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First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
First there were plastic bottles and metal bottles. Now there's KEEGO, fusing the best of both worlds.
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Survey Results & Stretch Goal Ahead!

Posted by Lukas Angst (Creator)

We reached out to you this week and asked if you could support us with answers to our survey. We are very thankful that so many of you (542 up until now) gave us feedback. For those that have not yet participated - it's not too late (we'll dive into this again later). However, we are happy to share the preliminary results with you.

Here we go

1. Gender

First it is striking that  89% of the feedback comes from men. We can’t see at this stage of the campaign if our backers are male or female but it seems that KEEGO mainly attracts men. To you women and girls out there: Is there a reason for that? Did we ignore something that we should focus on for women? Please tell us! We're sure there are more women out there than we can see. The best way is to comment directly below on this update

 2. What is your current bottle made of?

We see that a lot of you still use plastic bottles. Glad we can give an alternative to that!

3. How important is squeezability to you in a bottle?

We see that for a lot of you squeezability of the bottle is mandatory. At the same time, the results indicate that other benefits of KEEGO are just as convincing to many people. 

 4. What will you use KEEGO for?

As suspected: Mostly sports!

5. Which sports?

Now it gets really interesting. We anticipated that cycling, fitness training and running will be heading the list but are positively surprised that hiking ranks on 4. Overall we are happy to see that the KEEGO bottle will be used for a wide spectrum of activities.

* Unfortunately, we have a hard time differentiating between Armerican and English Football. So we had to put them together.. Every now and then they are quite similar anyway..

Stretch goal ahead!

The next stretch goal is getting closer! The vote regarding the next color is still running on Facebook. Current standing: 

Go to our Facebook to vote.

Keep backing, keep sharing and keep going!  

We love you,  


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    1. Diana Goldberg

      I am not surprised that more men find this KS appealing (titanium, fidget spinners or minimalist wallets projects all seem to be very popular with the male backer), but didn't expect that much difference. The price point is kind of high for a bottle, so guessing the tech aspects of this appeal to women less. Would definitely suggest making it easier to carry, and focusing more on health benefits compared to plastic bottles. The current color works great for me, but maybe some women would prefer something different (aqua, pink, orange, purple, green)?

    2. Missing avatar

      Denise Greenham on

      The results (in your display) are interesting - your FB book page does appear rather masculine, although, I had not seen it until after I had made my pledge, so it did not affect my decision! For your info I would use my bottle for hiking/walking. Good luck.

    3. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      1) ads in the end of updates are annoying
      2) using Facebook for surveys is the reason why I have not answered