-less" option for backers who already have a box and would just like to fill it up. :)

    10. S GO Everybody!

      Good idea

    11. e314

      Good idea

    12. Michael Seymour

      I'm totally for a boxless version... as long as the box offered in thie new KS is the exact same box (artwork/dimensions/etc).

    13. Brian M Weiss

      Good idea

    14. BJ Shea

      Good idea. -BJ

    15. Jussi Hattara on

      I think it's a great idea. I would probably still get the full package. Just because I sleeve everything.

    16. Joe on

      Make it a modular box so I can assemble them into an Epic PvP car and drive around town!

    17. Joe on

      Box is awesome! I like option though too; make it an option with increased price, hell make an option for an even bigger box for the next x-pack!

    18. Missing avatar

      fitzscott on

      Good idea, as long as there'll be room in the race / class drawers including the expansions from the KS.

    19. Jamie Wells on

      I think the flexibility a boxless option offers is too good to pass up.

    20. Ryalyn on

      I use perfect fit sleeves which don't take up hardly any space. Boxless would be preferred for me. As it is, I had to cut up some foam to put in there because there was so much extra space that the cards would fall over.

    21. Father Time on

      I like the idea. I'd use my old box anyway. And considering how much space I have left in the box even though I use penny sleeves on every card I'm curious how many decks are in the new kickstarter.

    22. Don Eisele

      commando ftw.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jimmy rey on

      I have the box from the first game that's where ill be putting new races and classes anyway so I'm down to save money.

    24. Micah Edwards

      Good idea!

    25. Corri Steimle on

      I like more options, just like the next person. However, like a few have said, if it's only $10 more, and the box art is different, I may be tempted to buy the boxed version!

    26. Missing avatar


      All of my cards are going in a single box if possible, so a boxless option would be good! No need for two half-empty boxes sitting there.

      The cover on my box would have been better if the "wrap" didn't start/end on the EDGE of the top where it is starting to peel from just a few (less than 6) uses. The edge of the paper just happens to be right where my fingers grab the box when I lift it off the table and such. Just a recommendation for the next batch you create. Better glue/edging, stronger materials, not sure what would help. I'm a little disappointed that my box is already coming unraveled.

    27. Thom Colgan on

      While I agree that flexibility is a good thing....I will need a new box. I sleeve ALL my card games.

    28. Missing avatar

      jeff watson on

      Offering customers flexibility and options when purchasing a product is always a "good idea".

    29. Sigurbjorn Jonsson on

      I think it would depend on whether the new box had new art or be the same as the previous one. If it's the same as the old one I would just go for the cards.

    30. Jonathan Jordan

      Good idea. I like to consolidate my games into as little space as possible, so a box-free version would be exactly want I need.

    31. Missing avatar

      Erick Allen on

      Good idea. Choice is always a good thing in cases like this.

    32. Ted Tronson

      Good idea, I like the no box option since there is a ton of room in the first one. However, for ~$10 more for another Awesome box with new art - I will likely be tempted to buy the box anyway :)

    33. Houston Taylor on

      Good idea. Just give folks the option to go boxed or boxless!

    34. Don-Anthony Galvan

      I would love to have the expansion without a box option...but I might end up getting the boxed edition anyways. Maybe if you made card stock dividers available PnP that could free up some space? I love the cardboard character cards, but I don't think it's necessary to have them that thick. How many additional cards are we looking at, because my box looks half full.

    35. Jonathan H. Liu

      Good idea. I'm a fan of not having a lot of unnecessary boxes taking up space on my shelves.

    36. Scott Thompson on

      Just curious... I have the original sleeved in penny sleeves, which aren't very thick. There's no way both would fit sleeved? We play card games too much to not sleeve them. If there's no way they'd fit, then I guess I'd need the extra box, but I would much prefer it to all fit in one box.

    37. Daniel T Monk Pelfrey on

      Great idea

      I happen to have two copies of the game with boxes. Didn't want to have 4 boxes.