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Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
703 backers pledged MX$ 502,580 to help bring this project to life.

Quetzaladder Award: Best game of 2018!

Posted by La Caravana Gamelab (Creator)

This past weekend, we were present at Roll A Game Expo and, from the 20+ games exhibiting, Cooks & Crooks obtained the 1st place for the Quetzaladder Award in the category Best Game of the Expo which is selected from the votes of the public attending. 

Andrés Novelo and Luis Muñoz with the Quetzaladder Award.
Andrés Novelo and Luis Muñoz with the Quetzaladder Award.

The game you received was voted by the public as the best game of 2018, followed closely by Seat Wars from Andrés Ayala. Another project incubated in Detestable Games.

8 finalists from the 20+ games presented at the expo.
8 finalists from the 20+ games presented at the expo.

The public also praised the quality of the components and illustrations. For more images about our experience at Roll a Game Expo, click here.

Fulfillment - Sorting issues

Now that the expo has passed we have a clearer agenda to keep compiling issues with fulfillment. As most campaigns, fulfillment usually doesn't go smooth for all backers. Be assured that we will try our best to compensate for your support, getting you your rewards or damaged components replaced.

Here's the status for each region...

Canada: We are very disappointed to find out about the strikes of the local post. Canada Post informed customers that holiday deliveries will be delayed this year due to its rotating strikes and Black Friday and Cyber Monday backlogs. We will have to wait to get some news on how to proceed.

UK and some other countries from the EU: Due to comments and queue on Gamesquest as well as recommendation from our fulfillment partner in Asia, we sent the games to your address directly from China. Most of you got it without issues, some of you got a tax bill. If you have and want a refund, please send it to aether.tower@gmail.com Refunds will proceed on January. If you have no issues absorbing the tax bill, we greatly appreciate it since the currency exchange increase is making us put money from our pockets to cover fulfillment.

All countries except for Mexico: Our fulfillment partner in Asia send the tracking info after packages were sent. Many backers have received their games already without tracking. Keep an eye open and let us know when you receive your rewards.

Mexico (Guadalajara): La mayoría de nuestros patrocinadores tapatíos ya recibieron su copia de manera personal por Andrés Novelo o Luis Muñoz, en la feria o en La Caravana. Si no es así, te invitamos a asistir a La Caravana con una identificación y te haremos entrega de tus recompensas.

Mexico (CDMX): Los juegos base de Cooks & Crooks ya están en La Caravana. Sin embargo, aún estamos por recibir la mini expansión y la carta exclusiva de Kickstarter con la moneda. Puedes pasar a recoger tu copia a La Caravana CDMX y posteriormente el contenido extra o puedes esperar un par de días o para recoger todo. Favor de presentarse con una identificación oficial.

México (otros estados): Hoy se enviarán sus recompensas y guías con la información. Esperando que puedan recibirlo antes de Navidad o como regalo de Navidad.

Replacements and other issues

If your order got a damaged or missing component sent an email to aether.tower@gmail.com Replacements will be sent on January.

"Missing card": Some backers noted that the box reads 56 cards while getting 55 inside of the box. This is a "typo" since we included 56 to include the Kickstarter exclusive card because we thought we would place it inside the box.

Rat base: Some backers reported to have missed the rat standee base and then found it underneath the silver cardboard insert. Please try this.

Rat miniature: We expect to have some pictures of the painted rats by the next update. They will be shipped on February 2019.

Rate on BGG 

If you have played the game already 2 or more times, you would greatly help us by rating with the stars the game on BGG. This is crucial in the board game industry. Click here to rate.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and thanks for your patience, we are still working to get you your rewards!


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    1. La Caravana Gamelab 4-time creator on

      @Aikas sí, para el 27 ya estaría todo.

    2. Aikas on

      ¿Se consideraría que ya tendrían todo para recoger en CDMX el 27 de diciembre?

    3. RoadSalt on

      I'm also having trouble with my tracking number. Canada Post has been hit and miss since they're now trying to clear their back-log. I received one of my Kickstarter packages through Canada Post yesterday that took 10 days to get here, but another one that is coming via Canada Post has been delayed for the past 17 days.

      I also can't get my EMS tracking to show where my package is though and want to know what's happening.

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I can't seem to get anything off the tracking ID that was sent to me. 17track can't find it at all.

    5. Aether Tower Collaborator

      @Inhert That's the response we got. It seems logical to us since Canadian backers are mostly the ones with problems on their parcels. We are sorry for this and it is as frustrating for us as it is for you. We want you all to get your rewards, that's what Kickstarter is about.

    6. Inhert on

      I don't think Canada Post strike as anything to do with the delay because I ordered other things that got shipped by Canada post and still got them within one or 2 weeks. My game was never shipped, the tracking number I got, never worked and still show as no item with this tracking after almost 3 weeks... This just a big mess and very frustrating.