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A charming augmented reality children's book.  Let's explore hidden worlds together!
A charming augmented reality children's book. Let's explore hidden worlds together!
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Books are printed - June is around the corner



We are still on target to ship rewards in June.  Most of the rewards are ready and look great.  The only things we are still waiting on are custom printed labels for the blankets, and the sewing of the pajamas.

The app has come a long way, and is really taking shape.  There is still a lot to be done, but hopefully with the other rewards out of the way it can become the focus once again.  We are optimistic that it won't make us miss our June goal, but are also dedicated to making it the best experience possible.

You can read more about each reward and the app development below.

Book Are Printed

The books have been printed and they have arrived at our house this week!  It is super exciting to have them here.  We've been waiting months for the printing and shipping to be completed, and it got here just in time to make good on our June commitment.

Thanks to some big help from Logan and his cousins we were able to get the books in the house in no time.

We ditched our old couch in the basement to make room, and the books are just waiting for the large task of packaging and preparing for shipment.

There is still a lot of work to get all the rewards organized, packaged, and shipped to our bakers, but we are super thrilled to finally have the books in hand.  We will be even more excited one you have them in your hands.


All the t-shirts have been printed and look great.  They were the first to arrive and have been waiting patiently for the rest of the rewards for a while now.


All six varieties of postcards have been printed and look fantastic.  Between the boxes of t-shirts and the boxes of postcards, and the shipping material to print everything our office is jam packed.


After a lot of searching for the perfect fabric we weren't satisfied with the prints we could find.  We ended up going through a custom fabric printer to make sure the pajamas look just perfect.  The fabric arrived last week and Sarah got started on the Pajamas right away.

She tested out the pattern with a different fabric to ensure it would look good before using the more expensive custom fabric.  The end result looks fantastic.  She's been working hard since to getting them all sewn up and I can't wait to see the final product with the custom fabric.


We also did a lot of searching for the right fabric for the blankets.  We were super thrilled to find a pattern that matched the book perfectly.  After a lot of work the blankets are almost all ready.  The only piece we are waiting on is the custom printed labels.  They have been delayed, and we are hoping they will arrive soon.

 Unlock Card

All the unlock cards have been printed and arrived at our house this week as well.  They were one of the last pieces we have been waiting for.  The next step for them will be to organize them in groups of 3 and 6 for the two different reward levels.


Development is coming along really nicely.  Here's what we've done lately, and what still needs to happen to bring this together.


  • Animations have been placed for all pages.
  • Narrations have been recorded.
  • Costumes are now in and work great.
  • Touch animations have been added to main characters.

In Progress:

  • Music is currently being composed.
  • Sound effects are being generated for the various pages.
  • Narrations are added and we are tweaking the interface to work well.
  • Custom interactions for each page where needed.

Left to do:

  • Unlock card content including (stickers, secret star, and scratch and find).
  • Menus and user interface for the app.

Needless to say it is coming along great, but there is still lots to do.


One of the big challenges still ahead of us is getting everything prepared for shipping.  This is a fairly big and daunting task, but we are up for the challenge.

A few things to notes regarding shipping:

- If you haven't filled out the survey, we need it now.  In a few days we will be locking down addresses so they can't be changed.  If that's going to be a problem please reach out to us soon.

- We plan to ship rewards as closely together as possible, so while we will be starting packaging soon we probably won't start to ship them until all rewards are packaged.

- The plan is to hold of shipping until app development is complete.  We want to make sure that your first experience with the book is a magical one.  Hopefully this won't push back shipping at all, but it is possible that it may.


We know you haven't heard much from us lately.  Thank you so much for your patience.  Our newborn got fairly sick over the past month and we've been fighting to help him get better.  With our limited time we've had to make a choice between working on the rewards and keeping everyone informed.  As you can see we've been working hard on the rewards.

He is now feeling better now so we are able to keep moving forward with all cylinders.  Thanks again for your support.  We can't wait to start shipping.


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    1. Steven Black on

      Great update, thanks. Really informative and great to see things are progressing for you. Looking forward to reading the book with my boys. Glad your boy is better.