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The ultimate screencast and written guide to what's new and different in Ruby 2.0 compared to Ruby 1.9 & 1.8. Read more

Louth, UK Nonfiction
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This project was successfully funded on November 26, 2012.

The ultimate screencast and written guide to what's new and different in Ruby 2.0 compared to Ruby 1.9 & 1.8.

Louth, UK Nonfiction
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About this project

Ruby 2.0 is on its way! The first preview release is already out and the final release is due in February 2013. It's going to be a big deal and there are many new features and tweaks to become familiar with.

A year ago, I produced the Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough, a 3 hour screencast walkthrough of the ~95% most important new differences between Ruby 1.9 and 1.8. With Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough, I plan to do it all again for Ruby 2.0 but at a higher quality with better organization and along with a book and checklists so your Ruby 1.9 to 2.0 upgrades can go without a hitch. 

The Plan

The plan is simple. In late November I'm going to throw myself into the project and go deeper with my research into Ruby 2.0 and prepare copious notes for writing the book and producing the screencasts (no 3 hour behemoth this time - more easily digestable chunks instead!) If this campaign proves successful, I will also bring on a respectable co-author or two to add even more value and improve coverage and depth.

Both Ruby 1.9 and 1.8 users will be catered for with an abridged version of the Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough re-produced for 1.8 users unfamiliar with concepts introduced in 1.9.

Why It's A Good Idea To Get Involved Now

Ruby 2.0 launches in February 2013 and at that time I'll be selling the screencasts alone for $19 and the screencasts + e-book for $29. By backing the project now, you'll get the same material for less and depending on what tier you go for you could get access to special bonuses and benefits that I WON'T be offering when it goes on general sale (like update e-mails, consultancy time or a limited PRINT edition). Also, having people pledge to the project will ensure I stick to it and get it done which is the main motivation for this campaign.

If you are unsure of the risks or whether you would find the walkthrough useful, however, just wait until late January or February 2013 and you'll hopefully have the option to buy it then :-)

Please note: Cooper Press Ltd is a VAT registered business. We will endeavor to provide all EU-based businesses with a VAT invoice and count your total pledge as GROSS of VAT (so a pledge of £10 is really £8.33 plus 20% VAT). We will also provide any other business with a complete invoice upon request, in order to claim against your expenses, etc. Contact Cooper Press for more information.

Risks and challenges

The worst risk is that I die from exhaustion or end up in an asylum but this is unlikely as I actually enjoy digging into Ruby and recording videos! If that were to really happen, I will have a co-author who can take over.

The existing Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough (of which you can watch an hour's preview on YouTube) should help prove I have the talent and determination to complete this project (along with my newsletters, book, courses, and other stuff).

The risk of messing up is low as I have too much social capital to lose if I let you down. I'm always on Twitter and have a strong following there, I have 80,000 subscribers to my e-mail newsletters, co-host the Ruby Show and more. If I fail to deliver or screw everything up beyond repair, I'd be hounded off the Internet, people would write angry blog posts, and my business would go down the pan! Since my family's future depends on me delivering on my promises and I'd quite like to not have to change my name, I will work hard to ensure everyone is happy :-)

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  • I work entirely in US Dollars so it's a bit annoying the prices here show in British Pounds but that's Kickstarter's rules :-) I'm told if you're logged in and in the US, you'll see a conversion to dollars. But if not, multiply the £ version by 1.7 to get the "worst case" dollar amount. It won't be that much but it'll give you an idea. So £5 will be $8.50 or less and £12 will be $20.40 or less.

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    SCREENCAST SUPER SAVER. The finished set of screencasts. You'll be credited by name in a file within the final product.

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    Pledge £12 or more

    321 backers

    THE MAIN CONTENT. The finished screencasts and e-book (PDF first, Kindle to follow). You'll also get the existing "Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough" once the project is funded in late November and credited by name within the final download.

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    Pledge £30 or more

    39 backers Limited (211 left of 250)

    BACK STAGE ACCESS. All of the above plus a frequent progress e-mail including access to EARLY DRAFTS, NOTES and SCREENCASTS produced along the way (running from early December to completion in February). You'll also get your name credited within the book/PDF.

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    THE LIMITED COLLECTABLE EDITION PLUS RUBY RELOADED COURSE VIDEOS. All of the above, plus a high quality, limited PRINT edition (limited to 100 ever - if R2.0WT is ever generally sold in print, it will be a different design & edition to yours). The book will be sent in March but you get access to everything else in February.

    PLUS access to ALL of the videos from my Ruby Reloaded ( intermediate Ruby course (which usually costs $300-400 to attend so this is a bargain for those alone..) upon successful funding.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    THE PERSONAL TOUCH. All of the above, plus 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of my time for anything related to Ruby (remote only - e.g. a phone call, an e-mail discussion, share screens and I'll walk through a new feature/concept with you, or I could record you a custom video or write a blog post). I'll also give you or your company a shout out on The Ruby Show ;-)

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