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Make Your Own Miniatures - For 3D Printing - For Tabletop Games - Includes STL & OBJ Model Files To Print Or Edit & 6 Dwarf Model Sets
Make Your Own Miniatures - For 3D Printing - For Tabletop Games - Includes STL & OBJ Model Files To Print Or Edit & 6 Dwarf Model Sets
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Book 1 - Core Skills
Book 1 - Core Skills

 Make your own miniatures  

If you are a makey kind of a person and want to get into the world of 3D modelling then this could be just what you're looking for.  

The Modelling Miniatures Core Book is the start point. It's 260 pages with over 600 images, and includes 288 model files. It sounds quite heavy but the text is quite sparse and I think you'll find it quite quick to work through.

It's based around Sculptris 3D Sculpting software from Pixologic and also uses Meshmixer from Autodesk. Both of these software packages can be downloaded free.

Figure template parts
Figure template parts

 The guide walks you through the process of creating a set of template parts which can be configured and posed into a figure. You'll then be shown how to combine the parts into a single model, add layers of detail, create a printable file and check the files printability.  

There's also some information about 3D sites which may be of interest to show off your work, connect with other modellers, have your models printed, share and even sell your models. 

Everything is taken in small easy steps and the files created along the way are included in the package. The book covers the complete process from nothing to finished model.

Book 2 - Dwarves
Book 2 - Dwarves


Now you know the basics, the second book will guide you through the process of creating models similar to those you would buy from your favourite miniature makers.

We will make six sets of Dwarf models including three dwarf regiments (king's guard, rangers and shield maidens), a dwarf king set, a cannon and crew and a dwarf hero with loch monster!

Each model set will focus on specific lessons including Integration, Geometric Shapes, Women, and Creatures. It's 239 pages and like the first book is a quick read with text kept to a minimum, so you can learn faster!

The Package

The package includes

Book 1 - Core Book (pdf)

Book 2 - Dwarves Source Book (pdf)

All model files in SC1, OBJ, and STL Format for you to Print, Port, or Edit.

More Info

Check the update section for more information on the Core Book and the Dwarves Source Book, and a look at the Dwarves model sets

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Risks and challenges

The Core Book and the Dwarves Source Book together with all the model files are already completed and will be delivered as soon as the funds are cleared.

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