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Turning photos into postcards, postcards into poems and strangers into friends.

TO PARTICIPATE: We believe our postcards & poems should be available to all who want them. Please send your name and address to: We'd love to have you -- donations big or small or none at all!

OUR CONCEPT: Creating travel-inspired postcards, filling them with poems and sending them out to friends, known and unknown, all over the world.

OUR PLAN: From June 6th to July 16th, we (Nico&Gina) will be traveling to ten major cities in Europe and Africa. We plan on exploring, tasting, dancing through, getting lost in and reflecting on our new experiences in those precious 40 days.

Out of this adventure, we want to create postcards based on our photography and send them out with poems on the back. The poetry will either correspond to or challenge the image at hand... which will always be an original creation, infused with the sights and sensations of our voyage.

WHERE ARE WE GOING?: Berlin, London, Paris, Geneva, Marrakech, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Athens and Rome. (Slipping away to the countryside is distinctly possible!)

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?: To be able to share our new experiences with others, thus making the world a little smaller. Our eyes are your eyes.

WHAT THE MONEY WILL BE USED FOR: Travel costs, art supplies (ink, postcard paper, postage, paint, postage).


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