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The goal: to distribute in neighborhood coffee shops and cafes a weekly comics-page broadsheet featuring funny, engaging comic strips Read more

New York, NY Comics
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This project was successfully funded on June 24, 2010.

The goal: to distribute in neighborhood coffee shops and cafes a weekly comics-page broadsheet featuring funny, engaging comic strips

New York, NY Comics
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Tony Murphy
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Tony Murphy

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Coffee Talk Second Issue Out

Hey folks

The second issue of Coffee Talk came out and is on the streets of Brooklyn. I just put it in envelopes and addressed and licked the envelopes and will mail today, so you should be getting it soon (that is, if you said you wanted a reward when you donated).

Speaking of rewards -- I haven't forgotten about them and will get them out to everyone. Have been obsessed with the actual paper: distributing and selling ads, paying cartoonists, etc.


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Coffee Talk has hit the streets!

It's out

and it's beautiful

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Coffee Talk Rewards

I just sent out a request for address info through Kickstarter so I can start sending out rewards to all the donors. After some online investigation and e-mail inquiries, I still haven't found a decent printer, so it will take a week or two for people to get their first copy of Coffee Talk.

Matthew Moss, who designed the Coffee Talk logo I put on the site a few weeks ago, is finishing up the design so that the logo will look a little more newspapery. In the meantime, I've decided to make the first issue 12 pages instead of 8, so I'm still in the process of deciding which cartoons are going in the first issue.

This project exceeded its goal by about $270. Of the donations that came in after the $5,500 mark was reached, one was a $100 donation. Unlike some of the projects on Kickstarter -- which went over their goals two and three times over -- we reached the target amount with less than 24 hours left.

What all this means is that every donation really counted. Sure, you could subtract a few of them and still have over $5,500 -- but every donation contributed to the momentum of the project and the sense that we were going to make our goal.

So, thank you again everybody. I can't wait to see the results!

In the meantime, here's the first part of the rewards: the thank-you on our blog:

I'll be in touch!

What can I say but


A huge THANK YOU to all donors and everyone involved for e-mailing, posting, listserving, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, flogging, tagging, link-commenting, reminding, relative-begging, and repeat-donating!

Below is a link to the mock layout of Coffee Talk -- after the obsessing about DONATING and FUNDS and NUMBERS, it's nice to remember what this is all about: creativity, self-expression, comics!!

FINALLY -- I can stop thinking and talking about money -- and get started on the next step: