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I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
I wrote The Monster Alphabet for my son. I'm printing it as a board book, so I can teach him that B is for Basilisk.
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Survey Update


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Brief but important update

First up, today was huge: the advance copies arrived, and they're gorgeous.

This means that tomorrow, 3,000 more copies of the Monster Alphabet are being shipped to me.

I would like to quickly apologize about getting the time estimates wrong in getting these printed. I've had to learn a lot of new skills, including wiring massive amounts of money to people and taking a book from start to finish. That said, let's do this thing!

What next?

If you haven't yet, please check in to the Kickstarter site and click the link for the survey. This is how I'll be able to get your address to send you your rewards.

Also, if you have already sent in the survey, but have since changed your address, please send me a message through Kickstarter. I will respond to this message with a quick affirmative, which means I've already changed the address in the spreadsheet. If I have not given you an affirmative over a 3-day span, please send me a reminder (as there's a good chance the message can get lost in the shuffle of 1,200 orders).

The deadline for an address change is a moving target. Soon I'm going to be posting shipping schedules - we'll do it by backer reward level. And when your order is being shipped out, I'll send a message through Kickstarter's messages.

And yes, I promise that more photos are coming soon. I'm still a bit worn out from a strange weekend that involved me meeting Chuck Testa, Leeroy Jenkins and the Tron Guy.

Good News/Bad News


First, I wanted to let everyone know that the advance copies of Monster Alphabet are en route, and the 60 cases of books should slowly be coming in behind them. This means we should be shipping out orders starting at the end of April.

And now the bad news (Note: this only affects the $100 backers, plus anyone that was hoping to meet O in London).

We just hit a strange delay with Monster Alphabet. Part of the development plan was for O and Dern to meet in London before London Comic Con to sign a lot of books. O lives in Colombia, and Dern lives in the USA, and shipping things in the past has been problematic, so we prefer doing things face-to-face.

Well, the UK has denied O's visa for London Comic Con, and this throws a huge monkey wrench into the works.

Let's boil it down to what this means if you're a Monster Alphabet backer: 

Luckily, all of the original art for Monster Alphabet was done before September last year, meaning it's already been moved over to dern's house. If you ordered original art with your books, we can ship your order out to you ASAP if you want. If you want your book to also be signed by O, you'll need to wait until the end of July (the next time O and I are in the same spot again is for ConnectiCon).

Again, we're really sorry about this delay.

51 pounds

51 pounds. That's the weight of a box I got today from one of the three printers I'm working with. Specifically, the printer in charge of bookmarks, flashcards, postcards and magnets.

I started running an inventory on it, and I was trying to find the postcards. And that's when I realized, 51 pounds wasn't even HALF of what was being shipped to me. Don't worry, the printer was aware of this. They sent a partial shipment out as soon as they filled up a box, as shipping a box over 51 pounds is really crazy.

My UPS guy wanted to know if I was shipping bricks.

So here's the status of our materials:

2000/2000 Posters

2000/2000 Bookmarks

2/26 Magnet sets (100 pieces each)

20/26 Flashcard sets (100 pieces each)

0/2000 Postcards

0/3000 Books

0/1200 shipping materials

The shipping material status will probably be the next to update. The Postcard printers expect to ship the second half in by April 16. And I'll update you guys on the books as soon as they get loaded on a boat.

The Homestretch and Delays

I was holding off on this post as long as possible, but with only five days left in March, I have to accept that we're not going to hit our shipping deadline.

We had some delays in some odd, unexpected places and in some new, fairly expected places.

Where I expected delays was in the sheer scope of this project. As you can tell by that final percentage, it got quite a bit bigger than I initially projected. Some of the plans scaled up to fit, and others didn't scale quite so well.

So here's the status of all things Monster Alphabet:

The books - attached below are pictures of the ozalids and bluelines. One is there basically to make sure the book will be put together in the correct order, and the other is there to show me how beautiful the pages are turning out (answer: really, really beautiful). I'm FedExing back all the signed-off paperwork for my final final final approval, and the presses will run this week. From there, it's all about getting them shipped back to me.

The Posters - 2,000 posters have been ordered, and are in my office now. They're in two surprisingly dense boxes. Because of their short potential turn-around, I've left them sealed up for now so that my cat doesn't get into them. I'll crack them open later this week.

The Magnets, Bookmarks, Postcards and Flashcards - Oddly, I did not expect this part to be a delay. I've worked with this printer before quite often, and I've been happy with their products. But right now I'm stuck waiting for them to go through 2,600 magnets, 2,600 flashcards, 2,000 bookmarks and 2,000 postcards. Their ETA has been pushed back to April 16 due to quality control issues.

The shipping materials are on hold, but ready to order at a moments notice. I'm also really familiar with my shipping materials company, and their order turn-around is about two days (one of their bigger warehouses is within two hours of my office). Since I'm not going to need any custom packaging, I'm trying to coordinate the arrival of this material with the arrival of the books, so that I'm not swimming in boxes.

I promise I'll keep you posted with further developments.

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