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I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
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Most Likely Final Bonus Backer Bonus met - what next?

Our Most Like Final Bonus Backer Bonus of $23,453 has been reached! Every first edition of the book will get a slipcase added to it. 

So what next?

Today, at 4:15 p.m. EST, the Kickstarter portion is over. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I think we'll still have 100% at that time. This means that Amazon payments will be charging you today for the amount you pledged.

Once the Kickstarter is officially over, I'll be able to send everyone a survey. This is where you tell me what address you want the book sent to. And while it's tempting for me to add 4-5 goofy questions to the survey, I will be keeping it as simple as possible (address, total number of books ordered, maybe one extra question). These will go out by Friday morning. It should only take about 3 minutes to fill out, and the sooner I get back all the surveys, the faster I can send out the books.

Even with the massive increase of orders (we tripled our initial plan, then tripled it again), we're still on target to get the books shipped out by the end of March.

And again, I know I've said this about 5,000 times in the past 40 days, but thank you again for the amazing support you guys have shown.

The "Banner Year" backer

Starting off 2012 with this level of support has been amazing. We're already looking into added a lot more convention appearances.

And we'll be needing a banner. So we're adding the Banner Year Backer Level for $500.

The backer will get the banner when we're done with it in 2013. We'll keep track of each tour stop on the back of it, and O will add some drawings to it. And we'll throw in the last available original piece of penciled art, the Raijū, and a nice package of 10 signed books.

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Monster Alphabet Poster Preview

A work-in-progress shot of the Monster Alphabet Poster bonus. Two key things that will change are the addition of some Monsters in the window, and the cover of the book will be added in (once the new cover is finished)

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The Most Likely Final Goal!

Yesterday was a crazy, crazy day for us.
For starters, we now have our first Book Signing and Reading, scheduled for June 9 at Game On! Comics in Vienna, Va.
Then we crossed the 3,000% line - meaning that our most recent Bonus Backer Bonus has been met. I’ll be recording a video story time of The Monster Alphabet, and sending it to all the backers free of charge.
Now we need a new Bonus Backer Bonus, and this is one that I’ve been wanting to reveal for some time: a slipcase. The first edition of this book might just get a whole lot classier.
For what is probably the final Bonus Backer Bonus, I’m targeting $23,453. Yes, that is a fairly bizarre number. But it’s exactly $1 more than the amount O and I raised for Scurvy Dogs, our board game. And I thought it would be fun to compete against myself.