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Slow down, take a deeper & longer look at the beauty right in front of us in a way we've never imagined. "Oh WOW! Is that a...???" Read more

Haiku, HI Photography
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Slow down, take a deeper & longer look at the beauty right in front of us in a way we've never imagined. "Oh WOW! Is that a...???"

Haiku, HI Photography
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   I'm Margie MacPherson, a novice photography enthusiast (means I'm not a pro, I need a day job). Living on the island of Maui I am in the presence of nature's beauties, our island flowers. In these images, I would love to share with you a small fraction of the beauty our island possesses. I hope that you can help me to bring this project to fruition.

In the beginning...

    With a 10 year old 8mp (yes, 8!) digital camera AND a pair of cracked reading glasses I saw the world in a whole new way. Completely by accident, of course. It was like looking into what I imagined to be what a parallel universe would look like. I was blown away!  I thought it was just me but when I showed my family and friends, I realized that I wasn't alone. Yay! I'm not nuts!. There are two things people say when they look at my images in this order: "Wow" and "I've never seen anything like this!" . Although this is not a novel concept of macro photography, it is a different perspective of our island's beauty without the stereotypical hula shows, coconut trees, sandy beaches and of course, pineapple photos.

The Process

   I have become a drive-by-yard-stalker of others' flowers. If I don't get them from my yard, I will find them anywhere, in other yards or even from the wild. I also incorporate other foliage. Whether I use plumeria, hibiscus or orchids there is no shortage of flower variety and color. Nature has a way of enchanting the eyes with beautiful specimens. I don't know about you but I feel good when I look at or am in the presence of flowers. But hey, that's just me!

   The ability to place water drops on an object and make them stick is an art all by itself. Believe me, I've had more failed attempts than ones that eventually work. It's plain H2o whether from the tap, rain drops or dew drops. But that is the extent of my artificial manipulation. More often than not I use good 'ole kitchen sink water. Now, the images in the water drops are as is. 100% real, not altered. Absolutely no 'photoshopping' here whatsoever, zero, zilch, nada. Comprende!!

   I have experimented with turning the image, (all but the water drop), from color to either sepia or black/white. But, I have only done this to a few. I LOVE COLOR!! So I prefer to leave the image alone. (The cover shot is sepia, but the same image is seen in the slide show in it's original color.)

My Dilemma

   I have been offered the opportunity to have my images showcased in both gallery and restaurant venues, for starters, but lack the means to have this project materialize. I don't have a decent inventory of 'ready to display' images produced. Having only printed images of up to 11" x 14" on standard photo paper, believe me they are awesome to look at but it would not be enough of an impact to show. I need at least a dozen large quality prints produced in order to have a great showcase.

Kickstarter and YOU!

   I am looking to Kickstarter to help get my work put into print so it may be seen and collected by more people. Introducing the images in a physical form (as opposed to digitally) has been received well to those who have seen it. Why stop now?

   With your support and backing by way of Kickstarter, I would like to have a dozen or so metallic/graphite, metallic/acrylic and aluminum images produced in sizes 24"x36" prints or larger, and down the line, a production of:

  • Calendar
  • Coffee Table Book

   I have finally found my niche and I intend to embrace it. Having others share a view of nature in a way we're not used to is my mission. I hope you enjoy the images and the concept. It would be even greater if you would back me and my project!!!

Mahalo! (Thank you!)

My one regret...

   is that you can't smell the fragrance of these flowers!!! :

And a special thanks to:

  • My Dad (critic #1)
  • Joy (critic #2)
  • Anyone else who puts up with me!!!



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