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A Psychiatrist imagining his dead girlfriend with him all the time, until one day he meets a girl and wants to let go, but can he?

A Psychiatrist imagining his dead girlfriend with him all the time, until one day he meets a girl and wants to let go, but can he? Read More
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Amber Atashzay
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Amber Atashzay

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Hello Everyone!

I'm a student at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles campus. I am currently in my second semester and I am super busy doing what I love making films! I am working on my Year One film, which is a huge project that requires me to step it up, with both story and production.

So my story is a love story, but with a few different elements. For starters, my protagonist, Jordan, is alive, while his girlfriend, Alexis, is dead. Now, she isn't a ghost, just a figment of Jordan's imagination. Alexis died a few years ago in a car crash and to help him cope, Jordan uses her as though she is his imaginary friend. He talks to her, hugs her, kisses her, all in his mind. He goes about his day like this, always careful to make sure no one sees him doing this. One day he meets Jennifer, and he begins to like he. Alexis encourages him to go out with her, but Jordan is reluctant at first. Once he goes out with her, he starts to like her. Alexis begins to disappear at times, when he is distracted by Jennifer, and she does not like that. She begins to get jealous and causes a scene with Jordan at the place he and Jennifer first meet. Jennifer is there, watching Jordan as he is yelling at Alexis. Only seeing him yell at himself, Jennifer tells Jordan that she can not see him anymore. In the end Jordan goes back to his delusion of Alexis. Although it's a sad ending, I hope to kind of have people happy he ends up with Alexis in the end. I want her to be a likable character who does not want to leave Jordan. 

I really want to make a great film, and would love to submit this into a few film festivals. That is where you come in! I need money to make for production to take this film to the next level for me. I have my goal as $500 dollars, but I know I could use more, so please donate what you can! Thank you so much!


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