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OUR NIXON, a feature length documentary based on newly discovered Super 8 home movies filmed by Nixon's closest aides.
272 backers pledged $15,673 to help bring this project to life.

OUR NIXON at IFP's Independent Film Week

Hello world!

It's been a while so we thought we'd check in.  Many of our backers recently received their Bobbleheads & other Nixon swag and we've been getting nice feedback on those things.   We have been busting our butts on the film all summer and are really happy with the progress we've made.   

This week, we are super duper psyched to be included in IFP's Independent Film Week, which is a four-day indie-film-industry extravaganza designed to introduce awesome films to the awesome people who support awesome films and help to make them a reality.  So, we are having introductory meetings with several dozen broadcasters, funders, producers, commissioning editors, agents and distributors. It's your classic Networking Event, but very well organized. We truly could not be more pleased with the reception the film has had so far.  Seriously, it's all smiles.  It's a bit humbling, and it reminds us that we are merely the stewards of this very special project that so many people are excited to see.  We have to do everything we can to make sure it's as excellent as it can possibly be.  Even if that means taking a lot longer to get it done than we initially had planned.

Filmmaker Magazine asked Penny to blog about her experience coming to Film Week for the first time. You can read her first post here, and check back throughout the week for additional updates.  

Yours truly,

Penny & Brian


    1. Creator Brian L. Frye & Penny Lane on October 17, 2011

      Aldo, the movie is still in production, but we will send DVDs to all of our backers as soon as they are ready! It may be awhile yet - making a feature film can take a long time!

    2. Creator Aldo on October 16, 2011

      Hi! great news...
      when will "our nixon" be shipped? some estimated date? I live in Chile (but have a miami post box) regards, Aldo