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Level up your language skills by playing a video game! It's the most fun you’ll ever have learning a new language. Try the demo now!
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Rob Howland

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Norway Doorway


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Finnish Finished!


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We've Launched A New Kickstarter!


Calling All Backers...

So here's the deal: If you like the direction that Influent is going and want to see a slew of future updates (new content, grammar, conjugation, phrases, conversation, leaving the apartment), then I'm going to need to hire a team of programmers and artists. That sort of thing requires a lot of money and the income from Influent is barely enough to sustain me. I was going to do another Kickstarter but I'm honestly not confident that using Kickstarter alone will allow me to raise the funds necessary to take Influent to the next level.

So I've got a plan. A very gelatinous one...


We Need Your Support

If you like our video and you think the game is a pretty cool concept, all I ask is that you share our project with your network of friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever. If you love our project, donations are great too. :)

Why A New Game?

Game Design is all about Scope. It's very important to make sure that you, the developer, are capable of actually producing the game that is in your head or written on paper. If you don't have the proper resources, think smaller. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm making a smaller game first. One that I believe will succeed in raising the funds needed to expand upon Influent. And I'm asking you to trust me on this. Influent will not be forgotten.

It's A Game Jam Winner!

A while ago, I took part in a 48-hour Game Jam way down in Australia. We managed to make an awesome little 2-4 player game called Armed and Gelatinous. It took the winning title and was subsequently shelved and forgotten after the makeshift development team parted ways. I saw the game as too awesome to let die so I picked it up, brushed it off, and gave it a chance to shine at Gamescom 2014, right next to Influent.

Influent at Gamescom 2014
Influent at Gamescom 2014

Gamescom & PAX Aus

The response at Gamescom was overwhelming to say the least. Eager gamers lined up day-in and day-out to play Armed and Gelatinous with their friends. The game was simple to play but involved deep strategy, encouraging players to come back again and again. This one kid with green hair came back every single day and stayed as long as he could before his mom was forced to drag him off. After some suits from Sony and Alienware stopped by to express their interest in publishing the game on their consoles, I knew what I had to do.

After Gamescom, I polished the game up some more and brought it to Australia for PAX Aus in Melbourne. There, the game truly shined and I was approached by a few guys from Microsoft who asked when the game would be ready for release on Xbox Live. The game is great and everyone wants it.

Three Flip Studios

If you've watched our Kickstarter video, then you know the deal. I've teamed up with my good friends Anthony and Brandon to form our fully legit company Three Flip Studios, LLC. We're fully invested and we are going to finish this game. It is our hope that Armed and Gelatinous will be a huge success and will allow us to redouble our efforts on bringing Influent to the next level. Brandon Jones, our new artist, is fully capable of both 2D and 3D artwork and given enough time and funding, will be the perfect man for the job. But we can't get started without knowing we have enough money to complete the job so please understand our position as indie developers. If Armed and Gelatinous strikes it big, we'll be in the perfect position to bring you the updates you and I are both hoping for!

Three Flip Devcast

We are going to give you and everyone else a glimpse into our lives and our development process. We want to show our community and followers that we're taking this seriously. And to do so, I hereby vow that we will produce a solid web series. ;)

Here's the first episode in all its glory!


Okay! That about covers it. Please feel free to drop any questions or comments below and I'll do my best to field them as soon as I can. Things have been hectic after GDC so I might be slow on the uptake! I'm super excited about all this stuff going on right now and can't wait to hear what you guys think! I'll be updating you on our progress from time to time and hope that you are interested in supporting this first step toward building a better Influent.

Thanks for your support,



Check out the Armed and Gelatinous Kickstarter!

Portuguese Please!


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Italian Stallion DLC Released!


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