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First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
3,122 backers pledged €215,733 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Rob Smeets on

      I'm with those who prefer a top notch product with delays to a faster delivery with less delays, but please, please don't abandon us. I've backed a great deal of projects among which many were abandoned by the creators after a while.

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      Marcus Farbstein on

      Cutting edge tech takes time and commitment. I am more than happy to wait for the best product. As a backer of many projects, I have come to expect delays - its part of the process. Keep focused on the product and ignore the nay sayers,

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      tim shears on

      This project was funding in April, estimating a July delivery. So I funded it. I expected a bit of a delay as I am a pessimist, but TBH to say you are going to deliver in 3 months and then take what 12 or more perhaps, borders in the delusional.

      If Kickstarter offered refunds I would be asking for one.

    4. Bobby Hall on

      Having been stood up by several kickstarter projects at this point, I can tell you the one similarity in them is always a lack of updates and clarity. We may not like the delays, but being forthcoming with this info is what sets you apart. While we may grumble about having to wait, we will still do so as long as you keep us in the loop and deliver a great product. We are going to complain about delays because we are consumers, it's kind of what we do. Don't let it deter you though. Those of us that complain will likely also be the ones that sing your praises the loudest when it's delivered and beats our expectations! Keep grinding away.

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      Markham D.R. Moore on

      Please don't use DHL to deliver the items as they charge duties and taxes amounting sometimes to more than the cost of the item! Instead use good old CanadaPost - it works!

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      Peder Elgaard on

      Just make more time to update us all. Communication is key! (as a PM I know from exprience :P )
      Also; what would happen if you skipped the lacquer ?

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      Markus von Allmen on

      I like your innovative an ambitious project. Go on. I believe in your ability to overcome the technical and organisational hurdles.

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      Hendrik on

      Thank you for the update, which is greatly appreciated. Delays can always happen. It is how they are dealt with that makes the difference..
      Personally I prefer to wait longer (much longer if needed) and get a to notch product rather than rushing to get us a half-baked version 0.5 ... So do take the time necessary to get all things straight...
      I would recommend though to update us backers way more frequently. Delays are always better understood of announced and explained early on rather than coming with late unexpected shifts.
      I do understand and have sympathy for the argument to invest your time in solving the issues rather than writing about them. But frequent short and to the point updates should not consume much time and in fact I think you will gain some time avoiding to answer all individual inquiries and frustrations.
      Good luck with the rest of the project!

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      Michael Assouline

      Sorry to hear you are getting nasty comments. Just ignore them and focus on creating a quality product. People need to understand that this isn't Amazon Prime. Reasonable people understand how hard manufacturing is and how many unforeseen obstacles have to be overcome. As you know, it's always best to delay the item if necessary to create a great, quality product that you will be known for. It is far worse to rush and ship an inferior product. Just keep on focusing on quality and design, and the vast majority of backers will support you.

    10. Daniel Elkan Als-Juliussen on

      Keep up the good work !
      Love and support from Copenhagen, Denmark

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      Keith on

      Maybe you could send off a few to a RANDOM sample of people to get their feedback? I see a lot of empties lying about and lots of change, but not a completed process, and now not until the middle of next year.
      Sounds like you guys had a cool machine and this bottle was a way to use it. So you ran with that idea and now the baby is a monster. Your machine is not working out so well trying to make all the bottles which you allowed people to purchase. It's like that cool 3D printer which is fine to make a few dozen items, but not thousands.
      These were going to be x-mas presents(accounting for the Kickstarter project delays), but now not until next year. If these ever ship, I'm going to wait for someone else to use them for a while before I drink out of it.
      Ugh, the only thing from Kickstarter that I have ever gotten that works fine was some LumiCord thing that I bought into as my virgin experience. Why is that?

      What is happening? Are you batch making the bottles so when the downstream procedures are ready, you can execute? The bottles are not all going to be the same, correct? They are batched and generational with small tweaks in between runs? It looks like they are different than when you first started. Frankly, they look like my thermos bottle and not the sexy, curvy bottle I saw originally. I hope the tops all fit and that finish you put on the inside doesn't come off in my drinks.

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      juanma doval on

      @Carlos Miguel First in kickstarter but not my first time as a backer of a project nor my first disappointment. I am also used to wait for things, believe me. Thank you for not calling me a dick 😃

    13. Carlos Miguel on

      @Juanma, first time backer? You're acting like it. =) It's uncommon to have projects be delivered on time in Kickstarter. That's just the name of the game.

    14. Missing avatar

      juanma doval on

      @Ulfhedinn If you'll excuse me, I never dare to think I am the spokesman of anyone but me. That's the reason I started my comment with a "You have explained your point of view so let me explain MINE" (mine is not an explosive device in this case) but apparently you are the voice of your generation ("MOST OF US do not share your opinion") so good for you and congrats for your election Mr. Spokesman but please don't call me dick as I'm not the dick here, dear. Kind regards 😊

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      Juanma, if I may, most of us do not share your opinion and are use to the, believe it or not, quite common months of delays on kickstarter. You, are just being a dick.

    16. Missing avatar

      juanma doval on

      So beauuuuuutiful 💕💕💕 You have explained your point of view so let me explain mine now: What we've got here is a bunch of people that never had a real project and when they suddenly had to face a real work with real responsabilities, they behaved like headless chickens. When the 13th update was released you decided that a delay was a good idea but it wasn't, otherwise it's a clear symptom of chaos. And doing this once is unacceptable but doing twice is a huuuge lack of respect towards your backers so I'm gonna repeat what I told you then: You needed 25.000 € but you gathered almost TEN TIMES that much, so you are faaaaaaar from working on a budget, sweetie.
      And the most discouraging part in this beautiful collection of bullshit you have put in front of our eyes is that "In retrospect, we understand that our Kickstarter campaign should not have been launched this early" because this sentence tends to mean something in the neighbourhood of: "Dear sucker we've been cheating you and you won't receive your Keego until january 2020 (if ever)... Muahahahaha!!!"
      "We keep going the extra mile" Really?
      Come on guys! the "extra mile" comes after pushing beyond your limits and you, people, haven't started to sweat yet 😡😡😡😡

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      Giancarlo giorgetti

      u are doing a great work and that the real worth of keego 💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻

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      Michael Jordan on

      The pictures are a bit concerning; are we still getting a squeezable metal bottle? They look pretty sturdy... 🤔

    19. Graham Connor

      What is the new timeline, exactly? Do we anticipate production beginning in February, 2019 or just "hang in there? "

    20. Missing avatar

      Zuba on

      Kein Problem! Ihr schafft das! Gut Ding braucht Weile.
      Viel Erfolg!

    21. Anders Öster

      These things happen. But you are right. The campaign shouldn't have launched yet.

    22. Herbert Eder

      I'm fine with delays, as long as you keep us updated!

    23. Missing avatar

      Manfred Obererlacher on

      Never settle, keep going on!