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$7,500 for $40 Million's video poster

I'm finally shooting my own "low budget" short. Turns out, it costs quite a bit for low budget short! Read more

Hermosa Beach, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on January 12, 2012.

I'm finally shooting my own "low budget" short. Turns out, it costs quite a bit for low budget short!

Hermosa Beach, CA Shorts
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Crowd Funding! It's all the rage!!   Hello friends and family! I'm figuratively standing at the exit to the freeway with a sign in my hand. A sign that says "can you please give?" 

That's right, I'm asking for a handout. It's not for charity, it's not an investment, and it's not a tax write off!  So what is it? Crowd Funding! Whooo Hooo!! A cool new way to raise money for projects.  Small pledges from the crowd of supportive friends and family add up. It's like I'm selling Tupperware, but instead of a container to hold your leftovers, at the end of this you will receive a lovely gift based on the amount you pledged! (Some of you are probably too young to know what Tupperware is..aren't you? sigh....)

My project is a short film called $40 Million. Just like you, my protagonist has a $40 Million dollar inheritance awaiting her on the other side of an anonymous email.  The animal lover that I am, of course I had to write Chimpanzees into my film. turns out they are way too expensive to utilize, so I switched to regular monkeys...too expensive still!  I'm down to two turtles and pair of ferrets.  I'm a sell out, I admit it! I'm sacrificing creativity for the bottom line! Can you help me before I have to resort to an ant farm and a chia pet?

This film will be my directing and screen-writing debut and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with all of you.  We are set to film the first week in January and complete production by the end of February. Your pledge is not deducted unless I meet the goal of $7,500, which represents about 3/4 of my production costs.  Now of course it doesn't cost $7,500 to rent turtles (actually they are tortoises) and ferrets, but I have a wonderfully talented crew and cast as well as some great equipment lined up too!

No pledge is too small!

Thank you in advance!


  • In the film industry, it's important to have a log line - a one sentence description that captures the attention and makes one want to read the script. I have been struggling with coming up with log line and when people ask me what the film is about, I generally end up giving them a 15 minute synopsis of every scene in the film. So here's an attempt at a log line:

    You might want to think again before you delete one of those emails that says you are the sole heir to a $40 Million Dollar fortune from Africa, it might just be true.

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    $20 or more gets you TWO tickets to a special Kickstarter Premiere party where I will have TWO kinds of wine (red & white)!

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    Movie Buffs - Pledge $50 or more and you get everything in Reward level #1 AND a DVD of the completed film!

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    Patrons of the Arts! For a $75 or more pledge we will give you a piece of art featuring the film's animals that you can put on your fridge (sometimes referred to as a "magnet")!
    Plus, you get two tickets to the Premiere and a DVD!

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    Your Name in Lights! Pledge $100 or more and we'll include your name (or company name or fun fake company name) in our opening "in association with" credits. This is going to be done in a fun way, and the more the better!

    Plus, you get the invite to the premiere party (for two) and the DVD! (and the art, if you want it!)

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