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A book of practical advice to help you build professional-grade applications with Flask.
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Progress and a new title

Posted by Robert Picard (Creator)

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since the last Kickstarter update, so I figure it's about time I tell you all how things have been going.

Writing has been going well. I've settled on (relatively) final outline for the content []. I've written a first draft for all but a couple of those chapters as well. I took a break from writing after the first drafts to finalize the outline and review everything with my editor, Will Kahn-Greene (who is awesome!).

In the past couple of weeks I've started revising my current drafts to fit the final outline and implement Will's suggestions. The plan is to have the content finished by October 21st. At that point I'll send it to a few more people to check for typos and things of that nature.

Once I'm confident that the content of the book is up to snuff, I'm going to start formatting everything. Right now it's all written as Markdown in, an awesome tool for drafting and working with editors. I haven't quite decided on the formatting method yet, but I'm going to make sure that it looks good in PDF, ePub, mobi and print formats. I'm thinking that this stage will take a couple of weeks, so it should be wrapped up mid-November. I'm still shooting to get the books out in November. They'll probably get sent out in the last week and go on sale shortly after that.

I've been working with illustrator Dominic Flask [] to produce illustrations for each of the chapters, the cover and the backer goodies. I'm loving his concepts and the theme we chose for the book. That brings me to another point...

I decided to change the title of the book. Dominic and I wanted to choose something that would match up with a fun theme. We decided on a space exploration theme (rockets, planets, etc.) and today I finally decided on the new title. The new title is...drumroll please...........Explore Flask.

I've also set-up an Explore Flask mailing list. Everybody who backed the project should sign-up for the mailing list here: I'll be posting updates leading up to the book's launch (a launch day sale, perhaps?) and any book related information post-launch. I'll also be posting about new editions to the book there. There will probably be a bunch of updates surrounding the launch, but after that I'll keep it low volume, so don't worry about spam.

I think that sums things up. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email me at

Thank you everyone! You're support is making this happen!

- Robert Picard

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    1. Robert Picard Creator on

      Hi Pepe,

      Doing well. I'm going to be posting an update soon with the first release version. It's going to be a rough draft of the first 7 chapters, but I want to get it out there to start getting feedback.

    2. Pepe Araya on

      Hi Robert,
      How are you doing?

      Best regards!

    3. Missing avatar

      Soferio on

      How are you travelling? ETA? Cheers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Campbell on

      Hi Robert,

      Can you include a topic under "XIII. Serving an API" that covers authorizing a api being served by using tokens and possible other methods ?