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A collection of dark & disturbing stories, some published and some unpublished, but all designed make you think...and shudder.

A collection of dark & disturbing stories, some published and some unpublished, but all designed make you think...and shudder. Read More
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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on June 19, 2012.

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EDGEWISE is my second short story collection, following DAYDREAMS UNDERTAKEN - EXPANDED & REVISED, which is currently available as an ebook on and The stories in EDGEWISE are darker, and some of them are quite disturbing, but all are thought-provoking. 

I intend to use the funds raised here on Kickstarter to commission a cover for EDGEWISE and to have the manuscript formatted for Kindle and Nook, and also to make it available as a PDF file. I'll use to create a contest for designers to submit covers; I've used it successfully for three covers for three other ebooks so far, which you can see here:

Some readers may find the subject matter of certain stories in EDGEWISE to be offensive, although that was not my intention when writing them and it is not my intention now as I prepare to publish them. Honestly, I anguished over whether or not to excise one or two of these stories, but ultimately decided to keep them in the book. I want the stories to stir the mind, but really my stories -- like anyone's work -- is more about who I am and what's going on in MY mind than anything else (or, more accurately, what was going on in my mind when I wrote them).

I chose to adhere to the view that when a writer writes something that makes him (or her) feel uneasy it means they've written something that had to be written, and now must be shared.

Some of the stories are new, but most have been previously published. Here are review excerpts for some of the stories that appear in EDGEWISE:

“…with an interesting twist similar to Harlan Ellison's classic ‘The Whimper of Whipped Dogs’.” – Review of ‘Worm in a Bottle’ in Nightscapes.

“Great writing and rich characterization add to Stephen Antczak's inviting story, ‘Good Vibrations’.” – Tangent magazine.

“Antczak elicits compassion for his alienated characters without giving up their inherent self-absorption. It's worth more than one read.” - review of  ‘The Suicide Club Membership Drive’ in Tangent magazine.

“This is a brilliant examination of the pseudo-afterlife of suicides and the influence these wraiths exert on the suicidal living.” – review of ‘The Suicide Club Membership Drive’ in HorrorScope web site.

“Part Clive Barker, part X-Men.” – review of ‘Good Vibrations’ in Locus magazine.

"Best. Title. Ever." - fan posting online about 'The Suicide Club Membership Drive'

And here are review excerpts and blurbs for my other collection, DAYDREAMS UNDERTAKEN:

“No formular here; these stories are different, sharp, and challenging. A fine collection.” – Piers Anthony, bestselling author of the Xanth fantasy series.

“Stephen L. Antczak is one of those rare talents who can mix solid science fictional ideas with a neat helping of whimsy.” – Ben Bova, author of The Starcrossed, The Exiles Trilogy, Moonrise.

“Steve Antczak is a new writer worth watching, and may well become one of the leading voices of the new century.” – Allen Steele, author of Orbital Decay, Coyote.

“Compelling. This collection will draw a wide audience if word gets around just how good Antczak is.” – Jack McDevitt, author of Ancients Shores, Omega.

“An eclectic mix of tales…the stories are an admirable showcase for Antczak’s humor and his respect for the traditions of the genre.” –

“You won’t go wrong with (Daydreams Undertaken). – Science Fiction Chronicle.

“A bit of dark, bit of light, music, wonder, and fun are in this collection, all written with an artist’s eye for scenery, atmosphere and imagination. When you are in the need of a daydream, try these; they won’t disappoint you.” –

"…better than the short fiction Hugo nominees in a typical year." – FOSFAX.

“…you might want to pick up a copy of Daydreams Undertaken before (Antczak) is fully ‘discovered’…” –

“I look forward to seeing where this master craftsman’s career takes him.” – Nth Degree.

“The sheer variety of material in Daydreams Undertaken is impressive in itself.” – Solar Flare (


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