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A book of practical advice to help you build professional-grade applications with Flask.
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The book isn't done, but you can read it!

Posted by Robert Picard (Creator)

Hello everyone,

When I first started this Kickstarter, I planned to have all of the writing done by about now. Unfortunately, reality got in the way and it turns out that it's a lot more taxing to write a book than I expected; the book isn't finished yet. I'd like to start off by saying that I'm sorry for that.

I considered pushing back the release date and trying to finish the book as fast as I could, but that isn't ideal. I'd end up releasing a pretty crappy product and calling it finished. Instead, I've decided to release the unfinished version here and now!

The early access version of the book is now available to buy at It's currently at version 0.01 and costs whatever you'd like to pay. If you pledged enough to receive the free digital version, just enter $0 in the price and download your copy. If you weren't, I only ask that you read the book and then come back and pay what you think it's worth. $10, or even $5 would be an awesome vote of confidence in my book.

This release includes the first 7 chapters in a "revised, but not yet finished" state. I'm hoping that by getting the book out there now I can start working your feedback back into subsequent releases before.

As of now, the book is available as a PDF. Print copies will be sent out when 1.0 is released. That's also when I'll get ePub and mobi files together for all of your eReaders. Right now I'm just focused on the content.

As a bonus, I'm also making the Markdown source of the book available on GitHub: You can submit a bug report if you see a typo or have some feedback on the content. If you want, you can even submit a pull request with some content that you'd like to see in the book.

I think that does it for this update! Go get the latest version of the book and tell me what you think!

- Robert Picard

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    1. Robert Picard Creator on

      @Ryan Moore: Hi Ryan! Thanks for checking in. May 1st is still the goal. At this point it's mostly just tedious formatting stuff. I expect that to take a couple more weeks (ugh). Then it's just a matter of getting the site and stuff in order and preparing for launch.

      Feel free to keep bugging me until it's done!

    2. Ryan Moore on

      Any updates on progress? I see the site is at v0.02, do you still think May is an accurate estimate, given the amount / quality of feedback you've received on the current revision?

    3. Missing avatar

      Soferio on

      Good luck with the home stretch!

    4. Robert Picard Creator on

      Soferio: Yes, to be honest, I haven't quite put one down. I'm thinking of going with May 1st. That gives me about 4 more months to finish it all up.

    5. Missing avatar

      Soferio on

      That's great. Could I ask what the new target date is for the final book?