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First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
3,122 backers pledged €215,733 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Thanks for the update. Thinking about the sponsors, I think it would be positive that when you send them, you could include a gift as compensation for the delay of the project.

    2. Lukas Angst Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      To those who had intended to give KEEGO as a present: unfortunately, we have made a mistake and, due to privacy regulations, we will not be able to send a card directly to the person for whom the present has been intended. Instead, we will send the card to your delivery address and hopefully you can hand it to the recipient personally. Any third-party data will not be stored and will be deleted.

      This has been a great learning opportunity for us. We apologise for any confusion and hope for your understanding. If you would like to receive a card for someone or have any questions, please write us to

      We keep going
      Team KEEGO

    3. Missing avatar

      Hendrik on

      Thank you for the update, much appreciated!
      I prefer an update with bad news rather than no update at all..

      I am surprised that the update contains no news on the progress made with the bottle manufacturing. This is after all the main challenge and goal of this project. I hope the production is now well under control with a steady output at high quality..

      Good luck with the next steps, I look forward to the next update!

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Iodice on

      Thanks for the update. I hope they are finished soon after the new year but I would rather wait to have the higher quality product, those her who are impatient are just a little too excited for the product I guess... can't wait until I get mine!

    5. Henry Starken on

      I hunderstand very well that quality has to be priority number one in this case, and I would be waiting without compromising. And I wish your team a lot success:)

    6. Missing avatar

      tim shears on

      I am planning this item as a gift for Christmas 2019. Is there any chance it might be delivered by then? So far every estimate, re-estimate and re-schedule has been missed.

    7. Missing avatar

      Roberto Preinreich on

      Thanks for the update. Wish you much success and I`m looking forward to receive these bottles when ever they are perfect fixed :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Frank Reintjes on

      Thanx for the Update ist gives a good felling that you are working hat at this project without making compromisses at the quality. That is good to see. So keep on going habe a good day and greetings to the Team!

    9. Guoccamolé

      TY for update. TY also for erring on side of quality.

    10. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      Please share a proper and realistic timeline with us. Can we even reckon with 2019 or is it Keego 2020? Very disappointing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Denise Greenham on

      Thank you for the update, much appreciated. I am sure you will get there.