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Jazz, European Classical music and Baroque opera converge to help track a killer in this anthropomorphic 1930 New York City crime noir.
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Operation: Bird-Squad!

Posted by Shane Matthew Murphy (Creator)

Cock a doodle do!  While BIRDLAND is crossing over into other countries with pledges from England, Australia, Japan and beyond, it is also crossing over into other comic book territories!

Creator Eben E. B. Burgoon's B-Squad : Soldiers of Misfortune (art by Lauren Monardo) is an action-adventure humor comic book series about a 6-person mercenary group made up of expendable misfits as they work together to complete dangerous & ridiculous missions.

In addition to the off-the-wall adventure and zany characters, in each issue of B-Squad, one of the 6 characters in each issue will be killed off. This will be determined by the spin of a gambling totem. One spin, one marked for death character.

How does this relate to BIRDLAND?  Well, I was lucky enough to contribute an original character sheet depicting my personal favorite of this 6-team mercenary group, an absent minded, iPEAR app addicted Japanese man named Makata "MacGoogle" Wagyu!  And of course, what better app for MacGoogle to be addicted to than the highly popular time-waster, "Angry BIRDLAND"?

It was a super fun piece to work on, and Eben has made the original 11"x14" available as part of a new B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune Kickstarter pledge.  He has even been gracious enough to offer me half of the pledge amount!  Should you choose to back this pledge, not only will you be helping one very cool comic project get off it's feet, you'll be helping mine as well!  Talk about two birds with one stone! 

Eben's already hit his initial goal, but he's truly just getting started!  His project is packed with tons of awesome prizes, no shortage of killer stretch goals, and no less than FIVE more full issues already mapped out (the very next of which involves his B-Squad members being shrunken down to rescue actor/comedian Bill Murray from the terrifying culture creatures of Tapigami city!)...

It's very fun comic from a very funny guy.  He has worked hard to get this baby going and he's not about to give up now.  The man has plans.  Big, scary, funny plans.

(and if he hits $6000 he might even let me draw the 6 page MacGoogle one shot)

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!  Share the love and back B-Squad today!


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