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I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
1,166 backers pledged $25,078 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

The Alphabet in full

So which monster is being used for which letter? I've been getting this question a lot in various forms, and I thought I should answer this here:

A is for Akūpāra

B is for Basilisk

C is for Cù Sìth

D is for Doppelgänger

E is for Elemental

F is for Fairy

G is for Golem

H is for Hippogriff

I is for Ibong Adarna

J is for Jörmungandr

K is for Kobold

L is for Leviathan

M is for Melusine

N is for Nāga

O is for Ouroboros

P is for Pegasus

Q is for Quetzalcoatl

R is for Raijū

S is for Sphinx

T is for Tanuki

U is for Unicorn

V is for Vanara

W is for Wyrm

X is for Xiuhcoatl

Y is for Yeti

Z is for Zhū Què

Book Tour Backer Update

We've been talking with our printer, and one of the awesome things about this project exploding is that the price per book is going down. This means that instead of O and I losing a couple thousand dollars on this project, we can actually cover all our production costs.

It also means that we can adjust the cost of the Book Tour options, knocking $50 off each tour stop.

The reward is still 20 copies of the Monster Alphabet, plus 3 hours of Dern reading the book and signing copies and answering questions. And we still need to limit this reward to stores and libraries (or patrons of libraries).

I do need to note that the dates and cities are currently tied to conventions that Dern and occasionally O are planning on heading to as part of our pre-existing convention tour. This is why the cost of the tour doesn't need to factor in travel and lodging. If you want us to come to your town for a reading, contact Dern and he'll try to figure out the cost of an appearance.

The next backer bonus

We've blown past our last Bonus Backer Bonus, so it's time for a new one:

If we reach $15,000, Dern will record a special video story time of The Monster Alphabet.

Again, thank you all for your support. We've been watching the Facebook "Like" counter go up (and that really helps us spread the word). And if you've tweeted about The Monster Alphabet, there's a good chance I've already sent you a thank you on the Twitters.

O and I are just really floored by how amazing you guys, our backers, have been. Thank you.

We hit the $12,000 goal!

O and Dern will be recording audio book for every backer!

This includes the book order bonuses of a poster, postcard and bookmark.

Also, Monster Alphabet is now the 12th-most funded Children's Book in the history of Kickstarter. We're going for the Top 10!

Stay tuned for the next Bonus Backer Bonus.

Milestone wrap-up, and we're almost at the new goal!

First, a quick update - over the weekend Monster Alphabet switched categories, from comics to publishing (and children's books). This is because Monster Alphabet isn't a true comic, but is in fact a children's book.

Meanwhile, this has created a new set of goals for Monster Alphabet. We're now the 13th-most funded children's book in the history of Kickstarter, and I really want to make a run for the top 3.

We've also crossed some major milestones - $10,000 raised, 500 backers, 800 books ordered. We've hit a lot of our early goals (now every book order comes with a postcard, bookmark and poster). And we're running full steam ahead to our next goal: $12,000, which triggers O and I recording an audio book.

As soon as we hear back from our printers, we'll announce what the next goal will be. So stay tuned, and don't forget to hit the "Like" button for Facebook (it's underneath the video on the main Monster Alphabet Kickstarter page).