Epic PvP: Fantasy

by Luke Peterschmidt

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    1. Mark Boore

      Will the new races have a male and female version like the original game?

    2. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Mark -Yup. Can't go back on that at this point! I feel like all the stretch goals for the next campaign are already hit because we're not going back! (we might have an odd race that doesn't have a male/female thing eventually - like a rock elemental or something, but nothing like that so far in the works.)

    3. Christopher Pearson on

      Looking good, cant wait to see what Magic has to offer. Any idea yet when the campaign will happen?

    4. Michael Anton on

      Curious if it's been decided yet whether this will be done as a Kickstarter like Fantasy was.

    5. Luke Peterschmidt 13-time creator on

      Michael - looking more and more like it will be, but we're not at 100% on that decision yet (we're just focusing on making cards now). If we do it, it'll be a very different campaign. We're not going to make stretch goals similar to last time (we're going to maintain the quality/shape of the race/class boards, etc...).

    6. Eugene Khoo on

      That's a very muscular Satyr lol. Curious to see the new mechanic of Magic in Epic PvP.

    7. Ub3rt1mmy on

      I found the Digital Package a little lack luster. Only 2.5 screen savers. I was expecting more. wall papers for every race and class. more combo wall papers similar to what was given to us. With that said, I did not back this project because of the Digital Package stretch goal. I just figured you would use more of the art assets generated from the game to make a larger digital package.