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A book of practical advice to help you build professional-grade applications with Flask.
426 backers pledged $8,175 to help bring this project to life.

Sweetening the pot!

Posted by Robert Picard (Creator)

In the last update I told you about the next stretch goal. If we raise $10,000, I'll make the book available for free on the website. In that update, I urged everyone who has pledged $10 to consider raising their pledge to $20. Some of you were awesome enough to do so, so I've decided to give back a little too.

If you have pledged $20 or more by the time the Kickstarter is over, you will receive custom stickers for your laptop, or wherever else you'd like to stick them! I'm going to make sure that they look amazing too! Since the last post, 79 more of you have pledged your support. We now have 300 backers at the $10 level alone. If each of you raised your pledge to the $20 level, we'd close the gap on the $10,000 goal in no time, and the book will be freely available for all.

Consider this me sweetening the pot. :)


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    1. Mark van Lent on

      Additional benefit of releasing beta versions: more proofreaders to review the book before it's released to the masses.

    2. Robert Picard Creator on

      @Soferio: Thanks for links. I'll take a look.

    3. Missing avatar

      Soferio on

      Perhaps release a 'beta' version early, or selected early chapters. Your call.

    4. Robert Picard Creator on

      @Soferio: The problem with doing that is that I don't want to make people wait for no reason. Once the book is ready, it'll be available. Waiting around for an arbitrary time limit to pass feels very unnatural to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Soferio on

      If you really want people to upgrade their contribution, while still being fair, just offer the following: Anyone donating >$X will get the book (or a 'beta' of the book) one month before everyone else. Just one month earlier. That's my suggestion. You may get a slight deja vu feeling when considering this idea. That is because it is the standard 'hardback' vs. 'paperback' market segmentation. You can get the hardback now, or wait for the paperback later. Same book just later. Just an idea for your consideration.