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Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
703 backers pledged MX$ 502,580 to help bring this project to life.

Parcels arriving

Posted by Aether Tower (Collaborator)

Hello everyone!

We would like to start by offering you a big apology for not being active recently. With so much backlog of projects (Seat Wars being fulfilled at the same time as Cooks & Crooks, solving add-ons for Cooking Rumble, working with the new projects from Draco Studios Eldritch Century + War for Chicken Island, and the upcoming Roll a Game Expo) we have been away a little bit from the comments section. But be assured that we read all the comments and messages and that even if we do not reply at the moment, we take note of issues and we pretend to fulfill each and every backer.

Packages arriving: Yes! This makes us extremely happy and even more when you let us know in the comments with detail

These comments brings joy for each of us involved in the project!
These comments brings joy for each of us involved in the project!

 The best way to support us is by rating the game on its BoardgameGeek Page.

Fulfillment issues

Almost all campaigns have some issues on fulfillment, big or small. It is natural at this stage since assembly, packaging and delivery can be erratic. We are committed to solve them so every backer is satisfied. If you ran into issues, search for the proper one to know more about it.

As we mentioned in the previous update, because of currency exchange going higher these past months, fulfillment ended being more costly than what we planned and that we would cover this extra cost from our pockets hoping to retrieve some of it by selling the extra copies.

Incomplete parcels: Rat miniatures and printed translated rules are scheduled for a later delivery on 2019. Other than that, if you are missing game, 5th player expansion or Kickstarter exclusive items, send us an e-mail to aether.tower@gmail.com with the subject: "C&C Missing items" telling us which items were missing and we will compare data from pledge manager to the report VFI gave us of the parcels sent.

Tracking info not sent or arrived late: We are aware of this issue. As mentioned in a previous update, because of currency exchange and suggestion from our fulfillment partner (VFI ASIA), we decided to ship everything from China. The packages were ready to be sent and we let VFI Asia know that the payment would be done a couple of weeks after the change of president in our country (hoping that currency exchange would be in our favor). Apparently, they sent them in goodwill before we committed payment and the tracking info went out later went we reached again to let them know that payment would be committed by the end of this week. If you haven't received your tracking info by next Monday send us an e-mail to aether.tower@gmail.com with the subject "C&C Missing tracking" because maybe your survey was not answered or for some reason your package was not sent yet.

Customs bills: Yes, when we accepted the recommendation of this game being small and inexpensive enough to reach the threshold we knew about this risk. Looks like at least for UK, the game did not managed to clear customs. If this is your case please send us an e-mail to aether.tower@gmail.com with the subject "C&C Customs bill" and a picture of the bill where we can see it refers to Cooks & Crooks. We will reimburse backers who request it at our expense. (For countries to which we promised Friendly-Shipping).

Incorrect shipping address: If your tracking info indicates that your package was sent to a different address send us an e-mail to aether.tower@gmail.com indicating us your actual address. We will check in the pledge manager log to see if you submitted that change or not.

Replacements for missing/damaged components

55 cards instead of 56: This is actually a 1st edition typo on the box. The box lists 56 components because it took into account the Kickstarter exclusive card (which is still exclusive and comes outside of the box). 55 cards inside is correct. We do not have plans in the near future for a 2nd print, but this is something we should correct if someday we have it.

Other components (except rat miniature) Again, the miniatures are still under production and we are aiming for a 2019 delivery on Q1. For all other missing or damaged components, just send us a picture of it to aether.tower@gmail.com with the subject "C&C replacement" and we will take it from there.

Shout out to VFI Asia

Even with the issues that have arisen so far, we have to say that VFI Asia excelled this time with us:

  • They lined up and packaged all the parcels to backers worldwide.
  • They sent in goodwill the parcels before we even committed payment.
  • Due to our situation having an unfavorable currency exchange increase, they reduced the amount for upfront payment to just 33% and the rest before end of the year; also they offered to help us a little bit further by buying any games left on their warehouse after fulfilling the project to lower the number.

Last notes

At this point Cooks & Crooks and Seat Wars have the same status so most of the text of this update will be shared on that project too.

 We learnt some valuable lessons which will help us to be better in the future. For now, you can be assured that our commitment is to have every backer satisfied with their rewards sent and what was promised on the campaign.

We know that some of you are having issues and are letting us know in the comments, but that a lot of you are receiving your rewards with no problems and sometimes there are not any comments. We just hope you enjoy and cherish the game once you get it; there are very limited copies of Cooks & Crooks in the world and you helped to create it. Thank you for your support.

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    1. Aether Tower Collaborator

      Great to read!

    2. Eckberger on

      I received my package yesterday here in Germany. Thank you!