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Make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together. Then battle in this fast-paced card game.
Make a character by choosing a Class Deck, a Race Deck, and shuffling them together. Then battle in this fast-paced card game.
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Preview of Epic PvP: Magic available now

Posted by Luke Peterschmidt (Creator)

Hey folks,

  We just posted the current rules for our upcoming release Epic PvP: Magic along with current Gorgon and Shaman decks as Print-and-Plays if you want to try them out. We still have lots of testing to do, but if you want to follow along and see things develop and maybe give us some feedback, this link is for you. 

This is the last update about Epic PvP: Magic that we'll post here until we're gearing up for launch (still several months away). We will be doing further updates through our monthly newsletter, which you can sign up for here  (I'm trying to avoid double contacting everyone who is already on the mailing list). 



A bad day fighting a Gorgon...
A bad day fighting a Gorgon...
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    1. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      I'll look for some forum options, but I'm guessing we'll just update the downloadable file and let everyone know about here. Does anyone have any favorite place for posting playtest files where folks can talk about stuff?

    2. Eugene Khoo on

      Is there any forums we can post and see changes to playtest?

    3. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Alex and Michael: All signs point towards YES for PvP Magic being a Kickstarter.

      Jason: fire off a direct message to me and we'll get you on the playtest list (the more the better). Things are changing pretty quickly now - every playtest seems to change at least one card, but that should settle down quickly which will make external play testing much much easier.

    4. Michael Anton on

      Having issues opening the link with my iPhone. Safari can't open it and tried to use google chrome which needed me to use google drive for it, but even that can't open the file. Also is it still planned to put Magic up on Kickstarter?

    5. Jason Zajdel on

      Hey Luke.

      I met Ryan Miller in December in the Seattle area (Bellevue). He and I live relatively close to one another. If you need help with physical playtesting for Epic or anything else, let me know. We have a nice living room setup for game nights. ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Quick question, is PvP magic going to be a kick-starter, and if not how will I be able to get it in Australia? I hope it will be a KS because otherwise we won't be able to get all the cool extras like card devisers and random selection tokens...

    7. Eugene Khoo on

      Okay, sounds good. Thanks.

    8. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Eugene - If you play a Gorgon Shaman, you will start the game with 2 MPs (you don't get 2 each turn, just 2 to start the game). But you will only gain 1 MP when you draw a card from your Aggression. (plus you'll get some from the Shaman ability as well).

    9. Eugene Khoo on

      Cancel that, I mean I can get two per Draw Phase for the two cards I draw and however many I draw from the aggression pile?

    10. Eugene Khoo on

      I skimmed through the cards and the Gorgon/Shaman don't use them. Anyway, the magic generation for Gorgon Shaman should be 2 per Draw Phase and 2 per Aggression phase? Plus some during end of turn for the Shaman's ability. Is that right?

    11. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Not sure if any of these decks use them, but there are quite a few cards in the Magic set that create 1 and 2 strength Basic Strikes from thin air. So there are cards with text like "(2) play a 1 strength Basic Strike for each card in your opponent's hand." or something. (that would be a little OP I think, but you get the idea...)

    12. Eugene Khoo on

      Does the basic tokens do anything?

    13. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      You might need to right click Jeremy. Or just use the long form here...

    14. Michael Moore

      Worked fine for me. It auto downloaded when I clicked on it.

    15. Jeremy Williams on

      Is that link for us? Because I dont think it's working...