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First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
3,122 backers pledged €215,733 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Rob Smeets on

      @angry backers, please don't get all worked up because of this delay. Part of the fun of Kickstarter is that you see people's business unfold (or at least their project). At least these guys are upfront about their delays. I've backed 57 'successfully funded' projects, some of which never delivered anything, some of which actually did a runner... This is not going to be one of those projects. Please remember, also, that Kickstarter is not a webshop. The products you back are in fact nonexistent at the moment of backing, and they will remain nonexistent until you receive them. Even more importantly, nothing guarantees that you will ever receive something. If you do, it's a win-win situation (for the creator and for the backer). If you never do, that likely means that the creator burned through all their backers' money and is still unable to create what they promised to create. Which again, more than likely (unless they never intended to delivery anything) means they burned through a substantial part of their own money as well and are now worse off than before the project. A lot of words to say, please be patient, the bottles will arrive when they're ready and we can only hope they will be as good as promised :) Peace!

    2. Tyler Jenne on

      As someone who expects delays with every item I have backed, I am happy also that you are succeeding with such a fantastic and innovative product. The sky is the limit with alternative applications but I am excited to receive our Keego as soon as it gets here. Thank you for your update and I will continue to have patience...

    3. Jonathan La on

      I haven’t received mine yet

    4. Missing avatar

      Martina Hügel on

      What a disappointment:-(((((
      Will we be getting these bottles one day?

    5. Missing avatar

      David Shand on

      Disappointed by the delays and hope it ships soon before winter sets in.

    6. Missing avatar

      tim shears on

      Another disappointed backer. I would not have backed this for a delivery after August. You have misled all of us. Fine, you get your money, but don’t plan building a business on repeat orders and word of mouth if you disenfranchise your entire original customer base.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Like many others :( An update sounds like a joke - "We have a big customer and should be on time, so you can wait..."
      Larger volume production is a great thing for a company, but I don't think it should cause a delay for backers who do help you to raise your project.

    8. Missing avatar

      Crici on

      Sad, as with many other people this is meant to be birthday presents for July & August !

    9. boogie805 on

      Are you going to provide some type of compensation for us early backers due to your significant delay? That only seems fair.

    10. Baramon

      Don't start being late update with good news everyone and burying two months delay between five minutes long video (which was boring btw) and bottle hackathon unless you are trying to be sarcastic.

      Let's hope we will get our bottle in October 2018.

    11. Missing avatar

      juanma doval on

      "we are happy to share another update with you"
      You are HAPPY? really? Same as Tim Wong here. My son's birthday is August 29, not October. But in fact this doesn't come as a surprise, it's (sadly) the usual in this kind of projects. You talk and talk, and promise and promise and never deliver. In October there will be another problem and the date will be delayed to january 2019 and so on..
      If you had got the original 25.000 €, some problems are took for granted as you are REALLY working on a budget, but as you gathered almost 10 (TEN) times the amount you needed this is really unacceptable. More money should mean more gain but also a better service, don't you think? 😡

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Wong on

      Really disappointed at the delay. This was going to be a gift for an August birthday. Expected it to be a little late but two months?

    13. huk_k on

      “Thanks you for your money, which enables us to screw you over in search of new customers. Bigger ambitions for us means more delay for you.”

    14. Missing avatar

      Alan Chan on

      Very disappointed!

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Disappointed, for sure, about the delay. Understandable that you make the best decision for the future of the company rather than the backers of this one project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Heini Angst on

      Good luck. Keep going straight ahead!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      slightly disappointed about the delay, most likely was going to use the bottle in summer time. just hope i get my preferred number though.

    18. Missing avatar

      Martina Hügel on

      A bit disappointing ... Have been waiting for months now ... Besides, it was intended as a gift, too

    19. Missing avatar


      Love your enthusiasm................... Keep it UP !!!! & ALL THE BEST ......