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OUR NIXON, a feature length documentary based on newly discovered Super 8 home movies filmed by Nixon's closest aides.
OUR NIXON, a feature length documentary based on newly discovered Super 8 home movies filmed by Nixon's closest aides.
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Summertime for Nixon

Greetings from OUR NIXON HQ!

Surely, one of life’s little ironies is that when you have the most news to share, you are almost always too busy to sit down and share it. Hence, our long delay in posting updates. 

Let me say this right up front: many of you are waiting for DVDs. You have been waiting for a long time! I can’t believe myself how long you have been waiting. I think about this obligation almost every day (really). And I don’t have a delivery date for you today, but I do expect to, soon…

In the meantime… I’d love to share some news about what’s been going on with OUR NIXON. The simple truth is that everything is just going better than we ever expected when we began this journey way back in 2011. Brian and I are really proud of the final product and all the things we’ve learned along the way.

Since our world premiere in January at Rotterdam and our US premiere in March at SXSW, OUR NIXON has been making the rounds at film festivals like New Directors/New Films, Hot Docs, Full Frame, Seattle, Atlanta, and Ann Arbor (where we won “Best of the Fest”!). Soon we’ll be off to AFI Docs, Nantucket, Rooftop Films, and Los Angeles. We’ve received a crazy amount of press and some pretty stunning reviews – too much to list here.

But the biggest news, in case you missed it, came in April. OUR NIXON was picked up for North American distribution by Cinedigm and also by CNN for North American broadcast. Details are all still in the works, but the film will appear on CNN and in movie theaters late this summer! The current plan is that Cinedigm will release the film on digital and DVD shortly after that.

I could go on.  But the bottom line is this: to be finally be able to release OUR NIXON in 2013 – Nixon’s Centennial Year – it’s just the best, most satisfying accomplishment of my life. Seriously! And to think it all goes back to this Kickstarter campaign and the support you all gave us… leaves me thankful beyond words.

Sincerely yours,

Penny Lane

PS: Brian's away on vacation right now, but he says hello too.  :) 

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    1. Brian L. Frye & Penny Lane 2-time creator on July 31, 2013

      Marisa, I'm sorry I didn't see this comment until now (I wasn't trying to ignore it!) -- you'll be getting the DVDs before they are on sale to the public! I'm still working with the manufacturer on timing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marisa on June 4, 2013

      So... we'll be able to watch it on TV, in movie theaters and buy DVDs from Cinedigm before getting our promised and paid for kickstarter DVDs? Wouldn't that make them not "advance copies" anymore?