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Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
703 backers pledged MX$ 502,580 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping update (Late November)

Posted by La Caravana Gamelab (Creator)

Hello backers, we wanted to share the news

All countries except Mexico: The games have been shipped and will start arriving to your addresses soon!

Mexico: Los juegos llegaron a puerto hace una semana, ya han sido liberados y llegarán a nuestra bodega en Texas mañana. Ahí cruzarán la frontera para importarlos al país y llegarán directo a Guadalajara de donde gestionaremos los envíos. Queremos que lleguen a tiempo para Roll a Game Expo (Feria internacional de los juegos de mesa) para que puedan recogerlos ahí. También será posible recogerlos en La Caravana GDL / CDMX más adelante.

Rat miniature: As indicated on previous updates. The rats are being manufactured in Mexico and will be sent separately from the game. We are expecting to finish production on December.

Replacements: Assemble and manufacture sometimes is not perfect and all manufacture printers have a percentage of games with errors. If you think this might be your case, send an e-mail to caravanagamelab@gmail.com with the subject "Replacement" and include pictures of any damaged component.

Share: Please let us know in the Kickstarter comments if you received your rewards and tag us over social media if you include pictures. We are very excited to read about it.

Rate: After playing the game 2 or 3 times, please rate us on BoardGameGeek! (The stars)


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    1. Aether Tower Collaborator

      @Inhert you should have received it by now, if not, let us know.
      @Angela we control that, we usually don't keep that record in backerkit :/
      @Dave thanks for sharing your experience with others ;)
      @Viggy Great!!
      @Matt sent you an e-mail to fix this
      @Rami hello again, glad we already sorted this out
      @Amelia sent you an e-mail, have you had any progress? Keep us updated
      @Stephanie Will send you an e-mail

    2. Stephanie Boyle

      Mine is lost in Los Angeles. No scans or updates since 11/29, and the rest of the United States to go to get to NY. I can't file a claim because they say I can't file an international claim. What should I do?

    3. Amelia Pluck on

      Living in the USA and haven't received any shipping updates :( hoping it comes this week or next! One of my copies is a Christmas gift!

    4. Missing avatar

      Rami on

      Hi Matt,
      I am in the same boat, in fact I am in a completely different country and now it has almost arrived to the old address!
      Such a shame, having to not only wait but waste of their money being sent to an incorrect address despite the early change on the system.

    5. Matt Day on

      I just received an email from the shipping company, but it has my old address on it! I changed the address a while before anything was shipped and have a confirmation of doing so.

      I no longer have access to the old address and it was a business address

    6. Viggy Tao on

      I’ve just got mine! I’m from Australia! Super cute package!!! Thanks!!!!

    7. dns12999 "Dave The Quack" on

      I feel this is normal I've gotten games from KS and didn't get any shipping info until after I received the game! If the game is half as fun as it looks it will be great.

    8. (Angela) Mrs Prendergast welcomes you...

      It doesn't say shipped in Backerkit either.

    9. Inhert on

      You say all games has been shipped but I didn't received any shipping notice. Is this normal?