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Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
Put the proverbial fly in other player's soup! Discover who is the most crooked cook in this family game.
703 backers pledged MX$ 502,580 to help bring this project to life.

Last Stretch Goal for final 48 hrs!

Posted by La Caravana Gamelab (Creator)

You did it again!

During the first 48 hrs since the campaign went live, you managed to unlock the first batch of Stretch Goals!

Now, before we hit the 48-hrs left notice, you unlocked the second batch of Stretch Goals!

 And now, the Time Counter will have a redesign and have SPOT-UV on it to make it stand out. THANK YOU!!

Now, for the last 48-hrs, we will try to reach 1 final Stretch Goal...

 This was not a planned Stretch Goal but since backer Corey Hastings suggested it, we loved the idea. Now that we have unlocked all necessary Stretch Goals to make this product better, we definitely want to see that rat miniature a reality.

Speaking of which, the blue rat and the one with the eyepatch had the most votes, so Luis Muñoz worked on some variations. Vote for your favorite on the comments!

Eyepatch Joe (Left), Rizzo To (Center), Caped Pete (Right)
Eyepatch Joe (Left), Rizzo To (Center), Caped Pete (Right)


Thanks to our backers Nick McNabb, @Sawdust4Brains, @Michelle Bourque and @What's on the Shelf? for suggesting the names.

The winner will become the 1st player standee and miniature model! Tallying will end during our livestream.

Why will the miniature be an add-on?
Because it was not considered in the game's components when we quoted with our manufacture. The Stretch Goal will cover 3D modelling and master molds. You will be able to select the miniature unpainted or painted. We are still working on the quotes for each of them, depending on demand.

Tell me more about the miniature!
Heriberto Valle Martínez, a close friend from Märchen Atelier, will sculpt it. (He sculpted the miniatures for The Grimm Forest, and an expansion for Scythe). Draco Forge, the manufacturer for Eldritch Century will held production in México. The resin miniature can be delivered unpainted (solid grey) or painted in tabletop quality (for a slightly higher price).

Why didn't you made an artwork Stretch Goal for more trash illustrations?
We are already working on new illustrations with the Social Goals. Making more illustrations would would consume time for Luis Muñoz after the campaign finishes. We need to have all the files ready by the end of April in order to meet our deadlines and deliver on time. However, a 6th player expansion seems like a possibility now for late 2018/early 2019, many new illustrations for the components will be available there ;)

How can you help us unlock this final Stretch Goal?During BackerKit, you will be able to order a copy of Seat Wars too (our first game on Kickstarter). You can modify your pledge to order a copy.

Game + shipping

USA & México: $630 MXN
Canada: $710 MXN
European Union & UK: $750 MXN
Rest of the World: $890 MXN

You can also keep working towards the Social Goals by:
Sharing this Facebook post.
Following us on Kickstarter.
Retweeting this Tweet.

(And by doing that you will also unlock a new trash card illustration, we are at 63 interactions and need 37 more)

Thank you for making this campaign such an awesome experience and making this game even better! Join us in our livestream on Thursday for the final 90 minutes of the campaign!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Erica Pettit

      Rizzo To

    2. Anthony

      Blue rat with the chef hat. no eyepatch

    3. Nick McNabb on

      I vote for Eyepatch Joe :)

    4. Ben on

      Caped Pete :)

    5. Viggy Tao on

      Caped Pete please, others looks a bit scary, lol!!!

    6. Alejandro Martin del Campo on

      I vote for Capet Pete 😁

    7. Corey Hastings

      I am a fan of the original rat design (top), but the cape idea is not so bad. I really dislike the eyes of the caped rat, though. If you put the normal rat's eyes on the caped rat, I think you would have a quirky rat winner!

    8. Patrick Draad on

      Caped Pete please! Just because he’s so goofylike, instant admiration for me!

    9. Missing avatar

      Allison Collingwood

      Caped Pete!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Tarawillow on

      The one with the cape

    11. Johnathan Steven Solek

      Vote for Rizzo To. Don't care for the eye patch or the cape too much.

      Hopefully you find out the cost of the rat miniature, both painted and unpainted, to add to our pledges. I'd probably get one of each and it would help reach the stretch goal faster.

    12. Missing avatar

      Agustín Madrigal Cruz on

      The one with the red scarf!

    13. (Angela) Mrs Prendergast welcomes you...

      Votes for Eye Patch Joe

    14. (Angela) Mrs Prendergast welcomes you...

      What would the Rat add-on cost? So maybe we could add in order to reach that SG. And will (late) pledges in BK count too?

    15. Missing avatar

      Chong Tze Liang

      Keep Eye Patch Joe pls!