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$287 pledged of $1,000,000 goal
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$287 pledged of $1,000,000 goal


Imagine a reality where every home has a flying saucer parked in the driveway instead of a car.  The UFO NOW Project has been created to put UFO schematics into the hands of everyone interested.  We can and will make this real -- where space travel is as common place as traveling via automobile.  How?  By distributing the the UFO How-To series on data DVD, as seen  at www.ufohowto.comThis project is a one-time only print run of these books to data discs. 

The information in these books shows the technical plans of the objects seen, photographed and video recorded in our skies: the grey saucers, the triangles and tubes, the glowing balls of light that perform acrobatic maneuvers at thousands of miles per hour in the heavens above. This technology is not solely in the possession of extra-terrestrials. The technology to fly at such phenomenal speeds and perform such maneuvers without the pilots being crushed by G-forces has been built and certified by the US government and other nations. These books chronicle the 120 year history of these technologies. If you are not aware that this information exists and is available to you, then please go to www.ufohowto.com to familiarize yourself with this data.

Since their initial release, the UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manuals have garnered interest and awe--no other book series in existence has revealed such massive amounts of government certified UFO technology.  Because of the cost of printing such massive amounts of pages, each book normally retails at $69.95 per volume.  That is over $850 for the entire series.  Up until now, the cost has been prohibitive for many people to participate.

By releasing these manuals in digital format for a mere ten dollars, the author will help people to overcome this monetary hurdle.  But to release these second edition volumes in digital format, the public must participate.  The only way to insure that that those who have tried to suppress this technology are thwarted is to put this knowledge into the hands of too many to be stopped.   If at least 100,000 people will stand by their minimal pledge of $10, with free shipping and handling in the United States, the author will release the entirety of the series in digital format.  The public must get involved to overcome this suppression of knowledge.  Tell your friends, family and acquaintances of this unprecedented UFO technology disclosure.

This is your opportunity to own the entire UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual series for ten dollars.  To make this happen you need to help spread the word and tell as many people as possible.  Every person who pledges $10 is making a concrete step towards making the new space age a reality in our lifetime.  Ten dollars is the minimum amount to cover the cost of manufacturing of these DVDs, labeling, printing and shipping to you, plus the costs of Kickstarter, Amazon.com and the IRS covered as well.

 With over 8 million hits to the website, a Coast To Coast AM appearance (http://www.ufohowto.com/Coast%20to%20Coast%20-%20Mar%2023%202008%20-%20Hour%201.mp3), and the many interviews given, this number should be easy to reach, if we all pitch in and spread the word.  We have 30 days to make this happen. If this project fails, the 12 books will only be available in print format at $69.95 apiece here ever after.

Thank you for reading this far.  My gratitude and appreciation are  extended to you.  I hope you will help make this project a success by not only buying a copy for $10, but also by telling your friends, family and acquaintances about this projectPlease spread the word!  The New Space Age belongs to all of us; this is the first step to making it so.

Risks and challenges

The biggest potential obstacle is the printing of this volume of data DVDs. I have overcome this obstacle by having partnered with a company that has decades of experience producing this volume of materials. Manufacture, printing, labeling, and shipping (in the US) costs will be absorbed by the project.

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